How to Make the Most of Your Library!

August 4, 2016 Bookish chat 15

Browsing in my library, physically and online, is one of my favourite hobbies.  I find it mind-blowing that such a great facility is available for free (or for a small fee) and I’m in awe at all the services that it provides.  I thought it would be handy to highlight just HOW to make the most of your library.  It might seem obvious but libraries have embraced technology so maybe have a look again and see are there any features of your library that you are missing out on.




“She’d absolutely adored the library_an entire building where anyone could take things they didn’t own and feel no remorse about it.” ― Ally Carter, Heist Society

I’ve waxed lyrical about 7 ways my library thrills my bookish heart but maybe I still haven’t convinced you.  Or maybe you are thinking your library isn’t great.  If so I empathise, I felt the same for years but in the past 12 months, there have been all kinds of changes in my local library.  All for the better.

Gone are the days when it was just for borrowing physical books.  Now you can get ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, music, videos in addition to good old-fashioned (but always in fashion) books.  Both physically in the library and also on line via apps.  From A to Z, those books (and beyond) are yours for the borrowing.


How to Make the Most of Your Library


All the key points are summed up below for you.  But my main suggestion is to make the most of your online account.  That way you can see what new books are coming, you can renew books and avoid pesky fines, you can find out about events.  And of course talk to your librarian, like all bookish folks, they love to talk books.  Just maybe pick your time, when the queue is a mile long might not be the best!


How to Make the Most of Your Library




Talk to Trish: When were you last in your library?  Has it changed over the past few years?



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15 Responses to “How to Make the Most of Your Library!”

    • trish

      Yay, I’m delighted to hear that Amanda. I joined too for the audiobooks but find I love using the physical library just as much. Most libraries in Ireland are now connected so you can request a book from any part of the country. Which means the selection is amazing. I’m always on the online catalogue browsing 😀

  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    I mostly use the library website to get ebooks and audiobooks. I do love that I can try books guilt-free that I wouldn’t normally pick up because it’s no cost . I have thought about looking into their book clubs but need to actually get into the library itself and explore!! Great post!
    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted…Monthly Rewind ~ July 2016

    • trish

      I haven’t actually joined the book clubs as I’m already part of two and that’s enough for me. But for anyone with some time on their hands, it would be fun! And I love grabbing books that I would think twice about buying, because why not!

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    After a few years of being on the outs (there was some racking up of fines that kept me away out of embarrassment!) we’ve been library regulars for the last few years and I love it! I definitely agree with all your points. I use my library’s site all the time to renew books and put books on hold – in fact I have 2 cookbooks from other branches waiting for me at mine right now. The library is also my source for audiobooks. I use the Overdrive app and their selection is huge. I’ve been meaning to check out the book clubs they have. It sounds like a fun way to connect with other readers.
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Beyond the Books – How I Stay Organized with Blogging

    • trish

      I feel you on the fines Katherine, I’m was in the same situation! I have however donated lots of book to my library lately so I feel I’ve repaid my debt now. Being able to do so much online has been a game changer for me.

  3. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

    One of the things I really love about my library is it allows me to take chances. I try to be more picky when it comes to book purchases, but it’s always fun to try new genres and the library helps me do this without breaking the bank. Great post!

    • trish

      I’m the same Alicia, I’ll pick up a book, give it a try and if I hate it…well no harm done. Plus it saves me a fortune.

  4. Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

    I’m lucky that I have some great libraries near me. I used to work in one of them for three years, and it was always great to be there every week to see what new titles were available. I definitely tried new genres or new books by using my library. It’s free! What’s better? I still always check the website to see what events are coming up though. I love attending the crafty ones.
    Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance recently posted…How To Be You by Jeffrey Marsh

    • trish

      I use the website as much I use the library. The online catalogue is so dangerous for me as I request so much! But then again it doesn’t cost anything and it’s so much fun. Plus finding about events is such a handy resource.

    • trish

      It’s well worth that initial effort Christy! After that you can just do everything online and it saves a fortune!

  5. Shaina

    I’ve had a streak of great libraries since college, and I’ve heard that this is only going to get better once I move to Washington and can take advantage of the Seattle Public Library system!

    Your points are all wonderful, and I agree that browsing the library catalog (and the digital collection) is a joy in itself. Sometimes I get so caught up doing that that I forget to read the books I check out! 😛
    Shaina recently posted…It’s Monday, July 11! What Are You Reading?

    • trish

      I do get nearly as much pleasure in browsing the catalogue as I do actually reading the books. It’s the thought of all that potential reading happiness ahead of me.
      That’s great that you have an even better library ahead of you. Jealous!

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