Green Giants – Irish Author Spotlight – No 1

May 1, 2013 Book review, Green Giants 18

Green Giants is my new feature where I share some of my favourite books by Irish Authors.   I’m passionate about Irish Authors, there is a great and exciting mix of books to choose from, hopefully you will find something new to try.

First up has to be one of my favourite authors – Tana FrenchBroken Harbour is her most recent book and I think she just keeps getting better and better.  All her books are focused around the Dublin Murder Squad and each one follows a different detective.  All work fine as stand alones so you don’t need to read them in order.
In this one, Detective Scorcher Kennedy has to investigate a murder of a family.  It appears simple, it looks like the father was suffering depression due to job loss/money worries and killed his two young children, attempted to kill his wife and then killed himself.  But there are lots of inconsistent details and so Scorchers job becomes far more complicated.  Also the setting of the murder is a place that has personal links to Scorcher which makes his job even more difficult.

I love so many things about Tana’s books.  We tend to have two stories going on, the murder mystery plus whatever is going on in the Detectives own life.  I have described these books before as psychological mind benders and that is exactly what they are.  They are complex, dark, deep and will suck you in and spin you around and around until you are so dizzy you can’t see straight. 

They also portray modern day Ireland in a realistic fashion, flaws and all.  They don’t show the dreamy, rose-tinted view of Ireland that some books do but they do show an Ireland I recognise and live in.  Ireland’s recession and the knock on consequences are laid bare here, up close and personal, for all to see.  Not pretty but very true.

Same with the characters, they might not be people you want to be best friends with.  They are annoying at times but totally authentic.  Characters are broken down, crazy thoughts are exposed raw and unfiltered and unphotoshopped. This is an author who is not afraid to dig around in the dirt and throws it all up in the air to land where it will.

However, best of all is the writing, I seriously gush over the writing style, it’s very distinctive.  I often stop and reread sentences not because I don’t understand them but because the words are beautifully crafted together.  Even if you don’t normally read thrillers/suspense books, I would suggest you give these a go, they might just surprise you with their depth and intricacy.

Bookish Chat : Have you read Tana French?  What is your favourite one?  Or have I persuaded you to give one a go?  Let me know.  You know comments make my day.  And you want to make my day, don’t you?

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18 Responses to “Green Giants – Irish Author Spotlight – No 1”

  1. Asti

    Of course I want to make your day!

    I had a sneaking suspicion this author would pop up on your new feature. It’s obvious you are a fan! I put In the Woods on my wishlist after your review of it, and still plan on picking it up sometime. I don’t read many mystery/thrillers, but I don’t mind giving them a go! Just have to find time to fit it in my schedule… Eek!

    • Trish Hannon

      Looks like I’m too obvious! But! Tana is my current fav Irish author so I had to start here. Don’t talk to me about schedules, I’m having heart attacks over all I need to do over the next few months!

  2. Lark

    I just got The Likeness from the library and I can’t wait to read it this weekend; in fact, that might be all I do. I love French’s writing. And the psychological twists in her books keeps me coming back. Thanks for telling me about this great Irish author!

    • Trish Hannon

      Great hope you enjoy, I prefer The Likeness to Into the Woods. You have to suspend belief to go with the plotline but when you do that it’s great. Perfect weekend reading!

  3. Danielle

    She’s someone I always keep *meaning* to get around to! I confess never knew there was an Irish connection!

    • Trish Hannon

      You really should Danielle, they are great, page turners every last one of them. Read one, go on! Don’t make me get my pitchfork out 🙂

  4. Kelly W

    I haven’t read anything by her, but I’ve heard good things about this series. It’s definitely on my TBR list. It’s so cool that you’re doing a feature on Irish authors, I don’t read many books set in Ireland but I love the few that I have. Plus it gives me an excuse to read with an Irish accent in mind, and you guys have the best brogue. Though I probably butcher it in my mind, for some reason all my accents end up sounding Scottish. :/

    Anyway, total tangent there but great review!

  5. Cayce

    I just got In the Woods from the library!!! Can’t wait to read it, but first I have to pry it out of my Mom’s hands 😉

    • Trish Hannon

      Oh great Cayce, enjoy! Look forward to hearing what you (and your mum!) think of it. A dual review, that would be interesting!

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