Why I’m Personally Backing #LitRate

August 23, 2014 Bookish chat 20

I’m sure you have all heard of LitRate by now.  A bookish social media site that Ashley from Nosegraze is trying to get off the ground.  I’m hugely excited about the potential that this site has and I wanted to share why I’m backing this all the way.  If you haven’t already supported this then maybe you’d like to hear why I’m so Gung ho about it.

LitRate Kickstarter Backer


Why I’m Personally Backing LitRate

Ashley developed the ground-breaking Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin.  Now if ever a product was aptly named this one was.  It not only formats your review but it also retrieves your book information (including cover image, genre, publisher, etc), it indexes your reviews automatically AND it posts your review directly to Goodreads.  Genius.  This girl knows what we want and she knows how to deliver.

Do you know how Ashley knows what we want?  Because she is asking and listening.  She has hosted one twitter chat already and another is scheduled for Sunday 24th Aug at 9pm GMT.  So if you have ideas, get them in there right from the start.  Maybe not all are feasible but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know and you might just have a gem of an idea that everyone would love.  These were my two suggestions:


Colour coded shelves would be handy, that way you get a visual impression of to-be-read versus needs-review versus read, etc

Maybe your to-be-read shelf could go red at your personal predetermined level!  Just as a warning!


You can import your data from Goodreads.  I know none of us want to start from scratch.

The features that LitRate promises are the ones that really float my boat.  Graphs!  Need I say more!  Challenges.  Buttons to unlock.  I’m hyperventilating here even just thinking about all these.  I need these!

Half stars. Because we all know there are times when a review calls for a half star.

I love Goodreads and have often blogged about my love of it.  But what I love is the community and the book chat.  I find the search function useless, the drama annoying and I hate that I can’t draft a post or even some notes and mark them private.  All this and more would be possible on LitRate.  If all my bookish friends move and we have a site with ALL the bells and whistles (not to mention all the graphs!) then I’ll be in booknerd nirvana.

I really want LitRate to happen.  And you can help make it happen; you can pledge money (even $1 counts and can be powerful) and of course spreading the word is invaluable as you never know whose ear it will end up.  Time is running out but THERE IS STILL TIME.  Together we can do a lot in the 8 remaining days.  I believe in our community, I believe we deserve the best and I believe LitRate would be just that. 

Bookish Chat:  Are you as excited about LitRate as I am?  What feature would you love to see?

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20 Responses to “Why I’m Personally Backing #LitRate”

    • trish

      I think so! I think it would be a fun resource for us all and I believe Ashley has the skill and know-how to pull it off. Fingers crossed!

    • trish

      Yay, I love when I hear someone else is behind this also. I agree it would be great to be part of this, especially from the very start.

  1. Dee @ Dee's Reads

    I did year about this, but I didn’t really know it was going to do all that! It sounds awesome! I can’t afford to donate atm but I would definitely support it and will tweet about it so maybe others can donate 🙂
    Half stars are important, and saving drafts would be nice too! Also, I love your color coded shelf idea! Genius!
    Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop (US)

    • trish

      Tweeting is a great way of supporting as spreading the word can have a huge knock on effect.
      Yay, glad you are excited about its potential. I just want colour coded everything!

    • trish

      That’s a pity but hopefully you’ll hear back soon. In the meantime spreading the word on twitter, facebook, etc is a great help too and that can bring even more backers who might not otherwise have heard of the project.

    • trish

      LOL mine would be red too. Or even wrapped up in yellow crime scene tape :O
      Fingers crossed that lots of funding will come in this week. It only needs a few BIG backers. Hopefully, it can take off.

    • trish

      Haha, I just said to Berls that mine should be wrapped in yellow crime scene tape!
      I really hope LitRate can happen as I’m so excited about its potential.

  2. Charleen

    There actually is a spot for private notes in Goodreads.

    LitRate sounds great, but in the meantime I’ve discovered Leafmarks, which is still in development but incorporates a lot of the same things (half-stars, achievements, and getting away from the GR-Powers-That-Be).
    Charleen recently posted…July Mini-Reviews

    • trish

      I must have a look for that private notes section. I tend to use the app so sometimes I forget there are additional features on the website.

      And I’ll have a look at Leafmarks too, I haven’t heard of it before. Sounds interesting though.

  3. trish

    Me too, I love the idea of that! I’m so competitive that the idea of unlocking all kinds of achievements just makes me jump around with excitement.
    Really, really hope LitRate gets a chance to get off the ground.

    • trish

      Ah, so I did find someone who didn’t know about it! Now I’m glad I wrote it 🙂 it’s a great idea, sadly it seems unlikely to happen just now anyway as it isn’t near it’s target funding. Maybe someday though.

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