Book Review : Awakenings by Hally Willmott

May 30, 2013 Book review 0 ★★★½

A very satisfying read, it started off slow paced but progressed in to an exciting, magical adventure.

Title : Awakenings
Author : Hally Willmott
My Rating : 3.5 stars

Jacey Adison has always had strange, colourful, lifelike dreams and has known there is something a bit different about herself and her family. However, she has never questioned what those differences are. Now that she is sixteen years old, the dreams are becoming even more intense and even weirder. When her parents are killed suddenly in a road traffic accident, she finds out that she belongs to a unique, ancient, magical world.

As I said the book starts off slow paced but I didn’t mind this as it gives us a chance to get to know Hally and her family. However there is a bit of telling rather than showing exposition which takes a bit from the pace and flow of the book. It is well worth persisting though as the world that Hally Willmott has created is beautiful, so beautiful that I wish this was a novel that had some illustrations as I would love a picture representation of some of the aspects described.

There are some very unique elements in this book. It takes a while for Jacey (and so us) to find out about this world that she is so central to and what her true faith is. Once the reveal starts to happen, there is a lot of detail to take in, everything is vividly described and I loved it. Jacey possesses some rare abilities and I have a feeling with this first book, we have only seen the tip of iceberg.

I have seen other reviews mention insta-love in relation to Jacey’s connection with Vincent in the magical domain of Nemele. However, I don’t see it like this. Vincent is a dream walker and so has been present in her dreams for a long time which helps to explain the intense connection between them. What I would like to have seen was a few more natural, fun, typical teenage moments between Jacey and Vincent, this would have given more of an insight and added more reality to the bond they have.

I liked all the characters, even though I wished Jacey had asked more questions sooner so we could have discovered what was going on sooner! She was a bit too accepting of being fobbed off with excuses of needing to wait to find out the truth. If I knew my best friend and brother knew secrets I didn’t, believe me I would get it out of them! By hook or by crook, I would make them spill the details! Also, there is a large cast of characters to get to know and to keep straight, something I did find difficult at times. In fairness, I do think this is something that can be expected to an extent with any first book, especially one that has as much world building as Awakenings.

Another thing I have to cover is the Harry Potter similarities; they do exist to a certain degree. However this book is in no way a copycat or watered down version of Harry Potter. I would think the author is a JK fan and has probably been inspired by her but she has created a very unique, strange, wonderful world with a very unique plot.

Now the stage is set and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. I have a very good feeling about it; this is only the beginning of the Elementals adventure, an adventure that I’m excited to journey along in.

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Bookish Chat : Do you find it hard not to find similarities between books?  Like I say this book is very unique but you can still see what other books have influenced it? Is this something that bothers you or do you enjoy it?  As long as the book has original content it doesn’t bother me.


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