Cheat Sheet Justifications for buying all the books!

March 27, 2015 Bookish Fun 43

The thing about book lovers is that we never have enough books.  Ask any book lover and they will more than likely have stacks of unread books but they like nothing better than smuggling new books in.



Sometimes you need excuses valid reasons to justify those sneaky purchases.  To yourself and to horrified families who are afraid of books taking over the house.  So I’ve put together a cheat sheet to refer to which will give you a nifty reason for why that book made home with you!

– There was a sale on! They were practically giving the books away!

– It’s your favourite author and you need to support her work so she’ll have enough money to keep writing.

– You’ve just gotten an ARC and it’s for the fourth book in a series. You had to buy the first three so you can review properly.

– You needed the books for a signing event and it’s cheaper to buy them beforehand. See you are even saving money here!

– It had brilliant reviews; you need to see if the hype was deserved.

– It had awful reviews; you need to see if it was really that bad.

– You’re a book blogger and ran out of books to review (sneaky note – non book bloggers will have no idea how unfeasible this actually is).

– It’s a huge book so it only works out as a fraction of cents per page. It’s a bargain.

– You’ve just come off a book ban; you are entitled to a splurge.

– You are going to pass them on to a friend, your mother, your sister (delete as appropriate) afterwards so it’s practically a present.

– You needed to add 3 more books to qualify for the FREE shipping!

– You’ve just discovered a new author that you love. You need their entire back catalogue!

– Books are cheaper than going to the movies and they last longer too.

– You don’t smoke or drink or buy takeaway coffee (delete as appropriate) so with all that money that you’ve saved, you deserve to treat yourself to books.

– You fell in love with the cover. Warning – only use this around other book lovers, no one else will get it.

– You needed the book to match in with the rest of your collection. See above warning.

– The book had your favourite hook, how could you resist?

– The book shop owner told you that you’d love it! Yes, they know you well.

– Another book blogger told you that you’d love. And if anyone would know your taste, they would.

– You had a bad day. You needed a pick me up.

– You had a great day. You needed to mark it with a book.

– You’ve never been to that book shop before.

– You are going on holidays and need to stock up.

– You aren’t going on holidays and need to cheer yourself up.

– You’ve stuck to your diet and earned a non foodie treat.

– You ‘found’ extra money in a pocket that you had forgotten all about.

– You heard they are making a movie so you wanted to read it first.

– You just fell in love and had to have it.


Talk to Trish: What’s your favourite reason for justifying your book purchases? Do you feel the need to make excuses?


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43 Responses to “Cheat Sheet Justifications for buying all the books!”

    • trish

      Well I think I’ve used them all! I never need much persuasion to indulge in a little book shopping 🙂

  1. Red Iza

    I really love the way your mind work, that list is great !! If I needed to justify myself, I’d use (all of) those reasons, but I’m a cheater : I have an e-reader and noone, absolutely noone in my family knows how many books are on it – so convenient. Only one of my friends/coworker knows, but she spends all her money on shoes/books, so we’re even ^^
    Red Iza recently posted…Hottie of the week

    • trish

      That is very true about readers, mine is full of stuff that even I’ve forgotten is there! I do love to buy physical books too and they are not so easy to deny! 🙂

  2. Berls

    Hahaha I love this! What’s scary is that I’ve used a lot of these to justify book purchases for myself. Only one I can think of that you didn’t include “Its a book signing and 1- it would be rude to not have a book for the author right next to the one you really came to see; or 2- you only have the authors books in eBook or audio book so YES you need another copy for them to sign.” I’ve used both before 😉
    Berls recently posted…Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett

    • trish

      Haha, love that you want to buy books for the author-next-door so as not to appear rude! And yes to excuse number 2, I’ve done that!

  3. Rachel

    LOL I frigging love this!! My best reasons are usually:

    1. I needed to buy a couple extra to qualify for discount/free shipping.
    2. Reading is a “good” hobby – it broadens your vocabulary, increases your empathy, works out your imagination, etc.
    3. I work for it and it’s my money. I’ll spend it how I want.
    4. Everyone (well OK, most people) have a hobby or interest, and most hobbies involve spending cash. I could be addicted to something more dangerous than books. I could be addicted to drugs. I could be a DRUG ADDICT. *Shrugs and crawls back to dark corner clutching a book*

    R x
    Rachel recently posted…My “Celeb” Personality Counterparts

    • trish

      Haha to number 4, maybe I’ll just go with that one in future! Enjoy stacking your dark corner with all the books!

  4. Cynthia

    Ha. I love it. My excuse is always “I don’t care how many books I have. I need to make sure I have a different book for any possible mood I may be in.”
    Cynthia recently posted…Friday Memes

  5. Kathryn@Book Date

    Ain’t all that the truth, starting with the first one, can’t resist. Up until this year I haven’t justified to myself, but this year as a goal I decided to monitor what I spend, (not cut it down – just monitor) but it gives me a slightly guilty feel when I buy.
    Kathryn@Book Date recently posted…Shadow Spell. Nora Roberts

    • trish

      I monitor it as well. Just because I want to read the books I have and tracking it does slow me down a bit. But nothing like a good splurge from time to time!

  6. Lola

    lol, these are great! Although my boyfriend usually doens’t mind me sneakinh even more books in the house or to my e-reader. I especially like the oen about “You’re a book blogger and ran out of books to review (sneaky note – non book bloggers will have no idea how unfeasible this actually is).” love this! And indeed before I became a blogger this point sounded more feasible. I can’t use the free shipping excuse though as I usually buy my books from the bookdepository and they already have free shipping. I don’t really feel the need to make excuses, although I felt slightly embarrasing lately when I admitted to my boyfriend that I had 52 unread books for review, which probably would take me a whole year to read them all if I only read review books. I just can’t say to a good sounding book.
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Creamy Spinach Pasta Sauce Recipe

    • trish

      It sounds crazy to non book lovers when we admit the numbers. Right now I have about 100 books to read (23 of which are arcs) but I just want more and more. I love the thrill of getting a new book as much as I do reading them. And I often go on books bans and don’t buy as many as I used to. I dread to think what the numbers might be if I didn’t show restraint occasionally.

  7. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    I am soooooooooo guilty of the third one. 😀 😀 On the plus side, I live alone excerpt for the herd so I don’t have to justify my purchases to anyone other than myself. 😀

    • trish

      Yep I’m guilty of that one too! But when it’s a great series who cares, not so good if you end up hating the series though!

    • trish

      As have we all! We sure are an inventive lot when it comes to finding reasons for all those books 🙂

  8. Natalie

    This made me laugh as well as being useful! I’m not entirely sure I can get away with “but it looks so good!” much longer… Special offers are always good too!

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