5 top things that make me buy a book!

October 22, 2015 Bookish chat, Bookish Fun 60

I’m in a funny situation in that the longer I book blog, the less inclined I am to buy a book.  In my first year of blogging, I went crazy buying all the books and taking on all the arcs (advanced reader copies) and ended up reading the arcs and ignoring my own bought books.  With the result that I literally have stacks of unread books to get through.


buying books


So nowadays I don’t add to that pile unless something screams at me to buy it.  But there are a few things that will always make me either one-click on Amazon or head off to my local book shop with my money in my fist.

5 top things that make me buy a book!

  1. Auto-buy authors:  I have some authors whose books I have to have.  Even if I can’t read them straight away, when they publish I NEED their books under my roof!  Absolute musts are Tana French, Colleen Hoover, Patricia Scanlan, Louise O’Neill and Lauren Miller.
  2. Location, location, location!  I’m a sucker for books set in countries I want to visit and a book will ease that longing for travel when I can’t actually go on holidays.  And I also love books set in cities I know and love (Dublin, London, New York, Rome) as I want to see how well they portray the city and they give me a chance to spend a little time in a place I love.
  3. Certain themes.  I only need the slightest hint of a dance theme, or a boarding school setting, or a book about family secrets and it’s MINE.
  4. Rave reviews from trusted blogger friends: I blame you all for the state of my shelves!
  5. Books on sale!  Damn you amazon daily deal, you are my downfall.  Being able to one click while having my morning coffee is just way too easy.

Talk to Trish?  Do you buy a lot of books?  What is the number one thing that makes you part with your money?

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60 Responses to “5 top things that make me buy a book!”

    • trish

      I never knew you were a Tana French fan, how did I NOT know this! I wish she’d hurry up and write some more! 😀 In the past I’ve often bought books just for covers but I’ve been bitten a lot by this so I’m learning!

  1. Tanya Patrice

    All very valid reasons 🙂 I don’t buy a lot of books since I have zero space 🙁 But thankfully, I belong to an awesome library, and eBooks can really get out of hand!

    • trish

      I’m lucky in that I have a book room but the state of that room leaves a lot to be desired! It’s a disgrace and I need to declutter and organise it. Someday. Ebooks are so much handier for storing. Lucky you with an awesome library nearby, I wish I had that in my life.

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I don’t buy a lot of books and when I do I tend to buy used or go through paperbackswap. Even before book blogging and those beautiful ARCs my budget could never keep up with my reading speed and I always tended towards either buying used or going through the library. The main exception is cookbooks because I love them. Of course even though I don’t feel like I buy lots of books I do seem to have books crammed everywhere. I think they multiply when I’m not looking.
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Dead Bolt – Review

    • trish

      Paperback swap sounds so handy! My budget would never keep up with my reading speed either but thankfully secondhand books shops and book sales help me a lot. As do ARCs 🙂

    • trish

      Being a librarian must help a lot! And I don’t want to be a person who buys and buys and then never reads them so I’m happy to read through my own stacks for now.

  3. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    Amazon Daily Deals are the DEVIL! They get me far too often. I buy fewer books these days partly due to budgetary constraints and partly due to blogging. I do have some auto-buy authors but otherwise if I buy books, they’re on sale and are an author or series I’ve been wanting to try and unable to get via my library. Like Katherine I use paperbackswap for most of my print books and I get books from my library sale but most of those get donated right back again or I sell them via paperbackswap.
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Bea Reviews You Cannoli Die Once by Shelley Costa

    • trish

      They ARE the devil but when a book is only $0.99 or $1.99, it’s impossible to leave it behind especially when it’s one you already wanted. Paperbackswap seems to be great scheme.

  4. Rita @ View From My Home

    Yes, yes, and yes, lol! Agreed! I buy for all those reasons.

    Thought mostly nowadays it is e-books for ease of purchase and storage, and sometimes price. But to go into a bricks and mortar store and not buy a print book, uh huh, not happening 🙂 My son and I go a few times a year to B & N in the next town to have fun browsing and just touching all the pretty covers.
    Rita @ View From My Home recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/18/15

  5. tonyalee

    So this depends on the situation. If I am in a book store – I hit the bargains shelves first. If there is something that looks interesting and/or pretty cover, I buy it.

    Reviews help! But most books that I get are from the library these days, because like you, I don’t buy AS much as before. Mainly because a) wont pay more than a certain price for eBooks. b) just don’t want to buy eBooks anymore. But I do have auto buy authors too! Also, I am a series buyer. so I will buy all the books in a series if I own ANY of them. Plus anything I just love.

    rereading that, I see that I have NO system at all.
    tonyalee recently posted…Audio Book Review | Drowned by Nichola Reilly

    • trish

      I like ebooks as I find I end up reading them sooner than I do my physical books. And lol re having no system, that’s ok I don’t think you are MEANT to have a book buying system. I envy you the library, my local one isn’t great so I don’t bother with it. It would save me a lot of money though so maybe when I get though my own stacks, I’ll look into it again.

  6. Greg

    I unfortunately buy a lot of books- I say unfortunately because I spend way too much! Hey it’s cheaper than golf, right? Er, maybe… 🙂 I agree about locations- Paris or a french setting will often get my attention, even if I don’t read it I’ll at least take a look. And I have certain auto buy authors too. I’ve heard good things about Tana French, but haven’t read any of her yet.
    Greg recently posted…A Dance with Dragons- Daenerys II/ Reek I

    • trish

      LOL I’d say it’s probably safe to say that it cheaper than golf! And there is nothing like a little book travelling which is why those favourite settings will always pull us in. You should try Tana French someday Greg, I think you might like her.

  7. Lark

    Books on sale are always my downfall. Especially used book sales, or library sales. And I totally get the favorite location thing…for me, it’s Paris. 🙂 But I know what you mean about being inundated with too many books. Having too many unread books paralyzes me…I never know where to start reading first.
    Lark recently posted…Rereading Dracula…

    • trish

      I’m with you on Paris settings, I love them. No matter what era they are set in. So glad that someone else can understand my fear of having too many books, it seems like such an odd thing for a book lover to say but I totally get that paralysis feel too!

  8. Rachel

    This has so inspired me to write a post about how much my book buying habits, and blogging habits, have changed over the past 6 months, because me when I first started vs me now is barely recognisable! I’m definitely blogging a lot less frequently, and doing a lot of reviews at the minute as opposed to discussions and other content, but I hope it will naturally pick up again when it’s supposed to, and I’m not stressing over it. Book buying wise, my 5 reasons pretty much match yours, plus charity shop finds. My new thing is charity shops and my TBR has EXPLODED. What’s not to love about £1 books and the money going to charity? Except for my floor space, my floor space hates me. R xx
    Rachel recently posted…Review: Kiss Me First

    • trish

      Oh yay, I love hearing that I inspired you to write a post and it sounds like such an interesting one too! I find sometimes I have more reviews than discussions too but I love the interaction that happens over the discussion posts so I always come back to them. I totally agree that it will happen naturally, that’s what has always happened for me.
      Charity shop book shopping is the best! I love that I can pick up books so cheaply and it’s fun having a look in as you never know just what you’ll find!

  9. Shaina

    The Amazon Kindle and BookBub deals in my inbox every morning are my downfall, too! I’m usually quite good at resisting buying things (even when I 100% know I want them, which I call the anti-impulse-buying problem), but man, if it’s under $3, let me at it.

    I agree that book blogging has made me neglect my shelves quite a bit. I’m considering going on a no-buy, no-library (the horror!) binge in 2016. I really need to read some of the things I own! I don’t know that I’ll be able to *completely* resist NetGalley, though…
    Shaina recently posted…Thrifty Thursdays: The Fantastic Edition

    • trish

      That’s just like me Shaina, I can resist most deals but when I see a book I already want is only $0.99 or $1.99, it would be plain silly not to grab it!
      That’s my plan for 2016 too. But I won’t be fully denying myself the pleasures of NetGalley, if it calls me, I’ll listen 😀

  10. Jen @ The Bookavid

    I honestly can only agree to every single thing you said here. A major thing that I’d even put above all your already super valid points is the sale thing. Seriously, if something’s on sale and insanely cheap, it doesn’t even matter whether I would have read or bought the book under other circumstances. If I see a low-priced book that I don’t know anything about but have seen on other blogs, I’m probably going to buy it.
    Jen @ The Bookavid recently posted…Book Blogging Tips (#22): The First Impression – What Does a Good Blog Have?

    • trish

      Sales rock! I’ve often bought books that I was only vaguely interested in just because it was too cheap to leave behind. It’s worth taking the chance and I totally think we are making the right call there! 😀

  11. Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

    I’ve never been someone who is always buying books, but I do love to acquire new ones and I have a TON of unread books on my shelves. These days I try and read what I buy as soon as I can, but it’s not always possible.

    As for what makes me buy a book? Rave blogger reviews is definitely a good bet. And I have certain auto-buy authors like anything by JK Rowling. 🙂
    Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: Look Both Ways

  12. trish

    Like you I’m not out buying books all the time either but if you were to look at my list of unread books, you might think I was lying! I know it’s because I’ve prioritised ARCs in the past but now I’m requesting less and am fully prepared to show all the love to my own shelves instead.
    Those pesky book bloggers making us want all the books 😀 Oh and I love JK, I need to read on in her Cormoran Strike series soon as I really enjoyed book 1.

    • trish

      If it makes you feel any better, I DID buy 5 of them yesterday! Those pesky book bloggers tempting us with ALL the books! 😀

    • trish

      I don’t spend too much time on Twitter so I avoid that one! Thankfully! I do enough damage without that temptation too 🙂

    • trish

      I’m a sucker for a good sale but like you it’s probably last on my list too. There are just SO many temptations from every side though! 🙂

  13. Lola

    I still buy books, but I feel like I take more time to decide which books I will buy and also less than I used to a few years ago. There was a time where I just bought all the books I wanted as I could afford to, but nowadays I am more picky. I have some autho-buy authors and beside that I only buy some books I really want to read or because I am in the mood for that genre or it’s a sequel or by an author I know. If it’s not an auto-buy author but still one of the authors I enjoyed books before there is also a high chance I buy their books.

    And rave reviews form other bloggers are also reasons for why I buy books. And I have a hard time resisting sales as well, when a book is free or really cheap I might buy it even if I would’ve thought twice if the book was pricier. Great post!
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Cinnamon Sugar Puff Pastry Twisters Recipe

    • trish

      Money is not my biggest consideration anymore (although obviously it’s still a factor) but I prefer to only buy books that I will get to read sometime soon. If I think I won’t read it in the next few months, then I’d rather wait and buy it when I have time to read it. I have too much guilt already about books I have already bought and never read.
      If it’s a bargain though I will snap it up in a flash!

  14. Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Tea

    Yes, yes, yes! I totally agree about boarding school stories and certain settings. And, of course, auto-buy authors are a huge factor for me as well.

    And I’m exactly the same as you with buying books in general. When I started blogging, I accepted every single ARC and bought tons of books, some of which I still haven’t read. Now I’m much more selective and really think about whether I’m going to read that specific book before requesting or buying it.
    Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Tea recently posted…Review: Tape-Measure Murder – Agatha Christie

    • trish

      I don’t know what it is about boarding school setting but I never get enough of them.

      Selective is a good way of putting it, that is exactly what I am nowadays. If I won’t read it in the next few months than I’d rather wait and buy it when I DO have time to read it.

    • trish

      I know when I hear trusted blogger friends raving about a book, it’s hard to resist. And I have a weakness for covers too but I’m more cautious these days about them as I have been bitten badly by this in the past!

  15. Wattle

    I have a few must buy authors also 🙂 and far too many books that I need to read, I’m trying to cut back – but easier said than done! Especially when people keep posting such amazing reviews!

    Travelling through books is a great way to spend time, I think (and it’s cheaper than getting on a plane!)
    Wattle recently posted…Book Review: Treasured Lies by Kendall Talbot

    • trish

      Those damn book bloggers making us want ALL the books! 😀 Travelling via books is cheaper but I have also spent lots of money on books that would be equivalent of lots of mini breaks too!

  16. Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books

    I actually have a monthly book budget. But it is SO HARD to decide what books to buy. And I can’t afford to buy every single book the day it comes out. They are too pricey at first. There are certain things that will inspire me to pre-order Kindle versions of new releases: if it is a sequel that I HAVE to have (like Winter), if it’s an auto-buy author or if a trusted blogger has raved about it. Other than that, I have an Amazon private wish list where I keep all my books I really want to read. I go on that and just buy the cheapest ones. Ha
    Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books recently posted…BOOK REVIEW: The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey

    • trish

      Sequels are on my buy list too but not until I’m ready to read them. Obvs Winter will be an auto buy and read on the day though! I keep a list like your Amazon but on GR, I should move it to Amazon though as that way I’d get notified if they go down in price and I can grab them then!

  17. Maureen Beatrice

    I’m totally with you about buying all the books in my first year of blogging. My reading list is so long I’ll probably never see the end of it. Now I’m a little wiser about buying and excepting ARC’s.. But still I buy books and add them to my list. I just can’t help myself. I’m a complete addict!! LOL.

    For the most part the books I buy are from the authors I love and have all the other books from. (From these authors I really physically need a copy!! LOL!!) But I also buy books that I read a lot about in reviews and on Facebook. And when I’m shopping in Amsterdam I allow myself to at least buy one book.. That’s because there is a Waterstones there and since it’s one of only a view English book stores here in The Netherlands, I allow myself to buy a book there. Sometimes more than one.. 😀
    Maureen Beatrice recently posted…Promotional Blast ‘The Ripper Gene’ by Michael Ransom

    • trish

      I’m the same whenever I visit Dublin, visiting a bookshop and indulging in one or three books is a huge part of the visit for me. No matter what draws me there in the first place, I always find time to duck into my favourite book shops while there!
      It must be hard to be limited to only a few shops that have books in English. Do you read books in Dutch too or do you prefer to read in English?

      • Maureen Beatrice

        It’s definitely hard but thankfully Dutch bookstores are selling more and more English books each year. And thank god for the internet! 😀
        I have been reading English books from the moment I was twelve years old.. I have some Dutch books.. but I think at the most I read one Dutch book a year. Somehow I really don’t like reading in Dutch. I also don’t watch a lot of Dutch television.. I think I’m born in the wrong country. :P:P
        Maureen Beatrice recently posted…Blog Ahead Challenge – Round up

  18. Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

    As I am a jobless blogger, I can’t always afford to buy books. I tend to check them out at the library, read an ARC, or wait until they go on sale before buying books – BUT when I do have money, I totally go ham at the used bookstore or on Amazon. The things that make me want to buy vary – I too have auto-buy authors, books with writer/librarian themes and whichever genre I am in the mood to read1 I especially pick up popular books that you guys rave about. I trust my blogging buddies to do me right 😛
    Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger recently posted…Sunday Post #32: Moving Updates + New TV Show loves

  19. Lisa @ Just Another Rabid Reader

    For me it is mainly the auto-buy authors anymore. I am so hesitant to try someone new. Though I am a sucker for a pretty cover, and covers have burned me a thousand times, but I will still pick up a book with a pretty cover a lot of the time. Or something in the description will catch my attention and draw me into it and hopefully the rest of the book will measure up.
    Lisa @ Just Another Rabid Reader recently posted…Book Blogger Hop (2): Comfort Zones

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