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January 24, 2016 meme 39

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  Grab a cuppa and let me bend your ear (eyes?) for a few minutes with all my bookish news.  


The Sunday Post





If you were trying to visit my site about 2 weeks ago, you might have noticed that Between My Lines was missing!  What happened was that my hosting company were hacked and I was off air for about 3 days.  In fairness RFE hosting were great during the time out, they worked around the clock to restore normal service and communicated frequently.  So I wasn’t worried as I knew they would sort it but I missed my blog and was very happy to see normal service resumed.

I spent the time watching Making a Murderer and ended up binge watching the whole series.  My ultimate conclusion is a huge IDUNNOKNOW but it makes a very disturbing watch.  So many things just don’t seem to add up.


ARC Stocktake:

Not a clue!  I STILL need to go sort them and count them!  About 20ish.  This weekend I will make a proper list of them.  I am normally anal about this kind of thing but Dec and Jan have gone by in a blur for me and I’ve lost control of the reins a little bit.   divider

Instagram Highlight!


Well I’m not sure about forever free but you sure as anything will be forever entertained! #reading

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Second Chance Sunday – What happened here lately:


Second Chance Sunday – What caught my eye.  Why not go Sunday visiting?

Nuz @ Word Contessa wants authors to Redefine Strong Women in YA Fiction.

Tracy @ Cornerfolds discusses Reading to stay relevant in the book blogging world

Lola @ Lola’s Reviews wonders Do you Visualize while Reading?

Cait @ Paper Fury is spreading the good news that IT’S PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO HAVE AN ENORMOUS TBR PILE!  

Jessica @ Writing Pearls chats about Professional vs. Personal Reviews

Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup explains Why isn’t it a 5 star read? Well…because it isn’t



Transforming Trish

For 2016 I’m once again signing up with FitReaders!  If you need some extra motivation to move more, then click on the image below for full details on how you can join in.


fitreaders 2016

#FitReaders is hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About


The exercise plan is going great!  Now that I have some weight off, I’m finding running so much easier (notice I said easier not easy!).  I’m making sure I hit my weekly steps target of 70K minimum and am setting myself daily/weekly exercise goals in my planner to keep me focused.  If you use Fitbit and want to join in challenges, let me know!

Weekly steps 4-10 Jan: 72,705

Weekly steps 11-17 Jan: 75,396



Books I have received to review:


Echoes from AfarYou Were Here


Thanks to Quercus Books for Echoes from Afar.  It is set in 1930s Paris and as this is one of my favourite settings, I’m eagerly anticipating this one.  I’m also on a blog tour on 29 Jan so watch this space for my thoughts on it.

Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcefire Books  for You Were Here.  I got an email from NetGalley about it and thought it sounded interesting so I went and one-clicked it.  As you do!


Books I have Bought! 


Secret LivesElite


Secret Lives was a bargain I stumbled on when I was doing my supermarket shopping.  It was down to €2.95 so I was very happy to fire it into my shopping trolley.

Elite was an Amazon 99c bargain that I came across while blog reading.  I’ve been interested in trying this author for a while and I’ve snapped it up for the next time I’m in the mood for a New Adult read.



Everything Everythingroom


Everything Everything is my next book club read.  I had a look when it came and my bookish heart beat a little bit faster when it saw the diagrams and lists and all kinds of geekiness that I just love!

Room is a book that I’ve seen about for a long time but never felt the urge to read.  But now that the film is out here, I heard a radio interview with the director and it sounded fab.  So of course I had to buy the book before I can see the film.



Well, that’s  my week wrapped up.  Happy Reading to all.   How was your week?  Any books you were really excited about?


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39 Responses to “The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News #Hacked”

  1. Deborah

    Room is one of my favourite books ever Trish. I can’t wait to see the movie and I never see movies if I’ve read the book.

    Well done on the exercise front – running! That’s great. I should sign up to the fitreaders thingy cos I’m super slack at the moment!
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-in

    • trish

      I’m so excited about Room and hoping to get to it this week! I find Fitreaders is great as it keeps me accountable and that helps me focus on doing more!

  2. Maureen Beatrice

    Looks like you have some great new books Trish! I love the covers of ‘Echoes from Afar’ and ‘You Were Here’, and they sounds great too.
    I’m glad your blog is up and running again. I missed you out here in the blogging world! 😉
    Have a great week!!
    Maureen Beatrice recently posted…The Sunday Post #4

    • trish

      Aw thanks Maureen! It happened at a time when I was very busy in work so I wasn’t overly fussed. But I didn’t like the idea of the blog being down so I’m relieved it all seems to be sorted now.

  3. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    I’m glad your blog is back up, Trish! I think I would have freaked out a little bit. However, it sounds like your hosting company was on top of it to make sure all the blogs and other sites stayed safe.
    You got some good-looking books this week, I’m very curious about You Were Here.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Up Close and (un)Conventional – Literary Orphans

    • trish

      I wasn’t too freaked as I knew they would handle it. But lots of people were screaming at them on FB! I’m just glad it seems to be ok now as it’s not nice thinking of the blog being down.
      I can’t even remember what You Were Here is about but I know it caught my attention! 😀

  4. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Glad the whole hosting thing got cleared up! I need to binge Making a Murderer. I am thinking next week. Good job with the running! I have been doing pretty good keeping up with exercising so hopefully it will stick. I hope you love Everything, Everything. I liked Room but idn’t love it like most. Have a great week!!
    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted…Weekly Rewind ~ 1.24.16

    • trish

      Making a Murderer is a bit of a slow burn watch but it made me feel pretty angry and very disturbed. Definitely not a restful watch! Well done on exercising! And I’m so looking forward to both those books.

    • trish

      I love RFE hosting, they are always so helpful. This was a major problem for them and they got a lot of abuse on FB but I have total confidence in them to sort it asap.
      I’m so happy with my Fitbit, it really makes me add in extra steps and it will count all those flights of stairs for you too which makes walking them a lot more enticing!

  5. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    Hacked? That sucks! It was great that your hosting company kept everyone up to date though! I also got You Were Here, because who can’t resist those NetGalley emails? 🙂 I hope we both enjoy it!

    Everything x2! So excited for you to read that one! I hope Elite ends up working for you- it didn’t so much for me, but she’s a really popular author, so maybe I’m just the black sheep.

    Have a great week girl!
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up: January 17-22

  6. Lola

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to not have your site for so long, but I am glad they fixed things and communicated well.

    There are so many good books popping up on netgalley, I also got wasy too many books. I am trying to get my netgalley percentage up, but all it does so far is going down.

    Thanks for linking to my post :). You Were Here looks good, the cover is so pretty! I hope you’ll have a great week and enjoy your new books!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #162

  7. Kristin @ Addicted to HEA

    I can’t even imagine being without my blog for 3 days!!! I was without mine for a day and I freaked! Who knew I would feel so helpless not being able to get on my dashboard and be able to work on post or tinker with my design. You are a brave, BRAVE girl! 🙂

    Awesome book for book club!! Diagrams?! Oh, yeah!!

    Have a great week!!!
    Kristin @ Addicted to HEA recently posted…Sunday Post #75: I’m Making Funny Faces at You and You Don’t Even Know It

  8. Greg

    I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about people being hacked. Sorry that happened… some nice looking books this week, I like that McKinley cover. Paris ya know… 🙂

    Love the Instagram quote! Thanks for the links… I see a couple of interesting looking discussions there I want to check out. Have a super week!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post

  9. Molly

    That’s scary to get hacked! I’m glad it worked out, though. I binge watched all of Making a Murderer in a day as well! I still don’t know what I think about it because, obviously, we weren’t there. Also, most of the time documentaries are skewed a certain direction. So, who knows!

    Have a great week 🙂
    Molly recently posted…A Plethora of Updates

  10. A Voracious Reader

    Several bloggers I follow were mucked up because of that hack attack. So glad everyone is back up and running. And yay for your exercise goals! I’m doing terrible with mine. I am such a procrastinator that it’s hard to get started. But the year is young yet. I will prevail! I hope. lol
    A Voracious Reader recently posted…AVR Weekly News ~ 128th Edition

  11. Joann Downie

    I am sorry to hear you were hacked, I worry about that alot. Hopefully you won’t have any more issues. I was hacked on Fb about a year ago and that wasn’t fun at all. I hope you are safe and warm, and have a great week!

  12. Rita @ View From My Home

    Echoes From Afar looks like a good title, as I enjoy an occasional historical fiction.
    Sorry about your hack– one of my blog emails was hacked and I deleted it and all that was attached to it and am now making my way back.
    I haven’t been around because I took a break and needed to get my reading mojo back in hand.
    Have a great week, Trish, as always!

  13. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I started counting my ARCs but had to stop when I passed 100 because I was starting to get queasy. I have been getting a lot less so I’m hoping to get everything a bit more under control soon. Glad to see you’re back up with no harm done though I can’t imagine how stressful that must have been! So many fantastic books. I’m really looking forward to reading Everything Everything. I was thinking about going the audio route with it but when I see your mention of graphs and charts I’m thinking a print copy might work better. Have a great week!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…This Week in Reading – January 24th

  14. Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books

    Room was SO GOOD!! I just know you will love it. I have the ARC for You Were Here as well and I have already heard good things about it. My expectations are high. I think I need to check out Echoes from Afar. That cover is gorgeous. I love Paris so I am sure I would love a book set in Paris during the 1930’s.
    Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books recently posted…Goodreads Book Tag

  15. Literary Feline

    Everything Everything is on my wish list. I hope you enjoy Room. I read it the year it first came out and liked it. I’m anxious to see the movie. Echoes from Afar sounds like it might be good. I hope you enjoy it! Good going with your exercise goal so far. I hope you have a great week!

  16. Christy LoveOfBooks

    I noticed your blog was down but figured it was something like that. I watched Making a Murder too, but I don’t like forming an opinion without going through everything myself, you know? Documentaries can be edited with a bias. However, there were absolutely some shady shit going on. Especially the way they interrogated and led the 16-year-old that obviously wasn’t all that bright. Have a great week and enjoy your books.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…Ghost Trapper by J.L. Bryan

  17. Red Iza

    Those 3 days must have felt very long… 20-ish arcs ? Bon courage ! I used to freak when I had only 5, so I can’t imagine how having 20 must be. Kudos for the #fitreaders – and remember when you notice you’re not losing weight that you’re gaining muscle ^^ I quit exercising last month but I’m more or less back on track now. The geekiness in Everything looks good ! Have a great week, Trish 🙂

  18. Bookworm Brandee

    That’s terrible that your host was hacked, Trish. It seemed to happen to quite a few hosts recently. I don’t understand why hackers do such things. :/ I’m glad you made good use of your time ‘off’ though – relaxing and binge-watching is always a good thing. Your new reads look great – I’m particularly curious about Elite. I’ve heard good things about it. Congrats on all those steps! You’re doing really well with your exercising! 😀 Have a great week!
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Early Review ~ Getting Rough ~ C.L. Parker

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