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June 8, 2013 Blog Tour 0

I love being organised, having a plan and a direction for what is happening next.  Going on holidays; I make a packing list. First thing in work every day; I make a to-do list.  Yes I’m that anal person who makes endless lists whenever I have to do something.  And my blog is no different to other aspects of my life in this regard. 

Now that the ARC’s are piling sky high, I feel the need to revaluate the way I manage everything.  Of course I’m over the moon as the ARC’s flood in and this is not a complaint about all the books I have to read.  Far from it, every single time I get approved for an ARC or contacted by a publisher or an author, I have a huge smile on my face.
I do need a better system for tracking those books though.  As part of my weekend tour of blogs admiring the book hauls, I commented on the cover of one book thinking that looks interesting.  Only to discover that I already had that very book on my kindle to read.
Crap!  Bad Blogger! How I forgotten that :
1.  I had requested the book
2.  I had an email approving me
3.  I had downloaded this to my kindle
4.  I had added it on Goodreads
Have all these books started to decay my brain!  Am I suffering from booknesia?  Help me!
What I currently do to keep track is to add every book received to my ARC shelf on Goodreads so I do know no book will slip through the cracks.  And then I have a spreadsheet with the book name and publication dates on it so I know when they should be read by.  I just have to remember to update both places as soon as I get approved.  As I read them and review them, I remove them from my Goodreads shelf and spreadsheet so I can see at a glance all the books I have left to read.
When I schedule a post, I stick it on my calendar.  Ditto with blog tours and memes.  So when I review a book I slot it in the nearest available free date (or as close to publication as possible).
Bookish Chat : Now is it just me or is this all sounding a bit confusing.  I feel like I’m making heavy weather of this.  I have a system but it seems a bit laborious.  What do you do?  How do you organise your reading piles and schedules.

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