Extract & Giveaway: Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras #LONO

June 7, 2016 Blog Tour, Giveaway 2

I only join in blog tours for books that I’m genuinely excited about, I don’t do them as filler posts so you know when I feature one that it’s a book that I’m eager to spread to word about.  And Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras is no exception to my self-imposed rule.  So enjoy the extract and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own copy.


Extract & Giveaway: Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras #LONOLove, or Nearest Offer by Adèle Geras
Published by Quercus Books on June 2nd 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Family Life, Love & Romance
Pages: 384

What if your estate agent could find you not just your perfect house, but your perfect job, your perfect partner... your perfect new life?
On paper, Iris Atkins is an estate agent, but she's not just good at finding suitable houses for her clients. In fact, she has a gift: Iris is able to see into their lives and understand exactly what is missing and what they need - and not just in bricks-and-mortar terms either.
Of course, concentrating so much on fixing other people's problems doesn't leave much time for examining your own. Over the course of one whirlwind year Iris discovers that while she may know what's best for everyone else, she doesn't necessarily know what's best for herself - and what she finds out could make her happier than she'd ever dreamed of.


It seems like a heart-warming read and I love that it features older characters and has a theme of finding love later in life.  I feel this is a neglected gap in romance books and love has no expiry date so more of this please!  The other thing that really caught my attention here is that the author is the mother of Sophie Hannah (one of my favourite authors); that alone makes it a must-read for me.  Oh and Adele is a blogger too, that rings another bell for me 🙂


Extract from Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras

‘Vina? Is this a good time?’

‘Not really, Geoff, no,’ she said. She was standing in the garden

wishing, as she’d started to wish more and more often,

that the mobile phone had never been invented. She’d come

outside on the first day of sunshine for ages to look at how

things were in the garden. The first snowdrops were out. Tiny

green spikes of what would be the most gorgeous tulips (‘Big

Eartha’, ‘Going Baroque’, ‘Flaming Spring Greens’, ‘Angélique’)

had appeared in the pots she’d grouped together on the flagstones

at the back of the house. Vina doggedly refused to refer

to this part of her garden, even in her head, as a ‘patio’.

‘Where are you?’

‘It’s none of your business. We’re divorced, Geoff,’ she added


‘I know, I know . . . but I just thought I’d ring for a chat.’

‘What’s the matter?’ It was not like her ex to ring for a chat.

What did they have to chat about? He’d left her ten years ago

for a woman he’d met while he was checking in at Heathrow.

‘I thought we might have a meal together. How are you


‘I’m busy,’ said Vina, despairingly. He was fishing for an invitation

to dinner. He missed her cooking. She never asked about

what was happening in his life but suspected that his second

wife, whose name was Gloria, might have left him. ‘Has Gloria

left you?’ she asked. The days when she thought about sparing

his feelings had long gone.

‘I’m not sure . . . Can I come and have dinner with you sometime?

I’ll tell you all about it. What happened.’

‘I’m not that interested, Geoff. But, yes, I suppose you can

come and eat. Next Monday. How’s that?’

It gave her almost a week before she had to sit down with


‘Can’t you do any other night? How about tomorrow?’

‘No, Geoff. I’m busy. It’s Monday or nothing. Take it or leave

it.’ She wanted to add: No skin off my nose if you do leave it.

Grumbling and muttering, Geoff rang off at last. Vina sighed

and sat down at the wrought-iron garden table. This afternoon

she was going into Barnet to have a chat with Iris Atkins. She

and a colleague, whose name she hadn’t caught, had been to

the house last week and taken photographs for the website

and the leaflets that Robinson & Tyler were going to produce.

She’d been sent the photos by email already and had given

the go-ahead. Perhaps they’d be ready by three o’clock this

afternoon . . .

Would she miss the garden? When Geoff walked out on her,

ten years ago, and started divorce proceedings, he’d put the

property in her name and paid off the rest of the mortgage.

That generous gesture had made him feel less guilty, she supposed,

and at the time she’d been grateful. The house was too

big now. She wanted somewhere that didn’t take hours to clean.

Somewhere modern, perhaps a new-build, but she did want a

garden. I’ll miss this when I go, she thought, especially the



Giveaway: Love, or Nearest Offer by Adele Geras 

This giveaway is thanks to Quercus Books and they will be responsible for mailing out the book.  Open to UK/Ireland residents only and up for grabs is a Hardback edition.  Good luck!


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Thanks to Quercus Books for allowing me to participate in this blog tour and for wetting my appetite to read Love, or Nearest Offer.  There are lots of other stops so why not check out some more of them.


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    • trish

      I feel the same Katherine, such an interesting theme! I think it sounds great. Did you notice that the author is Sophie Hannah’s mother, that intrigues me!

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