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Today, I’m delighted to join in an Xpresso Book Tour for Freshman Forty, an award winning book I really enjoyed and I have loads I want to share with you.  So stick around for a few minutes, I want to tell you about this book and give you a chance to win your own copy!

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First up : breaking news  – this book has just been signed by one of the big 6 publishers!  Freshman Forty was originally self-published, but Christine just signed a deal to have it re-released by a publishing house this fall! So if you want to buy it, be quick as it will only be available until mid July and then it will be pulled until it is republished.

Freshman Forty by Christine Duval
Publication date: February 21st 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Goodreads Synopsis:
When eighteen-year-old Laurel Harris discovers she’s pregnant four weeks into the start of her freshman year at prestigious Colman College, she has all intentions of telling her father. But being away at school makes it too easy to hide. And while she can’t explain to her friends, or to herself even, the reasons why she doesn’t want the baby’s father to find out about the pregnancy, the rest of her world begins to unravel.

Freshman year is hard enough. Most girls get through by forming close friendships, finding new boys and a phone call from mom or dad on Sunday. Laurel has to navigate all of it while hiding an unplanned pregnancy from a summer fling…

An imperfect heroine plagued by bad choices and haunted by the memory of her deceased mother and grandparents, readers are sure to identify with Laurel as she navigates teen pregnancy, in secret, in a remote college setting.

-Freshman Forty took won an Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival
-Won an Honorable Mention under General Fiction for the Beach Book Festival.

My Thoughts

Freshman Forty was a well developed, engaging book about a freshman who not only has to cope with a heavy workload but also a positive pregnancy test.

Laurel is overwhelmed, confused, lonely and afraid. The book does a great job of capturing all those feelings and making me feel them right along with her. Written in first person perspective, you are pulled right along into this scary time that Laurel is so unprepared for.

“Perfect. Nothing about me has ever been perfect, so it’s ironic that I have a perfect embryo”

The setting of the book also worked really well, we have the mixture of college life and all that entails including the friendships, the pressure of studying mixed with Laurels pregnancy support group meetings for young, unmarried mothers. I love that Laurel was mature enough to work through all the options available to her and then seek support. I did hate how long she put off telling people in her life but I can understand why.

This book didn’t rosy tint. It showed all that happened in Laurel’s medical appointments in an honest, realistic fashion. Through her support group meetings, she gets a feel for what life with a baby will be like. I did feel Laurel didn’t plan enough for the future but I get that she was just coping day to day.

Her relationship with her father did feel a bit melodramatic. He came across as very unsympathetic and not someone I’d be running towards to confide in either. He handles everything even his wedding in such an unfeeling, uncaring way. Down to telling his daughter that he bought her an apartment because he ‘wanted some distance’. Even when we saw another side of him, I found it hard to forgive. Actions speak louder than words.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is that it didn’t introduce a convenient romance, it stayed firmly focused on the pregnancy storyline. That felt true to life and authentic. As did a male friends reaction on hearing that she was pregnant.

Overall, I loved the time I spent with Laurel and I’d love a follow up book to see what happened next.

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