Book Review: The Cinderella Reflex by Joan Brady

April 12, 2017 Book review 3 ★★★½

Who can ignore a book with the word Cinderella in the title? Not me, and I love that The Cinderella Reflex by Joan Brady has a twist on the fairytale.  It’s not about dreaming and waiting for your prince to whisk you away from all your problems.  Instead it’s about being proactive with your own life and planning your own personal escape route from whatever is dragging you down.


Book Review: The Cinderella Reflex by Joan BradyThe Cinderella Reflex Published by Poolbeg Press on 21 Feb 2016
Genres: Contemporary Women, Emotions & Feelings, Romance
Pages: 248
Format: ARC
Source: Received from Author

No matter how strong and independent Tess Morgan appeared on the outside, she was always let down by her inner five-year-old – who persistently believed that one day her Prince would come.

Real life is tough. For Tess, her job with struggling local radio station Atlantic 1FM is very tough. Between dealing with the demands of her megalomaniac presenter Ollie Andrews, her neurotic boss Helene Harper and the crazy workload associated with her role as producer on the This Morning programme, sometimes she just wants someone who will make all the problems go away.

Helene, meanwhile, is having difficulties of her own. Coming up to her fortieth milestone birthday, her career has taken a wrong turning down an unpleasant cul-de-sac and she’s becoming impatient for the day when her married lover will make an honest woman of her.
Things go from bad to worse when Atlantic 1FM is suddenly bought over by mogul Jack McCabe, who immediately launches a competition for a new star at the station. Soon nerves are frayed and friendships strained as everyone battles to keep their jobs.

Tess gets back in touch with the ex she still thinks of as The One Who Got Away. Helene tries to pull strings with her influential lover.
But what will it take for both women to stop playing Cinderella and find a way to launch their own rescue?

From the TBR pile Refreshing Romance


Balancing the books is a quick fire review where I list the assets and liabilities of a book (as I see them) and leave you decide if you think this book is worth investing in.



The Assets of The Cinderella Reflex by Joan Brady:


  • Entertaining Characters: I love that the characters are rounded out with realistic quirks and plenty of room for self-improvement.  Some are characters you root for and some are those you love to hate, and together they made for an eclectic mix.


  • Radio Station setting: I love listening to the radio and have my favourite shows and DJ’s.  So it felt very relatable to have tense radio show setting, where it’s all about trying to swell your audience figures.  It was such a cut throat environment and that made it fun to read about.


  • Career Focused: Both of the main characters have issues in their life to sort out, romantically and career wise. I love that both got equal time, and that the romances didn’t take centre stage.


  • Lively: The book felt lively; I’m not sure if that’s exactly the right word. But the characters were full of life, the setting pulsated with energy and the pace was brisk.  So it felt like a book that excited me and made me want to keep reading at a sharp clip.



The Liabilities of The Cinderella Reflex by Joan Brady:


  • Basically none!  Honestly there aren’t any. I don’t know if it’s a book that I will remember for too long after I read it.  But while I was actually reading it, I was entertained and invested in the characters.


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: three-half-stars


Investment potential of The Cinderella Reflex by Joan Brady:


This is well worth picking up for when you want a character focused book with a vibrant setting and a believable story arc. I think if you are a fan of authors like Patricia Scanlan, Carmel Harrington or Sheila O’Flanagan then you might also like this one.

Thanks to Joan Brady for sending me a copy of this book for review consideration.  As always this is my honest, unbiased opinion.


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