Help spread some blogging feel-good-feels all across the book blogosphere!

September 26, 2014 Blogging 48

I’m experimenting with something here today and I’d love your help.  First off I want to put it in context as to why I think this would be a worthwhile exercise.  I see lots of blogger friends hitting blogger slumps and it makes me sad to see them leaving the blogging world.  I don’t want them to disappear and I wanted to do something to reignite that love for blogging that they had in the beginning.


Blogging Feel Good


We all know it’s hard work and there is often little reward (apart obviously from the personal satisfaction that you get).  So I’ve been thinking about how to spread some blogging goodwill.  And how to create something physical that a blogger can look at on those days when they are feeling low and wondering what’s all for.  I started thinking about what encourages me and I decided my best pick me up is when someone engages with my content or mentions something they like.

And I’ve come up with the idea of a Blogging Appreciation Circle.  The idea is basically this; you visit other blogs and leave them feedback on what you LIKE about their blog.  And that is the key-note, I want this to be positive affirmation so if you visit the blog and hate it, just leave quietly and say nothing.  There are two key aspects to this working; it has to be genuine and it has to be positive so that it will help the blogger focus on the aspects of their blog that are working.

How do I get involved in the Blogging Appreciation Circle? 

  • I’m trying to keep this simple, so all you do is leave a comment below with your name and blog address and let me know that you want to take part.  If you want to leave feedback on my blog, that’s great too but only if you want to and have something to say.
  • Then just visit the blogs of other commenters on this post and leave some feel good thoughts for them on one of their posts.
  • The comments can be on whatever you want.  Whether you love their blog design, their personality in their posts, the mix of posts, etc.  Just whatever strikes you when you visit.  I know I often admire something when I visit a blog but then just don’t take the time to say it.  So now’s your chance to help a blogger feel pride in their work and that will hopefully inspire them next time they hit a blogging low.

Will you join in and help spread the love?  And wouldn’t you like a list of things people like about your blog that you can use to inspire yourself on those days you feel low?  It’s a win, win for everyone in my eyes.

Bookish Chat : You know what to do, just comment below if you want to take part.  And hop around to other commenters, for this to work you need to actively participate.  And a huge thanks to everyone participating, may the blogging feel-goods be with you!

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48 Responses to “Help spread some blogging feel-good-feels all across the book blogosphere!”

  1. Dee @ Dee's Reads

    This is a great idea. I’ll definitely participate. 🙂
    Trish, you know I love your blog and especially the header and all your discussion posts.;)
    I know Im not the only one that gets down on blogging sometimes, it can be a lot of work and sometimes a pick me up is needed. So I love this idea.

    My blog : Dee @ Dees Reads

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Dee! Hopefully you’ll find some new blogs and spread lots of cheer amongst the other commenters 🙂
      And thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated! I think blogging is a huge amount of work and it’s very easy to get disheartened. Hopefully this will help us all.

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Catherine! I hope by hopping around to the other commenters that you’ll find other blogs to enjoy and that spreading some feel-good will make you feel great too!

  2. Rita H DuffyGal

    I’ll participate! I wish I did say more when I see/read something special on someone’s blog. I don’t want to take the chance of coming off as phoney to call attention to myself if I don’t chat with the person much at all. If I do chat with them, then I don’t mind telling them what’s on my mind.

    That being said: I love your blog! I only started following a few months ago I think, but I had visited it earlier than that. At the time you had up a few YA reviews in a row, and I don’t read much YA so I didn’t come by again until recently. To be specific, I like your blogger discussion posts, your current eclectic taste in books, your intelligent reviews and last but not least–your Sunday Posts, which I enjoy so much because they’re so newsy and fun!
    Rita H DuffyGal recently posted…I Was Interviewed @ This Link

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Rita! I hope you find some new blogs to admire and that by sharing the positivity helps you feel great too 🙂
      I agree that when you don’t know a person, it can seem a bit odd to start gushing about their blog! But I know people have left random comments on my blog about something they liked and it always made me smile so I wouldn’t hesitate about doing it. I do think when you are genuinely commenting on something you like, then it won’t come across as phoney.

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Charlotte. I hope by visiting some of the other commenters on this post that you will find new blogs to comment on and that leaving some feel-good vibes around makes you feel great too!

      And I hear you on the commenting. I enjoy doing it but it’s a huge time drain and sometimes I just can’t do it.

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Rachel, the more the merrier! And I hope by visiting some of the others that you will find new blogs to follow and that spreading positive affirmations will make you feel positive too! It always feels just as good to give as to receive! 🙂

      I think every single solitary blogger gets hit with those what am I doing this for! There is SO much work and it doesn’t matter how much you love it, those ups and downs are inevitable.

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Jodie. I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs amongst the other commenters on this post and that you have fun spreading those feel-good feels 🙂

      Lucky you not to have a blogging slump hit yet! I have never had a really bad one but I do have days where I wonder why do I spend so much time on this. It is a hobby that I love though and I think you do think that about most hobbies from time to time. Hope you continue to dodge the slumps though 🙂

  3. Rosie // Rosie Reads

    I love the positivity of this post! I would be delighted to join in this – anything that spreads love and appreciation is my cup o’ tea! Us book bloggers need it – like you said, we don’t get tangible rewards from it (except maybe, the occasional free book or two), it’s just a feel-good gift we get from doing it! And I love the book blogging community – it’s a wonderful place to be! xx
    Rosie // Rosie Reads recently posted…Review (51): Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Rosie! I hope you get a chance to visit other commenters and have lots of fun spreading feel-good vibes all around you 🙂

      I’ve got to admit, I DO love my free books :O It’s a huge part of why I blog, I’m 100% honest about that but there are lots of other things I love too, especially the community that we have all built up. I agree, it’s a wonderful place to be and I love how when I was a newbie I was welcomed in with open arms. Long may it continue.

  4. Finley Jayne

    Oh gosh-looove this idea! There does seem to be a bit of a ‘blah’ movement on a lot of blogs right now, and I there’s several blogs that I follow who are on hiatus/quit 🙁

    So I’m in!

    And the reason why I love this blog so much is because of amazing posts like this! Trish, your genuineness always comes through in your posts, and it’s always enjoyable to visit your blog 🙂
    Finley Jayne recently posted…A Birthday & New Bookish Project

    • trish

      Thanks Finley (aka Sara!!) I’m delighted to see you joining in! It’s sad to see blogs that you love disappearing isn’t it.
      And thanks for the feedback, it makes me feel great 🙂 Hope you enjoying the spreading some feel goods on to other blogs here too!

    • trish

      Yay! So glad you are already to spread some blogger love! Hope you find some new blogs amongst the commenters and that leaving positive feedback helps you feel great too!

      I love spreading my blogging horizons too as it can be inspiring to see what new-to-you bloggers are up to. Thanks for joining in 🙂

  5. TessaG

    How can I not participate in this? Discussions like this make the blogging community that wonderful place it is. Although, I think we can definitely get caught up in our own blogs and forget about others (I am often guilty of this). I have been too busy lately to give my blog the love it deserves, but I have a feeling that is about to change! I really needed this wakeup call to visit other blogs. Thanks Trish for this amazing opportunity!

    My blog:
    TessaG recently posted…The Seven Deadly Sins Tag

    • trish

      Thanks Tessa! I’m delighted that you like the idea and are on board for spreading the feel-good feels! I’ve found visiting the other blogs has been huge fun and leaving them some positivity made me feel positive too, I hope you have the same experience.

  6. Barnaby

    Hi Trish
    Just found your blog today. Really like your idea about reaching out and connecting/encouraging/supporting. I am here
    Good luck for the future! #futureluck

    • trish

      Thanks for joining in Kathryn! And thank you for the feedback 🙂 Hope you enjoy dropping off some feel good vibes across some blogs in the comments.

  7. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    This is SUCH a nice idea! I always get sad when I see bloggers leaving too… but it is a lot of work to blog (and sometimes stressful) and I have no idea how people balance it with, like, full time jobs and families and school and ALL THE THINGS. I hope this really takes off. 🙂
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…INTJ

    • trish

      Thanks Cait! I’m delighted you are joining in and I hope you end up feel great yourself just from the act of spreading positivity 🙂
      Blogging is SUCH hard work, I had no clue beforehand and I can see how people get burned out really quickly. I know that comments and the sense of belonging to a bookish community that make me feel good though so hopefully this feature will do the same for others.

  8. Hazel @ Stay Bookish

    Love this idea, Trish! I am a firm believer of spreading feel-good-feels, especially in the internet community where drama takes over quite often. I’d love to be part of the Blogging Appreciation Circle! 😀

    • trish

      Great Hazel! Go forth and spread the love 🙂 I agree with you about the drama, while it can be entertaining reading it from the sidelines, I hate when it gets negative and bitchy.

  9. Cassidie Jhones

    I already tend to do that, but let’s make it official:

    There are more and less confident people out there, ones that possess a bigger amount of self-assurance and ones that possess less of it. But at some point, everybody needs feedback. Positive or politely constructive preferably. It can be very down-putting if it feels like you do it for nothing. Nobody listens to you. Etc.
    Cassidie Jhones recently posted…Geek Week Mixoleed (2) – Take the Worst and Multiply it by a Billion

    • trish

      Thanks Cassidie, I’m glad you are joining in. Feedback is pretty essential when you are blogging. No matter how much you love, it feels 100 times better when you know you reach someone with something you have written.
      Carry on spreading the feel-good vibes 🙂

  10. Helen @ My Novel Opinion

    Such a wonderful idea Trish! I’ve been reading less recently and that in turn has seen me blog less. Or maybe I’ve not wanted to blog so in turn I’ve not been reading. Which ever way around it is, I’m in some kind of slump right now. So I am IN. A Blogging Appreciation Circle of bloggy friends may be just what I need to be able to leap out of this slump.

    I’m book marking this page so that I can keep coming back to check for new comments/blogs. And I’ll make my appreciation rounds some time this week, when work has calmed down a little:)
    Helen @ My Novel Opinion recently posted…30 Authors in 30 Days: Aisha Saeed on Brown Girl Dreaming

    • trish

      Just after I wrote this Helen, I went into a bit of a slump myself! Talk about ironic! Mostly it was because it was a hectic time in work and that took all my energy and I had none left to blog with. Anyway things have calmed down now, so I’m finally catching up.

      Thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoy spreading the feel-good vibes 🙂

  11. Angie @Angela's Anxious Life

    I hate to say it… but I think I have kind of had blogger burn out. It is a lot of work. The question has to be is it making me happy anymore? I have found myself visiting blogs but not really working on my own blog. My personal life also has something to do with this. I am just tired and burned out and just want to watch TV. Love though that you are trying to make a difference in the community.
    Angie @Angela’s Anxious Life recently posted…Project Disney- Tarzan

    • trish

      I’ve been the same the last two weeks. My own life got super busy and left me zapped with nothing left to give to blogging. I’m hoping I’m back on track now. I do agree that asking is blogging making you happy something we should ask ourselves all the time. If the answer is yes, well great. But if not, then it might be time to leave it be for a bit and see if that makes a difference. It is too demanding of a hobby to have if it’s not fulfilling a need you have. Hope you find your mojo again Angie 🙂

    • trish

      Thanks Steph, I’m delighted to have you on board! I hope you enjoy spreading the feel good vibes and that it inspires you in return 🙂

    • trish

      Yay! Thanks Kim 🙂 I think this is something you do automatically anyway as you are a great visitor and encourager on all the blogs. I really don’t know how you do it but carry on, it’s inspiring to watch 🙂

    • trish

      That’s great! I think I’m going to post this post again this month as I would love to keep the positive feelings going. Thanks for joining in!

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