Bookish Chat: Things NOT to Say to a Book Blogger!

October 6, 2015 Blogging, Bookish chat 39

If you are a person who tells people around you in your real life that you a book blogger, then I bet you’ve been met with some responses that ..well…..let’s put this politely….don’t amuse you.


So I’m putting together a list of phrases that you should NEVER EVER say to a book blogger.  Although more than likely if you are reading this, then you are a book blogger, in which case this is redundant.  But maybe you could discretely slip it somewhere that a loose tongued culprit will find it!

Phrases to never say to a Book Blogger!

  • You look ridiculous with book washi tape over your mouth!

Well now, that’s just mean!  I believe in suffering for my art 😀


  • How much money do you make from blogging *cue hysterical laughing*

How much money does your hobby make you?  Most hobbies (sadly) don’t generate an income.


  • Where do you get the time to read all those books and spend all that time blogging about them?

Last time I looked I had 24 hours in every day the same as everyone else.  I choose to spend some of those hours reading and some of them blogging.


  • Why would you do that?

Well why not, I like it.  Isn’t that reason enough?


  • Why don’t you write your own book?

I like reading books and I enjoy analysing them.  It doesn’t mean I have the skills or desire to write a book.


  • What qualifies you to criticise a book?

I have an opinion.  It’s not necessarily one everyone will agree with but it’s mine and I own it!


  • Do you just blog for free books?

If I did, that wouldn’t sustain me for very long.  I do get books and love that I get to deal with publishers and authors but blogging is about a lot more than ‘free’ books for me.  Which by the way aren’t really free if you take into account the time it takes to read them, write a review, schedule it and then promote on social media.


  • Do you just pretend to like all the books?

Nope, look in my archive.  There is every rating from DNF to 5 stars.  And seriously, why would I even want to do that.  I review to give my opinion, what would be the point in sugar coating it.


  • What book do you recommend?

Actually this one probably shouldn’t stump me but it does!  Unless I know something about you and your reading taste, how can I possibly answer that.


  • Why don’t you blog about something more important than books?

Books.  Are.  Important.  But anyway, whatever, I don’t think we are destined to be friends!


Phew!  Feels good to get all that off my chest.  But if you are wondering what the best thing to say to a blogger is, it’s simple.  Just ask for their website address and let them know if you read any books they recommend.


Talk to Trish:  Have you had any of these questions and how do you respond?  Do you tell people you are a blogger (if you are one!) or is it a secret?

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39 Responses to “Bookish Chat: Things NOT to Say to a Book Blogger!”

    • trish

      I too have spend money on my blog but that doesn’t bother me. Most hobbies cost money and our biggest investment in blogging is always our time 🙂
      Glad I’m not the only book blogger who can’t do recs in real life!

  1. Lola

    I don’t tell a lot of people in real life that I am a book blogger, most of my family know, but we don’t talk about it often. As I work from home My mom still doesn’t get why I don’t use my blog to make money. She doesn’t really understand the whole concept of blogging or how any of it works and she keeps confusing Lola’s Reviews with Lola’s Blog Tours.

    I do think this is a great list and too many people don’t understand blogging and ask questions like these. And I don’t midn explaining it to them if they are willing to listen, but sometimes it just seems people don’t want to understand and that’s frustrating.

    I hate the book recommendation question, some people I can recommend books, but I still think it’s hard. You have to know someone’s tastes in books very wel to give a good recommendation and I don’t want to give a bad recommendation. If someone wants to talk to me about blogging or books I prefer to just talk about which books they have read and see if we have any books in common.
    Lola recently posted…Review: A Spark of Justice by J.D. Hawkins

    • trish

      I think a lot of people assume that if you spend so much time doing something that you must be making money from it. Also there are some lifestyle bloggers making a living from blogging so I suppose I can see where the myth originates from.
      And yes that’s so true, lots of people don’t understand blogging. I know I didn’t either before starting my own. And in fairness the majority of people that I’ve spoken to about blogging have being nothing but supportive and encouraging.

      • Lola

        Same here most people I’v spoken with are very supportive. And indeed before I started blogging I never knew what was involved either, so I can understand why others don’t know what blogging is all about and how it works.

        And indeed there are other bloggers who make money from blogging, although mostly those like lifestyle bloggers. And part of it is also a conscious decision as I decided to not do ads on my blog, but I know others do and they might make a little bit of money with that.
        Lola recently posted…Review: Echoes by Laura Tisdall

  2. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Great post! I can visualize myself doing a lot of eye-rolling at some of those remarks.

    My youngest grandson often makes comments about my blogging, in a poke-fun kind of way, but he’s TWELVE. That’s about the level of those “friendly” remarks.

    Thanks for sharing…and I’m rolling my eyes here.
    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted…AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE

    • trish

      That’s cute about your grandson! In fairness most people I know have been really encouraging and even those putting their foot in it, don’t mean any harm.

    • trish

      I think that is the one comment that always niggles me. It all about what matters to us and what we make time for and for me books and blogging are always up there in my top priorities. The same way TV might be for someone else. It’s my main form of relaxation.

  3. Maureen Beatrice

    LOL!! Love this post Trish.
    The questions I get asked a lot is ‘Where do you get the time to read all those books?’. People seriously think I don’t have a life next to books and blogging. I always tell them that I just have different priorities.
    And of course the question ‘Why don’t you write your own book?’, gets asked a lot to. Most times I don’t even respond to that one.
    Maureen Beatrice recently posted…Excerpt Reveal ‘Butterfly Ginger’ by Stephanie Fournet

    • trish

      The time one is the one that bothers me, it’s all about what matters to us and what we make time for. For me books and blogging are high up there on that list.
      I do think the writing a book one is a compliment. I wish I had the skills for that but I know my limitations.

  4. Rita @ View From My Home

    Great post! I rolled my eyes and chuckled too. My take on it, below…

    Why do you do it for free? I’m disabled so I can’t work, but I can do my hobbies for fun just like anyone else.

    How can you possibly read all those books– I’m lucky if I read one a month? Hmm, well I schedule my days with chores, doctors’ appointments, family activities, and TV watching. All my extra time is spent on reading and blogging about reading. I choose to spend hours a day at this activity.!

    Can you recommend a book to me? Nope. I only give my opinions, not true recommendations, because every reader is different. I’ve learned that lesson from hanging out in the bookish blogosphere 🙂

    Thanks, Trish!
    Rita @ View From My Home recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up 10/3/15

    • trish

      I think people think of a blog as more of a money making business than a hobby. But that’s because they don’t really understand how blogging works and that for the huge majority of us, it’s a labour of love.
      And I think finding time to real all those books, just because you love it, is the best answer in the world! 🙂
      Very true about recommendations being very, very hard!

    • trish

      Eurgh is right! I always want to ask how much time do they make for watching tv?!

      And yep, I really don’t think you can count those books as free! That being said I love getting them and I appreciate that I get to read books before the hit the shops.

    • trish

      I find the same as you, most people (nearly everyone really) has been really interested and encouraging my blogging. I think I’m so happy that I found a hobby that I love and when I talk about it, I’m so passionate about it that people can see just how much it means to me.

  5. Emma

    I rarely tell people I blog but that’s because it’s for me and when family have followed it’s felt odd. Maybe I’m odd but it does mean I haven’t heard most of these thankfully! Still raised a smile though ?
    Emma recently posted…Tuesday Intro: 6th October, 2015

    • trish

      I can understand that Emma and I know lots of people feel exactly the same way that you do. I felt like that in the beginning and told no one that I blogged (apart from my husband). But the more time when on, the more confidence I got and now I love talking about my blog to people in real life.

    • trish

      I think people just don’t get it. They assume blogging makes money but sadly not for the majority of us! 🙂
      And I agree, we all set out own priorities and we can always find time for the things we deem important.

  6. S. J. Pajonas

    Funny. Some of these apply to authors too. I recently had this exchange…

    “What do you do?”
    “I’m an author. I self-publish on Amazon and in paperback.”
    “Do you find that to be a sustainable business model?”

    O_o Which I think is the new “Do you make any money?” question. Lol. I feel ya.
    S. J. Pajonas recently posted…Random Thoughts On… My Continuing Education

  7. Greg

    This is great. I love the money question- so true. “If you don’t make money, why do you do it?” Um… yeah. Next question. 🙂

    Some people just don’t get it, have no interest in a bookstore, etc. And that’s OK. To each their own- but I love your answers! Most of the people in my life know I blog, but we don’t really talk about it. Do they ever look? I don’t know! And that’s OK LOL.
    Greg recently posted…Bloodline

    • trish

      I’m the same, most people know but equally most have no interest in reading the blog, And that’s fine, that’s why I started a blog so I wouldn’t have to bore the head off them with my bookish chat 🙂

  8. Bookworm Brandee

    This is a wonderful post, Trish! I think I particularly love your mention that getting *free* books isn’t *free* in the end when you take into consideration all the time spent reading, reviewing, and promoting. I don’t tell many people I know that I blog – because what if they come to my blog and are offended by what I read. I don’t mind telling strangers as much because odds are I won’t see them again anyway. I had a man ask what I did and I told him I reviewed books. He said, “So, you’re an accountant?” Uh, nooooo. That was funny.
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#OctobeRecFest Audio Review #3 ~ Seven Years ~ Dannika Dark

    • trish

      The funny think is I actually DO work in accounts so I’m surrounded by books from morning to night! 😀 But my daytime books are a snorefest compared to my beloved REAL books 🙂
      I used to worry about what people thought about my choice of books (especially reading YA books) but now I couldn’t care less! I am what I am!

  9. Catherine

    Well done- you covered some of the best (and worst!) things people say to us. What surprises me is how even people in the book world think we get paid! I’ve had a sales rep from Random House and a manager of a book store ask me about it.

    And the ‘what book do you recommend’ or ‘what is your favorite book’ question makes me nuts. I can’t and won’t pick just one and it’s kind of a stupid question, thank you very much. 😉
    Catherine recently posted…Gold Fame Citrus

    • trish

      Wow, that’s crazy that people in the industry think that! That has really surprised me.

      I will try to help someone find a book they might like but the conversation will last a lot longer than they might have thought it would! I’ll have lots of questions for them first about what kind of books they’ve liked previously or what tv shows they watch. I don’t just want to make a stab in the dark recommendation!

    • trish

      I’m obsessed with washi tape! They are my two most common too! I like when people want to talk books though so all’s good!

  10. anna (herding cats & burning soup)

    Wow. That makes me sad that you’ve had such run ins. I’m not shy about telling people about the blog and so far everyone has been really excited or curious about it (in a good way) or impressed. I’m glad I’ve not run into anyone that thinks that way on it. Though I have been asked by other bloggers why I bother wasting my time reviewing a book I didn’t enjoy and that always gripes me. Whew!
    anna (herding cats & burning soup) recently posted…#CountdownToChristmas–A Bad Boy for Christmas (Second Chance #3) by Jessica Lemmon

    • trish

      The post probably sounds negative Anna but most of these have been said in genuine bewilderment and not really an attempt to put me down! They don’t get it, that’s ok, not everyone is as passionate about books as we are 😀 The one I get the most is why I don’t write my own book and it’s a bit of a backhanded compliment, it’s great they think I’ve the skills but ummhh it’s not that easy! I’m more bothered by other bloggers asking you questions like that!

  11. Savannah

    I’ve only really told one person that i book blog [haven’t been doing it for long]. It’s just never come up, and I’m not usually one to put things out there if someone doesn’t ask.

    • trish

      I didn’t tell people for the longest time. I don’t think there is any right or wrong, just what feels good for you.

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