Book Review : A Happy Accident by Evan Tyler

April 8, 2013 Book review 10 ★★★★

Book Title:   A Happy Accident
Author : Evan Tyler
Goodreads Rating : 4 stars

 Set against a backdrop of the post punk scene of the late Seventies, this book is an enjoyable read for anyone who likes 60’s and 70’s music.  It follows Bobby, an American who moves to Manchester with his band in a quest for stardom.  There he meets Kindle, a lonely soul who has no family and no friends.  They get married on a crazy whim, each expecting the other to call a halt but neither does and so they start their married life as strangers.

By the way, this book is based loosely on the life of Steven Tyler so that makes it even more intriguing.   And we have lots of music references and song lyrics scattered throughout to set the atmosphere of the time and place.
A Happy Accident is very character driven.  And both characters are well developed with good points and bad points.  Bobby is naive, sweet natured, loving and patient but he is also a procrastinator who ignores things he doesn’t want to do (like telling his parents he is married!).  There was one incident in the book where Kindle was subjected to racist comments and he did nothing to stand up for her, in that moment I hated him.  Kindle on the other hand is strong, independent, feisty, terrified of letting someone in to her life but at the same time dying to let Bobby in.  She has a mean tongue on her and lashes out in the harshest of ways when she feels afraid.   At times I loved the characters and at other times I lost respect for them.  But their flaws make them feel rounded and real.
It switches third person perspective between Bobby and Kindle a lot which gives a good insight to what both are thinking.  There is also a huge amount of dialogue which is a plus for me as I love well written dialogue but I know not everyone does so I thought it was worth mentioning.
The book starts with a captivating but upsetting prologue so you know that A Happy Accident is not going to have a happy ending.  This creates a mystery element as it feels impossible during the book for it all to end up the way it does.  I have to admit at times the story stalled a little for me but then would pick up pace again.  As I became invested in the story, the prologue worried me but in a good way, I wanted to read on to get all the pieces to make the jigsaw.
Warning, all cliff-hanger haters, you might want to wait until book 2 is out!  The ending is a tease and a hook as you get a glimpse of the future.  I immediately wanted to know more about their daughter Choice and what happened next.  The name Choice too is an interesting one as it defines her life even though the origin of her name is from Bobby’s family.  Eagerly looking forward to book 2 to get some more jigsaw pieces to help put this mystifying but appealing puzzle together.
Finally, I know I’ve mentioned this before but look at that cover.  I mean really look at it, feast your eyes on it.  It’s perfect.
Recommended to those who like quirky romances, music and a little bit of suspense all mixed in the pot together.  I also suggest sticking on a music channel like VH1 in the background to get your groove on while reading!
Thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Bookish Chat :  Are you as big a fan of music references and song lyrics as I am?  I love it as they add such flavour and atmosphere and drive the story forward in a quirky way.  


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10 Responses to “Book Review : A Happy Accident by Evan Tyler”

  1. Lark

    So I spent the weekend reading In The Woods. I love the way Tana French writes! And the story was so compelling I couldn’t put it down. But I’m still deciding how I feel about what she resolved and what she left unresolved at the end of the novel. You know what I mean? I have a feeling this is one of those books I’m going to be thinking about all week. Thanks again for the recommendation!

    • Trish Hannon

      Delighted you enjoyed it. That ending, TF took a big chance with it but I like that she doesn’t go down predictable routes. You will love The Likeness, its even better, satisfaction guaranteed!

  2. Kelly W


    I’m on my sixth cup of coffee, so that’ll probably explain that. -_-

    This books sounds really interesting! Outside of what I usually read, but that’s a good thing. I get bored after awhile with so much of the same. I’m a tad worried at the mention of a cliffhanger so I may wait until the sequel comes out, but this is definitely a book I want to stay aware of!

    Great review, Trish!

    • Trish Hannon

      LOL, isn’t it Fab! It’s a bit quirky, bit unique from other books, the author is passionate about music and that shines through in every chapter.
      Maybe ease back on the coffees for a few hours, you know when you are shaking it’s not good, right! 🙂

  3. Kelley

    Okay, I’m not a fan of music from the 60s and 70s, so maybe I shouldn’t read this book. But the fact that it’s based loosely on the life of Steven Tyler intrigues me, so maybe I should read this book. I don’t know! It does sound interesting and fun, though.

  4. astichoquette

    I do love that cover! It would definitely be something I would pick up while at the store for that cover alone. Add the fact that it’s based off Steven Tyler’s life and I’m definitely intrigued. I’m not sure if I would read it though based off the fact that it has a cliffhanger ending. Those things drive me crazy! I’d have to wait until the second book is released at least!

  5. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    This one sounds pretty good, and it’s interesting that’s based loosely on Steven Tyler. To answer your question I don’t mind references or lyrics to an actual song…but if it’s an original song it kind of pulls me out of the story because I have no clue what it is supposed to sound like.

    • Trish Hannon

      I agree it can be distracting as I tend to go youtube the song to see what it sounds like. When it’s a song I know though, I love it, as it feels like I’m extra connected to the book.

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