Book Review : Madame Lune by Kathleen Curtin

August 26, 2015 Book review 10 ★★★★

I guessed from looking at the cover for this one that I was in for a story that was shadowy and maybe even a little bleak.  And I was right on both counts; Madame Lune is a mysterious, sinister book that gave me spine chills at the evilness within.

Book Review : Madame Lune by Kathleen CurtinMadame Lune by Kathleen Curtin
Published by Open Books on May 20th 2015
Genres: Suspense, Thriller
Format: Paperback
Source: Received from Author
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To foil a killer Madame Lune must walk in his shoes, enter his evil mind, and eventually learn to kill...
Who is the mysterious Madame Lune and why has watching Rue Lepic become a terrifying obsession for her? To the ordinary observer, Rue Lepic is a colourful street that meanders and climbs the northern part of Paris, from the Moulin Rouge in Pigalle’s red light district to Montmartre, where stands the lofty basilica of Sacre Coeur. It is full of character and characters, with its open-air markets and traders, street cleaners and concierges. It plays host to waves of tourists teaming past cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops.
There is, however, something else lurking beneath the layers of everyday life that lures the scrutiny of Madame Lune and fills her with fear. In their midst is another watcher—a monster who prowls the district. He is a killer—a serial killer, and he has identified his next victim.

First Line of Madame Lune by Kathleen Curtin:

“Get away from me!”

My Thoughts on Madame Lune by Kathleen Curtin:

My immediate thought on putting down the book was that I have never read a book quite like this one.  It felt refreshingly original. And when you read as much as I do, you tire of reading the same jaded storylines and perspectives over and over again.  So I loved that in Madame Lune I was dished up something entirely fresh.

There are 2 main points of view in this story.  You have Karen who is an Irish girl living in Paris.  She has made a life for herself there but I wouldn’t say she is living the dream that you might picture in your head when you think of a young woman living in one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Instead she has settled for life with Oliver who is so obviously wrong for her.  I couldn’t see how she ever fell for him but then this line in the book just explained so much with it’s simple, stark and honest truth.

“It is hard to accept that we have made a mistake and easier to remain blind.”

The other point of view is Madame Lune; she is a psychic who lives in the same neighbourhood and who has foreseen danger for Karen and her best friend Jane.  When we are living the story though her eyes; it is dark and menacing.  She picks up on evil vibes and sees the serial killer who is just biding his time.  Her chapters weighted me down a lot and I always felt a bit relieved to get back to Karen’s point of view as that was so much lighter and easier to identify with.

Which isn’t to say I didn’t like Madame Lune’s perspective, I did, a lot.  It was just a different atmosphere and her damaged, fractured life weighted heavy on me.  But the light tone and heavier tone balanced each other out well.  I also really enjoyed the Paris setting; the hustle and bustle and the racy feel of the city are all really well captured.  I felt like I could hear the espresso machine and smell the fresh baguettes.

The mystery is well maintained and I was kept guessing for most of the book as to which of the men in the neighbourhood was actually the serial killer.  There were a lot of potential suspects! Let’s put it this way, there was an exceptionally high count of not-so-nice men in this district.

Overall I loved the original feel of this book.  The highlights were the French and Irish atmosphere, the chilly tone and the psychic influence. And be aware it’s not a light read but it made me think and philosophise.


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: four-stars


Who should read Madame Lune by Kathleen Curtin?

I’d recommend this to you if you like dark, shadowy plotlines, writing that delves into the philosophical and foreshadowing that makes you anxious! I’d also recommend it to those that like Paris settings.

Thanks to Kathleen Curtin for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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10 Responses to “Book Review : Madame Lune by Kathleen Curtin”

  1. kathleen curtin

    Thanks,Trish, for your very accurate, professional and insightful review. Thank you also for the time, thoughtfulness and dedication to the cause. Long may your love of reading, reviewing and honouring books continue. KC

    • trish

      Thanks Kathleen, I appreciate your comment and your email too! I enjoyed your book and hope it does well for you. I know its original feel will appeal to many 🙂

    • trish

      I loved the French setting and parts are set in Ireland too and I thought they combined well. And yes it definitely ticks both the interesting and unusual boxes 🙂 Hope you enjoy it if you get to it.

  2. Red Iza

    Hey, I used to work not far from the rue Lepic ! I think I actually walked that street several times. It looks like an original and interesting novel, great review !
    Red Iza recently posted…Just because

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