Bookish Chat : Book Blogging and Multi-tasking and cv’s

October 12, 2013 Bookish chat 40

Anyone who is a book blogger (and I’m sure other bloggers too but I can only speak for blog blogging) very quickly learn that you need to be a skilled multi-tasker or you will spend your life flailing around trying to fit it all in.  And multi-tasking is a skill required of you in nearly every job.  Which got me thinking about whether or not you should put blogging on your cv/resume.

 I have seen other bloggers also ponder the same question from time to time so I suppose it’s something crosses most of our minds.  I’m not looking for a job right now as I’m happy where I am but you never know what the future will being.  When I’m next updating my CV, I will definitely be including my blog on it as a hobby.  I may not mention the blog by name as I don’t know if I would be comfortable with that but the fact that I’m a blogger will go on there.

 The reasons I think it’s worthwhile is that is shows you have the skill to do something and see it through, you are literate, you are good at organising, you have communication skills, you have networking skills, you can set and meet deadlines.  And so on and so on, I’m sure you can add another ten skills off the top of your head to that list.

As so many bloggers are younger than I am and may not have built up a lot of work experience yet, I think this would be a great set of skills to sell yourself with.  And even for those with lots of work experience, it is still a hobby that is interesting and will certainly fill in some interview time with a subject you are comfortable and passionate about, if the interviewer chooses to question you on it.  Getting me to shut up about it might be the hard thing but I’m sure in an interview I’d manage to restrain myself.

The drawbacks are whether your employer would be afraid you would sneakily work on it at work.  No, never!  Well, at lunchtime, occasionally.  And whether they might check your blog and see something that don’t like.  I think my blog is fairly non-controversial so I wouldn’t have any worries about that but it is something to consider.  These are issues you have time to think about in advance and work out exactly how you would handle them if they cropped up as a question.

Overall, I feel the pros far outweigh the cons and if I’m job hunting, on to the cv it will go.

Bookish Chat : Would you put book blogging as a hobby on your CV?  Do you think it would be seen as a good thing or a bad thing by an employer?  Or have you ever brought your blog up in an interview, I’d love to hear how it went.


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40 Responses to “Bookish Chat : Book Blogging and Multi-tasking and cv’s”

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve never considered it before but it sounds like it would be a good idea. I wouldn’t like them knowing the name of my blog or anything, I’m very private about it, but it would show such a broad range of skills. I think the next time I’m handing out CV’s, probably for a summer job, I will definitely put it down. And as you said it would be such a conversation starter during an interview!
    Jennifer recently posted…Discussion: Giving up on a Series

    • trish

      Yes I can understand that, I don’t think I’d give them my blog name either. It’s a great set of skills to show during an interview though and a fun subject to talk about! If nothing else, it shows you are a hard worker as a blog does take a serious amount of time 🙂

    • trish

      If someone is looking for a job in the book industry then I think it’s a must. It would be so exciting to work in publishing, I hope you get what you are looking for soon! Even if the job has nothing to do with publishing though, I still think the competencies that blogging builds are well worth highlighting to a future employer 🙂

  2. trish

    That’s very true Tanya. I don’t have anything on my blog that I wouldn’t want someone I know to see so I’m ok with that. I wouldn’t volunteer the name of site but if asked I’d be ok with it. Definitely something to consider though.

  3. Cayce

    Hm, I’ve never thought about putting the blog on my CV… Even if I just talk about books, it’s still too personal. Also, I don’t want a job in publishing or anything, so I don’t think it would “help” much. And thankfully I blog under a nickname so they wouldn’t be able to find my blog even if they did a search for my name 😀
    Cayce recently posted…[Would You Rather?] Horror October Edition

    • trish

      I can totally understand why not everyone wants to share their blog with their employer. And as you are blogging under a nickname then you are totally anonymous so your secret blogging hobby is safe!

    • trish

      That’s exactly the way I feel Kim. I’ve no problems sharing my blog so I might as well go to the other extreme and sign its praises for all it has taught me.

  4. Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

    I hadn’t thought of putting my blog on my CV – I don’t think I would unless I was looking for a job in the book industry. I have a lot of other skills and I like to keep my blog separate from my professional life. But I can certainly see the merit of it for someone who doesn’t have other ways to demonstrate those same skills (or in book industry), as long as they’re willing to share that part of themselves on an interview. I do think an interviewer would ask about it – including worrying that it would take away from work. Awesome question!!
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Cover Reveal | Born of Deception

    • trish

      I agree, if you share, you need to be ready for questions on how you would ensure that work would always be a number one priority. I can understand not wanting to share it as well and why you want to keep blogging separate from your career. Thanks for joining in, I love hearing everybodies thoughts on this.

    • trish

      That’s great that you used it and got to talk about it in an interview! I agree totally I think it’s a fun hobby and builds up loads of skills so why not showcase those on your cv.

  5. Shannelle C. (The Tracery of Ink)

    If I was desperate, I would add it. If it was my first job, then it could actually come in handy. It’s proof of what you can do. As for my future boss reading it and seeing things they don’t like, I’m not really sure hwo I would feel. I couldn’t really care less about who looks at my blog, as long as they don’t mention a thing to me. If they do, I can already imagine the awkward conversation that would follow.

    But if it was for college, I would definitely add it, especially if I was applying for a college overseas. I need all the boosts that I can get.
    Shannelle C. (The Tracery of Ink) recently posted…What If: Feedburner Says Goodbye

    • trish

      I have people in my real life who read my blog, not many just a few, and I love when they talk to me about something I posted. I don’t post anything I wouldn’t want someone I know to talk to me about so I don’t have that worry.
      I think it would be a great addition to a college application 🙂

  6. Celine

    I think it depends on what kind of job you’re applying for. If it has anything to do with social media, networking or promoting, I think putting your blog on your CV would be a great idea. I would like to get into publishing myself once I’m done with school, and I know publishers love it if you’ve blogged, because it shows them you know your audience and you’re connected with it. If you’re applying for a laboratory position I’m not sure it would have any effect though
    Celine recently posted…The Classics Club – How Am I Doing?

  7. trish

    Working in publishing sounds so exciting, I hope it all works out for you. If you are looking for a publishing job then blogging will be a great asset on your cv as it shows you already know about how the industry works on a practical level.
    I do think no matter what job you are applying for (even a lab job!) that blogging showcases some great interpersonal skills like communication skills and meeting deadlines, etc that any employer would be happy to know about.

    • trish

      I agree, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. There are loads of good points but you need to be prepared for some hard interview questions about it too.

  8. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    I actually never considered this. It’s definitely handy if they decide to question you about it. If there is one thing I love to talk about, it’s my passion for books and writing. It would calm my nerves. On the other hand, the job I’ll be applying for has nothing to do with it, so would it add something to my CV? I’m going to think about this some more.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Read-a-thon Wonderfully Wicked.

  9. trish

    The thing is Mel, I think it does add something even if the job has nothing to do with the book industry. It shows you can communicate, have organisational skills and can multi-task. Competencies employers want in all employees no matter what the job.
    It would calm my interview nerves also to talk about a subject I feel so passionate about 🙂

  10. Alice

    I do put mine on my CV and mention it in my covering letter if it’s relevant. It’s actually been key in landing me a few interviews or making my CV stand out.

    • trish

      Good to hear! I do think it’s something that could help distinguish you from other candidates if you have similar experience.

  11. Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan

    I’m not in college yet, so I don’t need to create a CV for at least another year, but I think I would absolutely put blogging down. Not as a hobby, per se, but more of as an achievement, because I think it would show my passion for books and anything related to words, as well as how well my mastery of the English language is. Well, this summarizes what I meant to say perfectly: “The reasons I think it’s worthwhile is that is shows you have the skill to do something and see it through, you are literate, you are good at organising, you have communication skills, you have networking skills, you can set and meet deadlines.” I also think that it would help a lot in showing that I know how to navigate myself around the internet, in case I want to apply for that kind of job. And because I’m thinking of applying to American universities, I know they value an all-rounded person, so it isn’t only grades that will do, but other things as well.

    Haha, the drawback is so true, though they probably wouldn’t know just how much I love my blog at first. 😉 That’s why prioritizing is so important, and I’m already having difficulty with that! *sigh* Must try to change that soon.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely put blogging down on my CV, because I feel it’ll benefit me quite a fair bit. After all, I come from a country where English isn’t the main language, so that might work a bit more in my favor…? 😛
    Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan recently posted…Warp Drive Sunday: Oct 6 – Oct 12

    • trish

      I never really thought about the fact that English isn’t your first language before, wow, you are so fluent I never realised.
      I think that blogging would a great asset on a college application as it shows so many interpersonal skills as well as computer skills.
      Oh and I find prioritising difficult too, it’s too tempting to spend far too much time on blog. I love it though but every now and again I have to make myself realise that other things equally and often more important. At the end of the day though, I love it and it makes me happy so I don’t really mind all the hours I spend on it 🙂

  12. Ciara @ Ciara Reads Books

    I would definitely add it to my CV or cover letter as I hope to work in publishing. I think that blogging showcases so many skills – editing/proofreading posts, planning and organising what and when to post, as well as promoting and maintaining the blog.
    Ciara @ Ciara Reads Books recently posted…Review: Cinder

    • trish

      Absolutely for a job in publishing then it’s a must! It shows you have a practical knowledge of the industry as well a ton of skills that are exactly what they need. I hope it all works out for you 🙂

  13. Lil Berry

    I’ve never thought about it, this is something I do because I like and honestly the reaction that some of the people that I know have had when I tell them I blog has been so uninterested or they make it sound like a waste of time that it would scare me that an employer would do the some.
    I can see the up side, it can show consistency, creativity, social media skills, how you work with others and show a broader spectrum of who you are.
    I will consider this idea for when I’m updating my curriculum 🙂
    Lil Berry recently posted…{Review} Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger

    • trish

      I know what you mean Lil Berry if someone doesn’t like blogs or books then they won’t appreciate the time and effort that goes in to a blog. If it’s on the cv though, then if/when asked about it, you can use it as a chance to tell them the skills that it has built up and showcase those.
      And I had mentioned that it shows a broader spectrum of who you are but you are right it does exactly that too.

    • trish

      Exactly! As long as have thought about the pros and cons and are prepared to answer questions on it, then I think it’s a great addition. And yes, I think the number of books we read is terrifying to non book lovers, they have no clue how we fit it in!

    • trish

      I think a future employer would be more likely to see it as you doing something constructive and positive while job hunting. And if you don’t mind sharing or talking about it, I’d add it for all jobs. The skills that it showcases are ones that all employers will value. I used to interview a lot in a previous in a previous job and I know that this is something that would have stood out even though it wouldn’t have related to the jobs that were being filled at all.

  14. Arra

    This is really a dilemma for bloggers out there. Hmm as for me, I don’t think i would add it on my resume if it’s not related to the field I am applying to, but if it is, then i would definitely add it for plus points (which i recently did). If your blog is tackling very sensitive issues or it’s angsty rantsy then please don’t add in on your CV. It’s a no no. And I agree with Trish on adding it only as a hobby or interest without the specific name. Just to be safe and not to be stalked by your employer. Haha.

    Style Reader
    Arra recently posted…Blog Tour: Take Me Back by Sally Mandel (Book Review)

    • trish

      Absolutely Arra, I totally agree that if your blog is controversial then it’s better not to mention it. And yes, not naming it is a good idea however I’d be prepared to be asked for the name in the interview so if you have any reservations about sharing it, best to keep it off the cv altogether.

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