The Bloggers Guide to Marketing : Where Place fits into the Marketing Mix

August 2, 2013 Bookish chat, Marketing Your Blog 0

On my last post I introduced the Marketing Mix and focused on Product.  Quick recap – you blend all the ingredients of the marketing mix together to get the maximum audience for your blog.   Today, our ingredient is Place.
What do I mean by Place?
In marketing terms, Place is where your goods are displayed and how they get there.  In blogging terms, place is literally your blog URL.  This is where you want people to visit so you want to maximise the accessibility to as many potential readers as possible.  Or in other words, make it easy for people to find your blog.  Don’t leave it up to chance; give them a treasure map with all trails leading to the treasure that is your blog!
 (I know, it’s hard to believe I’m not an official cartographer isn’t it!)

Have a look at your stats.  Where does most of your traffic currently come from?  Consider if there is an unexplored area where you could promote yourself and generate new followers.  There are two channels that traffic can flow through – direct (a road straight to you) and indirect (the scenic route via a few stops).
Direct Channels:
This is where you add your link anywhere you have a social media presence.  Basically, it just gives people the option click over to you without you being pushy about it.  I don’t do all of these because who has got time for that!   Just make sure you do a few and get your blog name known.  If nothing else, people will eventually click on one them just to see who the hell you are!
–          Add your link whenever you make a comment on another blog.  Honestly, I swear by this one.  I often visit other blogs just because of the interesting comments they make and I want to visit back those who comment on my blog.  Make it easy for other bloggers to find you, don’t make them search for your link, most won’t bother.  Reem @I Read and Tell has a whole post just on this subject.
–          A link to your blog on your GoodReads profile.  Some folks add a link to every review too, I don’t personally but I can see the benefit of it.
–          Join a GoodReads Group for a genre you are interested in.  Most have a blogger section where you can link in your posts.   Don’t just link posts though, take part in the group too or else it just feels a bit false.  This group already shares your interest in books so they are your perfect target audience.
–          A GoodReads group that is dedicated to promoting blogs is Blogger Lift.  I have found lots of my favourite blogs there and get a decent volume of traffic from there too.
–          Tweet links to your blog posts.  Use with caution.  Occasionally is fine, 10 times an hour is not so fine!  I find once or twice a day more than enough. 
–          Facebook links to your blog posts.  I haven’t got around to doing this yet and don’t know if I will.  So far Twitter and GoodReads are my sites of choice.  I also don’t use my personal Facebook page to promote my blog, just my choice as not everyone in my real life knows I blog.
–          If you post reviews on Amazon, add your blog link in there.   Or anywhere that you post reviews to.
–          Pin your blogs posts on PinInterest .  Join a themed group so you are hitting your demographic.  I belong to an Irish Bloggers Group on PinInterest and while I don’t pin my own posts, I do find lots of new blogs here to read.
–          Google+ your links (I rarely do this as I find it doesn’t bring much traffic)
–          Add your blog to a Book Blogger directory (for example)
–          Add a link to your email signature when corresponding with authors, publishers, etc.
–          Join in memes.  Remember to visit as many as you can on your meme day as this is how they are supposed to work.
–          Take part in community events – readathons, armchair BEA, etc.  All of these allow you to link up your URL and the more you participate, the more you gain.  You will find new blogs to admire and are virtually guaranteed to get some new visitors too.
–          Business cards with your blog name on it if you attend actual book/blogger events.   I haven’t yet but maybe someday…
–          Join a reading challenge that interests you and add in your link there.
–          Joining blog tours/book blitzes/cover reveals will bring potential new faces and all blogs participating are mentioned in the schedule.  Just don’t overdo it with the copy and paste posts, for me personally they are a turn off. 
–          Be SEO clever.   Or wing it, like me!  I’m just learning the basics.  At a minimum make sure you mention the words Book Review, the name of the book and the author in your post title.  That way anyone searching has a better chance of coming across your blog.  I get lots of hits from people searching for specific reviews so I assume that’s a common form of traffic for us all.
–          Keep an eye out for blogs that invite you to share links.  For example the Saturday Situation on Candace’s Book Blog.  Or you can link in your favourite book review here.  Yes, that was a shameless plug, shrugs!  Sometimes in marketing, you have to push yourself out there!
Indirect Channels:
This is where other people add your link for you.  This is extremely helpful as it brings your blog to a potential new audience, one that is beyond your normal reach and as it’s endorsed by a third party it carries more weight than your own promoting.  This one is outside your control so it’s harder to achieve but just keep paying it forward and hopefully someone will return the favour.
–          You are displayed on a blogroll on another blog.  Don’t forget to share the love back and add them to yours if you enjoy their blog too.
–          Have a button for people to grab if they want
–          You are mentioned on a weekly recap post.  This always comes back to content.  Strive to be creative and original, it does get noticed and the book blogging community is fantastic for promoting one another.
–          When friends retweet links for you.  Give them a virtual hug and don’t forget to do the same for them from time to time.
–          When an author or a publisher retweets your link or adds your review to their website.  This happens a lot but you have to be proactive.  You need to let them know when you are posting your review.  Yes, I know it’s another chore to find the addresses but it’s worth it.   Unless of course you hated the book, then I’d not bother!  I only let them know of 3.5 stars and higher reviews.
–          When you get nominated for an award.  Yes, I know lots of blogs are award free however a mention of your blog on another site is never bad.
–          Consider Guest Posting for another blog
–          Join in Blogger Panel Discussions such as this one run by Ink Skies
So that’s some of my suggestions for a trail to your blog.  I’m sure there are lots more; feel free to add in any suggestions or ideas you have in the comments below.

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