Book Review : The Memory Game by Sharon Sant

September 1, 2013 Book review 0 ★★★★½

The Memory Game takes a ghostly spin on life after death. I love YA books that take a dark theme and put a unique twist on it and The Memory Game is a shining example of this.

Book Review : The Memory Game by Sharon SantThe Memory Game by Sharon Sant
Published by Lightfoot Press on 1st Sept 2013
Genres: Paranormal, YA
Pages: 144
Format: eARC
Source: Received from Author
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'If there is a hell, I think maybe this is it.'

Three weeks after fifteen-year-old David died, he’s still hanging around and he doesn’t know why. The only person who can see and hear him is the girl he spent his schooldays bullying.

Bethany is the most hated girl at school. She hides away, alone with her secrets until, one day, the ghost of a boy killed in a hit-and-run starts to haunt her.

Together, they find that the end is only the beginning......

My Thoughts

What if there are even more questions in the afterlife than there are in this one. And what if there is no one to give you answers. What if you are screaming for help and with frustration but no one hears you and no one sees you. Feels frustrating? Well that is how 15 year-old David feels, he has died but has no idea what to do next.

“And where am I supposed to go? In films they tell you there are tunnels of light and other dead people you loved waiting for you. It’s not like that. One minute you’re alive, lying under the mangled steel of your wrecked bike, the next you’re looking down at the mess trying to understand what happened”.

I felt so many different emotions for David. I felt sorry for him, frustrated for him, annoyed at him when I saw how horrible he was at times in his past life, proud of him when he finally started to look deeper at people and recognise what is right and wrong. Despite his many flaws, he grew on me and I was excited when he finally found someone who could see and hear him.

Bethany is a loner, an outcast, a classmate but no mate of anyone least of all David. It is ironic that she can see David when he is dead as when he was alive he never really saw her at all. Living with an alcoholic dad, her life is all about trying to stay unnoticed and she leads a lonely existence that is no life for a young teenage girl. Slowly and tentatively the dead boy and the walking dead girl begin a friendship that is heart warming and hopeful.

The pace of the book is flawless. It’s a quick read at 50,000 words but it packs quite a punch and I know I won’t forget about it in a hurry. A bleak theme but the book is far from bleak and I was swept along hoping for peace for David and on edge for Bethany but so nervous as there was no way this could all end happily.

One thing I didn’t like and I can only hint at it for fear of spoilers is the reaction of some teenagers at one stage. Would they really ignore an obviously hurt person?  I’m not sure and maybe the injuries were not as in-your-face as imagined them to be but this was the only part that felt a bit off to me.  However, it was only a small down point in an otherwise great book.

I normally don’t read novellas and only read this one as I’m a fan of Sharon’s writing. Great move! I would hate to have missed out on this book and my biggest fear with novellas as there isn’t room for character development, not so here. The characters make the book and the suspenseful theme will keep you turning pages rapidly.

Who should read The Memory Game?

I’d highly recommend this book to fans of YA books who like dark themes, strong characters and contemporary settings with a paranormal twist.

Thanks to Sharon for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest unbiased review.


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