Book Review: Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson

May 19, 2020 Book review 6 ★★★★½

Oh guys, I’m gushing over Icelandic crime fiction these days. It’s dark and bleak and brutal, but wonderfully engrossing. Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson is the first in the Dark Iceland series, and it chilled me to my bones from the first chapter.

Book Review: Snowblind by Ragnar JonassonSnowblind (Dark Iceland, #1) by Ragnar Jónasson, Quentin Bates
Published by A Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin on November 7, 2017
Genres: Mystery & Detective, Police Procedural, Thriller
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
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Siglufjorour: an idyllically quiet fishing village in Northern Iceland, where no one locks their doors--accessible only via a small mountain tunnel.
Ari Thor Arason: a rookie policeman on his first posting, far from his girlfriend in Reykjavik--with a past that he s unable to leave behind.
When a young woman is found lying half-naked in the snow, bleeding and unconscious, and a highly esteemed, elderly writer falls to his death in the local theater, Ari is dragged straight into the heart of a community where he can trust no one, and secrets and lies are a way of life.
Past plays tag with the present and the claustrophobic tension mounts, while Ari is thrust ever deeper into his own darkness--blinded by snow, and with a killer on the loose.
Taut and terrifying, Snowblind is a startling debut from the extraordinary new talent Ragnar Jonasson.

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First Line of Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson

“The red stain was like a scream in the silence.”

5 Things I Loved about Snowblind

  • The setting – Northern Iceland lures me in with it’s remote setting. It’s often inaccessible in the winter, and the constant dizzying snowfall makes it seem beautifully isolated. But also dangerous and claustrophobic as you can’t escape.
  • Ari Thor has moved there to join the police force. His newcomer status helps us see the town through his eyes, and it’s not the most welcoming place which adds to the tension while I read.
  • I also loved how complex Ari is. He quit studying philosophy, and then theology. And feels very lost in his life, but comes across as warm and caring.
  • There is a mention of the Icelandic tradition of reading a new book on Christmas eve. I thought this was just folklore, I’m delighted to hear it’s actually true.
  • The plot feels every bit as chilling as the weather.
#Snowblind by @ragnarjo is dark, bleak, brutal and wonderfully engrossing. I'm so excited that I've such a fabulous series to read. Click To Tweet

I’m dancing with excitement that I have so many of Ragnar’s books to read yet. I can’t wait to read on and see what’s instore for Ari both personally and professionally.

Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: five-stars

Who should read Snowblind?

I can’t recommend this book (or this author) highly enough if you love well plotted mysteries, atmospheric settings and a sense of danger in your reads. Find a big blanket to shelter under and dive in! Fans of The Darkness by the same author should also enjoy this one.

Huge thanks to Melissa who sent me this book all the way from Australia, and for sending me down an Icelandic crime fiction rabbit hole. I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new world of books that I want to read.

About Ragnar Jónasson

Ragnar Jonasson is the award winning author of the international bestselling Dark Iceland series and the Hulda Trilogy.  He has sold 1,1 million books worldwide, and his books are published in 30 countries, in 22 languages.

The Times selected The Darkness as one of the 100 Best Crime Novels and Thrillers since 1945.

Ragnar is the co-founder of the Reykjavik international crime writing festival Iceland Noir.

From the age of 17, Ragnar translated 14 Agatha Christie novels into Icelandic.

Ragnar has appeared on festival panels worldwide, and lives in Reykjavik. Ragnar has a law degree and works as an investment banker in Reykjavik, in addition to teaching law at Reykjavik University.


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  1. Cindy

    This sounds good and I have heard great things about this author. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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