Questions at the end of Blog Posts? Yay or Nay?

November 4, 2015 Blogging, Bookish chat 57

Today’s blog post is more of question for you all. I’ve a question for you that is all about questions!  Sounds confusing, right!  But it’s simple – how do you feel about questions at the of blog posts?

questions at end of blog post


Are you yay or nay on them? Do you read them? I do put them in at the end of discussion posts as I think they fit neatly in there and they give me a chance to ask the questions that I’d love to hear your responses on.

But on book review posts, I’ve given up putting them there. They always felt a bit thrown there randomly and were rarely answered anyway. I do like when I visit other blogs though when I see one as it can often give a focus to my comment on the post.

And I also value comments. They are one of the things that motivate me to keep blogging, I love when conversations happen and I feel by not leaving an open-ended question at the bottom of a blog post that I’m not leaving the door open for discussion.  I want to foster connections and I really want to hear your thoughts and anything that encourages that is good by me.  But I don’t want to  do this in a way that feels artificial or forced.

So I’m just looking for feedback. Would you prefer to see a question or not, or do you not really care?  What makes you comment after reading a blog post?  Is it content that you connect with, or is it your way of letting the blogger know you visited and want to show support for them, or is it to answer a question?  I’m feeling it’s the top two and the question is last.  And this the root of my indecision.  I want to encourage comments but I’m not sure that this will do it.  On the other hand it definitely won’t hinder it.

Talk to Trish: As you can see, I’m confused!  Tell me what you think of questions at the end of blog posts (especially reviews) and help me make my mind up.

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57 Responses to “Questions at the end of Blog Posts? Yay or Nay?”

  1. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    I often do answer a question that is there at the end of a post, whether it’s on a review or on a discussion post. But sometimes, it’s easier for me to comment on something in the review, or squee along with the blogger I’m visiting than thinking of something specific.
    See, I managed to make the answer much more confused than your original question, Trish 😀
    Have a fantastic day!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #70 – Hawke

  2. Greg

    I don’t mind them, I think they can be a great way to stimulate conversation. I don’t do very many discussion posts but I’m doing more, and I’ll probably use them. As for comments- hadn’t really thought about it, but now that you mention it I can see where it might help to generate discussion if you ask a question at the end. I think that’s fine!

    Great topic!
    Greg recently posted…Top Ten Star Wars Moments

    • trish

      I think in discussion posts they are great, as they fit in so neatly at the end. Plus I usually have questions that I’d love to hear the answers to as they are things I’m wondering about. And yes they definitely stimulate discussion.
      After the comments here, I think I’ll make more of an effort to add them back into my reviews too as a lot of people seem to like them.

  3. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    I like questions at the end of discussion posts but no so much reviews. I rather just comment on something about the review itself in that case. Even with discussions sometimes I just comment on whatever and not answer the question. Oops!
    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted…Review ~ Cam Girl

    • trish

      Haha Grace, I do exactly the same. Half the time, I’m so eager to get in on the act that I don’t even see the question at the end until I’m finished commenting! I don’t think that matters though, they are more to just help those who need a bit of encouragement to comment.

  4. Wattle

    I don’t mind questions at the end of blog posts, though I don’t always answer them myself. But they are definitely a good way to encourage conversation 🙂

    I comment on posts that I enjoyed reading, and also to show fellow bloggers support. I think that’s important, otherwise it feels a bit lonely sometimes!
    Wattle recently posted…Shelf Control #1

    • trish

      I think a lot of comments are to show support and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Like you said it would be lonely otherwise and it’s nice to show the blogger that you are reading and appreciate their hard work!
      Same as you, I don’t mind them but mostly don’t answer them.

  5. carol

    I actually like them. Sometimes I want to comment but don’t really have anything to say, so a question gives me a starting point.

    • trish

      I’m starting to see that lots of people feel that way Carol and a starting point for a conversation is always a positive thing.

    • trish

      I think they can be a good focus point too and a bit of a pointer of what to talk about in the comments if you need that.

  6. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I do like putting questions at the end of my discussion posts…to stimulate conversation, and also to hopefully learn more about the visitor.

    When I visit a post with questions, I do love responding and hopefully generating a discussion.

    Good post! Thanks….
    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted…AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE

    • trish

      I think now that I’ve written this post and seen the answers, I’m going to be more aware of them on other peoples posts and will make a point to answer them. And I think they really do stimulate conversation and learning more about the visitor is a valid reason too. It’s always good to know who is dropping by and a bit about them. Good point Laurel.

  7. Lola

    I try to put a question on the bottom of most of my posts, mostly to direct the discussion or to help people who might not know what to comment. Or for those who like to not read the whole post, but still leave a comment.
    I know I’ve had a few of those blog posts I read and want to leave a comment and not sure what, so a question can be helpfull then. I only don’t put questions on my sunday post, but just like you I think questions works best on discussion posts. There they actually get answered, but on my other posts there usually are only a few people who answer the question. Which is okay with me, I just like adding one. Although sometimes it can be hard to come up with a question for a review. There are some reviews where most answer the question instead of comment on my review, I wonder why that is, maybe my review is too long then?

    So yes in general I like seeing a question on the bottom of a post and I think they work especially well on discussion posts. On the other hand I probably will comment whether there’s question or not. I do think that questions at the bottom of the pst can give some direction and for those who might not want to read the whole post they can still answer the question. And having a question in the title like you did with this post does immediately makes me want to jump in and comment with what I think. So I think they do work for starting conversations.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Shaun the Sheep the Movie

      • trish

        That’s another valid point Bea. I’d like to think that people will add something that I might have never thought of and I wouldn’t like to discourage that in any way. I’m seeing that most people will ignore the question if they have something else to say though.

    • trish

      I think I struggle sometimes to come up with a question after a review too and then when I saw how little they were been answered I got discouraged. I’m taking from all the feedback here though that they are a handy starting point for someone who isn’t sure what to comment on about the review.
      And it’s so interesting that the question in the blog post header made you want to join in! This post has gotten a lot of feedback so maybe others felt the same! I’ll have to try this again 😀

      • Lola

        I definitely think adding that question as topic helped, it makes me want to jump into the converstaion and answer your question. I think that’s probably part of the reason why your post got so many feedback and it’s a topic that everyone can talk about.

        I think questions on reviews are especially handy for those who aren’t sure what to comment about or maybe aren’t interested in the book itself.
        Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Hazelnut Paste Cookies Recipe

    • trish

      Sounds like a pretty good attitude to me. And I know what you mean, questions at the end of memes and discussions all but write themselves. And if a question at the end of a review comes easily, why not add it.

  8. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    A question at the end of a post is fine if it makes sense and isn’t just thrown in for the sake of putting a question. Discussion posts make sense, reviews can go either way. Sometimes I answer the question, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes what I want to say has nothing to do with the question so then I have to ignore it and say what I’m thinking or forego what I want to say to answer the question.
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: Marked In Flesh by Anne Bishop

    • trish

      I think what you are saying here Bea is exactly the attitude most people take. I have decided to add questions if and when they fit. But if I have to think too long for one, then I’m just going to skip it.

  9. Jessica Samuelsen

    I like questions at the end of discussions and wrap-up posts. I feel like for me I don’t even think about questions on the end of reviews, because I am just thinking about that review, not necessarily the interaction. I quite honestly didn’t think about until you brought it up. On thinking upon it I think it’s something I still won’t do… because I have success on getting comments on the book itself, which is what I want from reviews… I hope that makes sense… I am on one cup of coffee! LOL
    Jessica Samuelsen recently posted…Bloggerthon – Interview with Jorie from Jorie Loves A Story

    • trish

      It makes perfect sense. And very much along the lines that what you have isn’t broken so why fix it! You are getting comments and conversations about the book are happening already so that’s great.

  10. dawn obrien

    I like to see a question, I don’t always answer but I should, to show I’ve read it! I usually comment on a book post if it’s a book I’m interested in!

  11. Christy LoveOfBooks

    I like the option of having a question about the book/subject to answer/discuss. Sometimes I feel like ‘talking’ more and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes the question sparks something gets me thinking about the subject matter. So, I like them. Even if I don’t always answer them.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…Cam Girl by Leah Raeder

    • trish

      I think a lot of people feel like that Christy. If they want, they’ll answer if not, they’ll just pass it by. Sparking a conversation is a good thing though so for the odd time that it does that, then it seems worthwhile to include one, if they fit with the review.

    • trish

      I think on memes or discussions, the question fits perfectly and is so easy to stick in. The verdict on questions on review posts seem to be why not! If people want, they’ll answer and if not they’ll ignore. But if might encourage some to comment.

    • trish

      I totally feel they are a challenge on review posts. But after all the feedback here, I will include them from now on. Especially if one comes to mind immediately. If I have to try too hard to ‘find’ a question, then it’s not really feeling natural, so I’ll leave it out.

    • trish

      I think it’s perfectly fine not to answer them, especially if the review/post has sparked other thoughts in you. I know those are the thoughts that I’d love to hear about.

    • trish

      Connecting with something in the post and commenting on that is exactly what I love to see in my comments! It is the best feeling to know that you have sparked a bookish conversation.

    • trish

      Very much a mixed bag! But I think now why not just include them if they fit with the post. And then people can choose themselves whether to answer or ignore. If they help even one person to comment, then it’s worth it.

    • trish

      I think from all the feedback I got Anna that you are right. Might as well include them. For every shy commenter that finds it easier, then it’s more than worth it.

    • trish

      Ha, I probably never answer them on your blog! But that’s only because I usually have something else to say 😀

  12. Erica @ Novel Ink

    Having them after a review is a maybe yes, maybe no type deal. If I like the question I’d surely answer, but I think I mostly want to just reply to the review and fangirl without having to worry about something they asked me.

    Discussion posts and what-not, heck yeah. I love questions at the end so it lets me know exactly what the blogger is looking for when they write up their post. It allows for more of a discussion and blossoms into something totally awesome.
    Erica @ Novel Ink recently posted…Cam Girl | Leah Raeder : How you left me in a pickle…

    • trish

      I think if something in the review sparks a comment then the question probably isn’t necessary but for those that are looking for a focus for their comment then it works. And actually I just read a review with a question and the question made me go back and read the review more carefully to form an answer. So they really can add value when done right.

      Like you I love questions at the end of discussion posts!

    • trish

      I think now that I’ve written this post I’ll be super aware of them! And I think I’ll be using them a bit more in reviews too as some people do find they spark conversation.

  13. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    I enjoy questions at the end of a discussion post; it helps get the comments rolling, so to speak. I sometimes put them in mine. I’ll also include a question at the end of a list post, asking for more suggestions or (if it’s a favorites list) what the reader’s favorites are. Questions are also common in guest posts, I find. But I can’t remember the last time I put a question at the end of a review post, and I don’t often see them on the blogs I frequent, either. So I think my answer is, it depends on the type of post!
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Sunday Post – 11/08/15

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