Contact/Review Policy

If you have a book you would like me to review, please send an email to

Please include :

  • cover image,
  • synopsis
  • link to your book on Goodreads

I will consider all review requests but if I feel the book is not a good match for me, I will pass on it.  Don’t take offence at this, it just means I’m not the right person for your book and it’s better for you if it’s read by someone who appreciates it more.  Due to time restraints, I only reply to authors whose books I am going to read and review.

If I agree to read, your book will be reviewed in a fair, honest, unbiased fashion and rated on a 5 star rating.  Unfortunately, I’m always a bit backlogged (too many interesting sounding books come my way!) so there will be a bit of wait.  Currently 6 to 12 weeks just so you know.  Reviews will be posted to Goodreads, here and on Amazon.

As you can see my blog is a few years old and has its loyal supporters.  And on top of that I love trying new things here and am passionate about building it so it becomes bigger and better all the time.

Genres I like : Thrillers, suspense, mystery, chick lit, dystopia and historical fiction.

As you can probably tell, I read A LOT!  So if your book is any of the above, just shoot me an email and lets see what happens 🙂

My Ratings : Out of Five Stars
One Star : Hated it
Two Star : Bit of a drag, lots of negatives
Three Stars : Liked it
Four Stars : Loved it
Five Stars : Adored it, will reread

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