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February 9, 2015 Trish Transforms 15

Trish Transforms is my project for 2015.  I want to get fitter, I want to get leaner and I want to enjoy the journey. Dieting doesn’t have to be hell and this isn’t a diet anyway, I want to make changes for good. So I’m going to document my random thoughts along the way in an effort to inspire and motivate myself.



I said in my previous post that exercise is key for me.  But something else I HAVE to do to stay on track is focus on preparation.  I’m going it alone this time as I don’t have time to attend meetings but I used to attend weight watchers before.  And the leader was always parroting



And it just became ingrained in me.  When it comes to losing weight, I plan like an army planning a military operation!  And it helps me stay focused and ensures that I don’t end up eating all the wrong foods just because I have nothing healthy in the house.

So what am I planning?

– I have an idea of what I want to eat for the next 7 days.  It’s not set in stone and I don’t sit down and menu plan but I have a vague idea of what dinners I want to eat.

– I shop once a week, usually on a Sunday and stock up on all the necessary foods to keep me on track.  Going in to do a shop after work when I’m starving is a big no no for me.  I’ll come out with all kinds of crap!

– I cook my spicy vegetable soup at the weekend so that lunch is sorted for the next 3 days.  Another batch mid-week.  I can’t recommend soup enough in the cold weather.

– When I cook, I double the portions and freeze half.  That way I always have something tasty just waiting for me.  This works great with chilli con carne and chicken curry in particular as all I have to do is throw on some rice and tada instant dinner.

– I measure out food in to individual packs.  So I can grab and go.

– I sort out my lunch for work the night before.  Otherwise I’ll not bother in the morning and end up grabbing something way too high in points during the day.  So I’ll put my soup into a container, bag my crackers, my yogurt and my fruit.  All I have to do in the morning is stick my hand in the fridge and I’m ready to go.

– I plan for danger times!  I have times where I just want to eat.  My triggers are driving home from work, it’s very tempting to munch through a bar of chocolate as I drive and then again in the evenings.  So I carry fruit in the car so I don’t get hungry and I do my exercise in the evenings to keep the cravings at bay.  I never get cravings after exercise so I make the most of that knowledge and make it work for me.

– I look up recipes on the internet, point them out and experiment.  I don’t want to get bored and variety in what I eat helps me enjoy what I’m eating.

– I also plan out my exercise,  I try not to run 2 days in a row and on the in-between day, I’ll go for a walk instead.  This is easier on my joints while I’m still building up fitness.

– I plan treats!  Everyone needs treats!  If I have a meal out, I tend to save points for it beforehand and then just choose as healthily as I can.  I’m not eating at too much at the moment though so that’s not much of an issue.  I do leave points everyday for a 3 point treat (about 120 calories) in the evening and I savour every bite!

– Everyday I track my food and exercise on my favourite app.  I use MyScorePlus but it I don’t think it matters what way you track as long as you do it.  It’s too easy to fool yourself.  So if it goes in my mouth, it goes in my tracker!

That’s what I’ve done in the past and I know it works for me.  Some people work better on a more relaxed regime but not me, I like to plan and I like to count.  Which is why I always turn to weight-watchers and when I follow it, it works for me.  And I don’t want to sound like I’ve got this nailed, obviously I put on weight in the first place so I haven’t.  But I know what I need to do and I’m doing it.

Progress Update : I lost 8 pounds in January which I’m happy out with.  And my walk/runs are getting faster with more running and less walking.  My energy levels are great and I’m just feeling happier in myself as I know I’m tackling something that was bringing me down.  I haven’t noticed much of a difference in clothes yet but my face does seem slimmer.  Hopefully by the end of Feb, I’ll see a difference in my clothes.


Talk to Trish : Do you plan out your meals in advance?  What is your best preparation tip for weight loss?



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15 Responses to “Trish Transforms : Prepare for Weight Loss!”

  1. Jessica

    Wow, Trish, good job with what you’ve done!

    For me, I don’t plan my meals in advance. Instead, I try to cultivate good habits that I think would help me to lead a healthier lifestyle. E.g. No fast food, no sweet drinks. I’ve lost a few kg and about one inch off my whole body in about 3 months, which I know is slow compared to others. But this process has been an enjoyable and sustainable process. Of course, I do hope to lose weight faster but I don’t want it to become a chore or a pain. I am thinking of reviewing my current methods and seeing if there’s anything else I can do to accelerate the process.

    I also plan out my exercise for the week. For me, I find the C25K app really helpful in getting me running, injury-free.

    I track my food and activity via an Excel sheet I created because it tracks all that I want to track.

    I look forward to reading more about your health journey! Good luck and all the best!
    Jessica recently posted…14 Days of Love: Day 8 [Book Review] The Tournament by Matthew Reilly

    • trish

      Good habits are a huge part of it for me too. It’s easier to make small changes and then you are more likely to stick to it. And well done, it’s great when you can see the results of your hard work. I often think when it comes to weight loss that fastest is not always best. What you want is for it to stay off long term.
      I use the C25K app too and I love it!

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Congrats on your weight loss! That’s fantastic! I definitely agree with planning ahead including planning treats. I love to bake but I’ve had to switch to buying prepacked candy because that’s so much easier to limit myself on. I have an easier time giving myself 1 mini chocolate bar or some such than 1 brownie or cookie or whatever. Keep up the good work!

    • trish

      I always think it’s good to know what your own problem food is. Mine is crisps (chips) and I can’t have 6 packs of them in the house as I can’t handle them!

  3. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    We don’t really plan our meals out in advance though we have in the past, but we do freeze a lot of stuff especially if we make soup or stew. I wish we did menu plan at our house though, at least then there would be fewer surprises along the way. (like running out left overs because someone got too carried away and having to eat out).

    • trish

      Freezing is so handy as at least you always have something to grap when you don’t feel like cooking. And it’s so much healthier than buying a frozen meal which is full of crap.

  4. Rachel

    Well done Trish! I’m doing SW, but I do many of the things you do – cook double portions (my freezer isn’t big enough to totally take advantage of this yet), prepare lunch the night before and keep good-bad treats in the house so I can reach for something when I’m peckish without being properly bad. I’m going to try soups soon, and I need to shake up my recipes as well so I don’t get bored. I lost around 7lbs or so in January (I ate well the first two weeks of Jan without knowing what I weighed after Xmas as I couldn’t bear to face the scales, but two weeks into Jan I was back to my pre-Xmas weight and my clothes fit better again! Lol) then I lost 3lbs the last two weeks of Jan, so I’m guesstimating the weight lost in the first two!! Keeping at it to see if I can get off the last stone or so slowly but steadily! R x
    Rachel recently posted…Review: Dear Daughter

  5. Berls

    Wow congrats!!! I lose so slowly, its very frustrating because I eat healthy and exercise daily. But I have a crap metabolism. *shrugs* I’m healthy, so I guess that’s what I need to focus on. Can you share your vegetables soup recipe? I’m curious and would like to try it. I snack on raw veggies a lot during the day – that’s kinda lunch really, but something different would be nice.
    Berls recently posted…Murder at the Reinhart | Part 1 by Lea Wait

  6. Dee @ Dee's Reads

    8 lbs is great!! I love how you plan your foods for work. I’ve been doing that a bit..My latest goal is getting myself to eat breakfast. I was never a big breakfaster and now I am putting applesauce / tangerines in my bag and keeping cliff bars and fruit in the car too for those times between jobs where I just don’t have time to eat —which was ending in almost a day going by without eating, where my energy was super low. It wasn’t good! I noticed even a bit of jello with fruit helps me in the morning and I am now eating lunch with the family I work with so that helps me by ensuring I have that meal before 10pm or later when I get off. It’s just a balancing act and takes time!
    That’s great for your workouts are all planned! I DON’T want to spend money on a gym membership at this point in the game, so I stretch and do yoga and stuff every single night, while taking the steps at work and parking far, running to my car just different silly stuff seems like it would amount to nothing but ends up paying off. I don’t use the scale, but I have an app on my phone like the one you mentioned, the only problem is I am usually under the calorie goal. My dr says it is more important what I eat than to strictly calorie count, as everyone is different and those apps are based on an algorithm for the main population. I seem to feel fine and full with 1,200-1,450 calories a day— but if I exercise I make sure to eat more. I’m just getting the hang of it, as I haven’t lost thing much weight in a long time. It’s time to buy new clothes again which is a great feeling when none of mt jeans, even skinny jeans that were always tight don’t fit!
    I just know you will get there soon Trish! It takes time but you will be there before you know it with the way you’re going!
    Keep up the awesome work 😀 Oh and check your email! You won my latest giveaway w000t
    Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge!

  7. Bookworm Brandee

    Congrats, Trish! You’re making great progress!! Thanks for sharing how you plan out your food. I, too, have to switch up recipes else I get bored with food. I also have my lunches pre-prepared so I can make it up quick. I eat salad for lunch so I have my lettuce prepared and whatever veggies I’m adding in pre-cut, so I can just toss it all into a container. Voila! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing your next update. 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Teaser Tuesday ~ #55

  8. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    YOU GO GIRL! I am still working to motivate myself so I love reading your posts! 8 lbs. is so great! I do alot of these things too- measure out meals, freeze meals, etc. I guess my downfall is my snacking. I really need to cut that out completely. WW did wonders for me, but I was also really disciplined. I’m trying to get back to that, but it’s been really hard for me.

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