Book Review : Idol Hands by Cynthia Hill

April 17, 2013 Book review 8 ★★★★

Really, really enjoyed this emotional rollercoaster of a book. It’s written in diary form so its first person point of view which I enjoy but I know is a turn off for some people. All I can say is give Idol Hands a chance, it is worth the risk 🙂
Book Review : Idol Hands by Cynthia HillIdol Hands by Cynthia Hill
Published by Createspace on 30 Sept 2011
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Suspense
Pages: 282
Format: eBook
Source: Received from Author

Tara can pinpoint the moment when everything in her life changed: it was when she fell in love with Aidan Forrest - who just happened to be a part of the biggest boy band in the world, Idol Hands. She spent two years as his "secret girlfriend," hiding from the media to protect his career, until he broke up with her, breaking her heart, and leaving behind a secret that Tara has never shared.

Fourteen years after their breakup, she's in a bad marriage, and a dead-end job. When she sees a television documentary in which Aidan confesses that he still loves her, she makes a life-changing decision: she leaves her husband to go and find Aidan. With no real plan of attack it's not going to be easy, but Tara knows that she can't give up.

Tara is a 32 year old married woman, fed up with where she is in life and unable to see things getting any better. One night she watches an interview with an ex band member and old flame from her favourite band from her teenage years. What he says in that interview is a trigger for her to do something radical to change the direction her life has gone in.

I think the less you know about Idol Hands before you start reading, the better. Just hop right in, strap up tight and prepare for a wild ride. Tara is character that got under my skin and I wanted to shake her, warn her to stop taking so many risks but most of all I wanted to give her a big hug. By the end of the story, I really cared about her, I wanted her to catch a break and have her happy ending even if I couldn’t figure out how that could possibly happen. The fact I felt so strongly for Tara, I think speaks volumes for how skilfully the author has drawn her and how totally engrossed in Tara’s world that I became. And that ending…what comes to mind is…. wow!

Highly recommended to all who like psychological, mind bender books!

Thanks to Cynthia Hill for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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8 Responses to “Book Review : Idol Hands by Cynthia Hill”

  1. Kelly W

    Ooh, this looks promising! Wouldn’t have thought that by the title and the cover haha. Before reading your review, I was expecting like a New Kids On The Block biography or something. :p

    Great review, Trish!

    • Trish Hannon

      This one is a good mix in that we are dealing with a teenage character and then her adult self. Gives it balance, what puts me off some contemporary is too much teenage angst, gets too sameish! This one IS different 🙂

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