About Me

Who am I?

So I guess this is where I share a little about me.  I’m Trish, Irish, 40ish and bookish.  Yes, I know that’s a lot of ish!  You know what’s not ish?  My opinions on books!  I have strong feels and hence the blog.





What I love:

Obviously I love to read as I’m a book blogger.  New books always make me happy but other things guaranteed to make me smile are fresh coffee, hugs, open fires, scented candles, sunny days and meeting up with friends.

I work full-time and have a very busy life but I always manage to cram in lots of book time. When I’m not working or reading, you will find me out running/walking or in the gym or just hanging with family. When I’m not doing any of those, you will find me on my computer, checking goodreads, twitter, blogs and too many other time-wasting places.


So what’s really important to me?

If my house was on fire, I’d grab my beloved cat Socky, my kindle, my computer and my runners and that pretty much sums me up!  Obviously I would check first that my husband was ok that’s a given and maybe give him Socky to hold as she can be grumpy when woken up from her sleep!

5 Random Totally Useless Facts about Me!

I’m a total klutz; if you fall into it, trip over it or knock against it – I’ve done it!

I was born in the Year of the Pig

I am addicted to cheese and onion crisps.  Whatever you do, don’t get between me and my Tayto’s!

I love dystopia and urban fantasy books where the kick ass heroine saves the world.  In reality, I’m a scaredy cat wimp and any unexpected noise around the house makes my heart stop.  Better stick with the reading so as I won’t be saving the world anytime soon!

If I won the National Lottery, I would buy a cottage in Kerry by the sea, an apartment in New York and a villa in Sorrento, Italy.  So if it happens, you’ll know where to find me 🙂

What you expect to find on Between My Lines :

  • Book reviews from lots and lots of genres.  I hop around a lot but YA and then Psychological Thrillers are my all time favourites.
  • Bookish Chat.  I love discussion posts.  Especially if you join in with your two cents worth.
  • My Green Giants Feature where I spotlight Irish Authors
  • Dust off Your Classics is my attempt to wade though and share my thoughts on those timeless books that I hadn’t touched since school.
  • Trish Transforms where I share my weight loss journey with you
  • Between Reads where I ramble about non bookish things
  • Marketing Your Blog tutorial posts


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