Help Save a Book Soul for Halloween! 2018 edition

October 31, 2018 Bookish chat, Bookish Fun 2

Mission Help Save a Book Soul for Halloween!  So as this is the night, when lost and damned souls are roaming widely, I’m going to share with you some books that have lingered too long in the other-world that is my to-read list. I’m pledging to save these 3 book souls from that hellish place and read them soon.

Help Save a Book Soul for Halloween!


I took this exercise of choosing what books to be save, VERY SERIOUSLY.  They couldn’t be just any random books, they had to be books that held a promise of greatness, books that deserved to be read and that quite possible could become new favourites.  Luckily book souls don’t hold grudges!

So after much consulting with my Goodreads shelves and my to-be-read excel spreadsheet, I am deeming these 3 books most worthy of redemption.  These books make me feel guilty as I have had them all for too long and I have a sneaky suspicion that I will love them all.  So expect to see reviews here soon for these, and if not feel free to come haunt me.

Save a book soul for Halloween! I’m challenging you to save 3 books lingering in your hellish sized to-read pile. Bring them from the dark side, back into the light. Click To Tweet

Help Save a Book Soul for Halloween!  The books.



But I KNOW I’m not the only one who is hoarding books!  I’m declaring today international-save-a-book- soul-day, let’s all work together and save a book soul!  Consider this your very own personal book challenge and I’m challenging you to save 3 books from your own to-read!  Bring them from the dark side and back into the light 🙂


Bookish Chat : What book can you pluck from your-to-read-someday list into the relative safety of your to-read-very-very-soon list


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