How To Burst Through a Reading Slump!

April 15, 2020 Bookish chat 8

Do you know how to burst through a reading slump? I think every reader has been there. They adore reading, have a pile of books they were all keyed up to read, couldn’t wait to find the time to rip into them. And then suddenly a book slump falls on them like a ton of bricks. And knocks all that enthusiasm for reading right out of you. What’s a book lover to do? I have a few suggestions that have worked for me in the past.

burst through a reading slump

How to Burst Through A Reading Slump:

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Don’t fear abandoning books. If a certain book is driving you further into that slump, then put it away. It’s not worth it. There are too many other books out there, that might become new favourites, to be spending time with a book that is ruining reading for you.

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Re-read a favourite book. It doesn’t matter if it’s a childhood favourite or a more recent favourite but spending time with a book you already love and taking a trip down book-memory lane can enough to revive you.

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Try a new genre. So often troupes in genres can exhaust us. So switch it up, try something completely different. You might just find a whole new category of books to love.  If you need further convincing, check out why I love genre hopping.

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Rearrange your book shelves. You’ll rediscover forgotten treasures, maybe even books you bought but never got around to reading and looking at all your beloved covers might just ward of the slump. And if not, well at least your bookshelves are in order now!

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Do a buddy read. Try reading with friends and sharing updates via twitter, goodreads or whatsapp. Turning the read into more of a social event and hashing it all out with a buddy is another way of mixing things up and turning reading back into fun.

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Watch some book tie-in films. That way you are still doing something bookish which always appeals to me. Plus it reminds me of how much better the book always is!   Goodbye movie, hello book!

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Create a To-Be-Read Jar so that the choosing of the book becomes a fun event in itself.  Stick in names of books you want to read soon and randomly pick one.  I sometimes make a best of 3 so that I still have choice!

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Don’t stress about it. There is more to life than books (deep breath, hard to admit but it’s true!) so go enjoy other stuff. Your books will be there for you when you are ready to return to them.

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Talk to Trish!  Have you ever been in a book slump?  How did you get out of it?  Are you in one right now, if so will you try any of my suggestions?

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8 Responses to “How To Burst Through a Reading Slump!”

  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    DNFing can be a problem for me if I feel like the book has some potential or I’ve really liked the author in the past because I feel like I SHOULD hang on because it might get better but I end up going into a slump. I love the tips! I really want to try a TBR jar. I think that would be fun.

  2. Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    All excellent ideas! In March I had a big slump which sort of surprised me. I normally cope with things by reading. Apparently this was too big for me to do that with. I read like six books in March (three of them in the first week though). I think it helped that I didn’t make myself read and that I read books that I wanted to read and didn’t much care about the structured TBR that I normally try for.

    I love this post!
    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter recently posted…Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up {19}

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