Book Review : This is the water by Yannick Murphy

July 29, 2014 Book review 6 ★★★½

This is the water is the most unique book I have read so far this year.  The author took some HUGE risks with her writing style as it is just so different to every other book out there and I think those risks mostly paid off.  I can say for sure that this is a book that I will remember.

Book Review : This is the water by Yannick MurphyThis is the Water by Yannick Murphy
Published by Headline on 1st Aug 2014
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Family Life, Literary, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 340
Format: Paperback
Source: Bookbridgr

At a swim meet in their quiet New England town, Annie watches as her daughters glide through the water.  Her thoughts drift lazily from whether she fed her daughters enough carbs that morning to why her husband doesn't kiss her anymore, to Paul, a swim-team parent, who's taken notice of her and seems to embody everything she's beginning to think her life is missing.

When a girl on the team is murdered at a nearby highway rest stop—the same spot where Paul made a gruesome discovery years ago—Annie and her fellow swim-parents find themselves adrift.  With a serial killer too close for comfort, they must make choices about where their loyalties lie.

And as a series of shocking events unfolds, Annie must discover what it means to follow her intuition—even if love, as well as lives, could be lost.

First Line of This is the water by Yannick Murphy:

This is the water, lapping the edge of the pool, coming up in small waves as children race through it.

My Thoughts on This is the water by Yannick Murphy :

This is the book written in the second person perspective and the present tense.  Tricky as I know a lot of readers dislike both of these.  However it felt refreshingly different and it works.

This is the book with captivatingly beautiful writing.  It made me stop and reread lines just sigh with pleasure over their phrasing.

This is the book with a gripping story.  However this is also the book with a slow pace. The pace of the book took from my enjoyment of the book as a whole however it is not a reason not to read this book. It is worth sticking with it as there are surprises in store for you.

This is the book where the sentences are long, often 5 or more lines long.  But they feel necessary and feel like the are driving the plot forward, even when they have nothing to do with the plot.  I know that sounds like a paradox but so is this book.

This is the book with a serial killer lurking. Far too close to characters that we are getting to know.

This is the book with the swim team setting.  The routine of all the swim team parents, the relentless pace of all the training, the quirky characters all rounded out this book and made it an insightful read into the swimming world.

This is the book with a shocker of a twist.  It shouldn’t have been a shocker, I should have expected it but I was so caught up in the writing that I didn’t.  I felt like I had swam out of my depth, ignoring all the danger signs and then I was flailing around in a panic.

This is the book where the main character Annie is one screwed up person.  Which makes being in her head for most of the book pretty interesting!

This is the book full of honest thoughts but dishonest conversations.  It gives a bleak outlook as no one seems to depend on or confide in those closest to them.  It’s dark and gritty but abandon hope all ye who enter here.

This is the book with frantic jumping around between characters so you feel like you are part of the setting. You glimpse a life, then jump to another one in a random, unpredictable pattern.

This is the book with lots and lots of profound thoughts to challenge you, disturb you and confuse you. And entertain and amuse you.

This is the book you should read for yourself!


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: three-half-stars


Who should read This is the water for Yannick Murphy:

I’d recommend this to fans of psychological thrillers. Beware the pace is slow but it makes up for that with fab writing and sheer unpredictability. Fans of Gillian Flynn, Sophie Hannah and Tana French should also enjoy this one.

Thanks to Bookbridgr and Headline for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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6 Responses to “Book Review : This is the water by Yannick Murphy”

    • trish

      I didn’t love it as much as I loved Gone Girl but it is worth making time for. I love how original it is.

    • trish

      I’d love to hear your opinion on it Rita. It’s just so original, I can’t even compare it to any other psychological thriller out there.

      The present tense does take time to get used to. Also lots of sentences start with This is…. it feels odd but then draws you in.

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