Book Review : Of Stone & Mist by Donna Hawk

July 11, 2013 Book review 0 ★★★

I have mixed feelings on Of Stone & Mist.   As a ghost story, it’s creepy and suspenseful and held my attention. But some other aspects I have issues with.

Book Review : Of Stone & Mist by Donna HawkOf Stone & Mist by Donna Hawk
Published by self published on 9 May 2012
Genres: Ghost Story, Mystery, Paranormal
Pages: 290
Format: eBook
Source: Won

It’s all photographer Jessa Bennett can do to understand the bizarre, unnatural world of speaking to dead ancestors that Maria believed in, but Maria has been missing for three years, and everyone assumes Mitch Conner has gotten away with murder.

Hired by Maria’s parents to find out why, Jessa clandestinely snoops in Mitch’s historic home, Bristol House. She finds more questions than answers: what is the medallion key to the dead world; why does she keep feeling like her mornings are repeating; and why does the postcard of Bristol House keep changing? But mostly, why does Maria’s ghost show up first in Jessa’s camera, then in her dreams? What does Maria want?

The ghosts of Bristol House come alive to draw Jessa into a world she didn’t think existed outside of nightmares, and she uncovers a hundred and fifty year old secret in order to solve the mystery of the missing young woman

My Recap:
Photographer Jessa is hired by a missing girls parents to take photos of their daughters husband Mitch. Maria has been missing, presumed dead for 3 years and her parents think Mitch murdered her. They are hoping if Jessa follows him, they will find a little bit of evidence to reopen the case. Jessa agrees but when she visits Mitch’s stately home, things take a sharp turn in to strange!

My Thoughts:
I did find it a little weird that Maria’s parents would hire a photographer rather than a private investigator so that didn’t sit easy with me. I can totally understand why Jessa agreed though, she is broke and all those zeros on the cheque made the decision an easy one.

As a main character, Jessa is snarky, brave and pretty much fearless. Well maybe not fearless, she is terrified but the girl has got balls and goes where I would fear to thread. I did think she took foolhardy to new levels at times and I wanted to scream. And not just foolhardy but criminal, breaking and entry was not part of the job and felt a bit unbelievable. Jessa is one of those heroines though that doesn’t need help, when the going gets rough, she gets tougher. I loved that about her.

I found the romance a bit hard to swallow also. Mitch is a potential murderer, it’s hard to see how Jessa allowed herself to get sucked in. These feelings are explored in the book though so as a storyline is does work a bit but I wasn’t convinced.

I loved the breakfast setting every morning. So predicable and chilling! I couldn’t wait to find out what it all meant. The ghost story elements were atmospheric and I was suitable spooked. At times short sentences were used and as a dramatic effect I loved these:

‘An invitation had been issued’
‘An invitation had been accepted’

Taken in context, those lines just made me feel jittery and apprehensive. You just know this is no friendly Casper that lurks around the halls of Bristol House.

Who should read Of Stone & Mist by Donna Hawk?
Overall, I have reservations but it was still an entertaining read. If you enjoy ghost stories, then give this one a shot to see what you think.


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