Book Review: Shame On You by Amy Heydenrych

July 26, 2018 Book review 2 ★★★★

Books that focus on social media call my name.  I feel we are all trying to find our way in the brave new world of social media, and it has so many negative aspects that reading further into this whole theme is well worth the effort.  Shame on You by Amy Heydenrych is fictional but it’s well grounded in the fakeness and manipulation of social media profiles.

Book Review: Shame On You by Amy HeydenrychShame On You by Amy Heydenrych
Published by Twenty7 on July 26th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Emotions & Feelings, Realistic Fiction, Social Issues, Suspense
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

The gripping psychological thriller that explores the darker side of social media, perfect for fans of The Girl Before and Friend Request.
Have you ever reached the New Year and thought it's time to reinvent yourself?Have you ever lied about who you are to get more likes?Have you ever followed someone online who you think is perfect?
Meet Holly.
Social media sensation. The face of clean eating.
Everyone loves her. Everyone wants to be her.
But when Holly is attacked by a man she's only just met, her life starts to spiral out of control. He seemed to know her - but she doesn't know him.
What if Holly isn't who she seems to be? What if Holly's living a lie?

addictive ARC REVIEW Page-Turner Refreshing suspense

First Line of Shame On You by Amy Heydenrych

“McDonald’s is an unholy mess of drunks at this time of night.”

My Thoughts on Shame On You by Amy Heydenrych

Let’s get real here first.  I love social media, it’s one of my favourite ways to waste time.  And I’ve been known to vet my photos, so only the ones I’m happy with see the light of day on social media.  However, I also think Facebook, Instagram, etc can be sewers of negativity, hate and falseness.  So I try to find a happy medium, be careful about who I follow, and be socially aware of what I post myself.  But you never really know for 100% what’s authentic and what’s outright lies.  And this book digs deep into that issue.

Holly is insta-famous, celebrated for her clean living and love for healthy food.  Sticking to a vegan diet healed her of cancer, and zillions of fans fawn over her every picture.  Brands have endorsed her, and she sustains herself fully from her blogging life.  Which all sounds fine, it even sounds like music to my blogger ears.

However, her life is nothing like she portrays.  Yes she loves food, and is zealous about her clean lifestyle, but her only validation comes from likes and comments.  Only she eats her meticulously prepared food, she has no real friends, no real life.  Only a one-dimensional flat-lay existence.  Worse she is hiding a secret, and somebody knows.

On the very first page, Holly suffers a vicious attack and that sets the tone for a tense, stressful read.  Someone is watching, someone has been in her home, and someone wants to slowly torture her by letting her know that.  I was thoroughly freaked out.

I had a love/hate relationship with Holly.  Or maybe that should be a pity/admiration relationship. I dream of a lifestyle that would be fully in insta-perfect moments, but I’m old enough to know better.  Clean living is a goal of mine, but with a side of chocolate, and a far more balanced approach.  But still I admired her grit to follow her dreams, and transform her life.  However I despised so much of her inner dialogue, her actions and her values.  Hello,

The theme was bang on the money

But the theme was bang on the money.  Because of reasons, Holly experiences a public shaming.  While reading this book, there was an actual case in the media here about a UK blogger who approached an Irish restaurant basically looking for a freebie.  The restaurant then named and shamed the blogger on their social media, and it became trial by internet trolls.  So reading this book at the same time that all this going on made the book even more relevant and thought-provoking.

All that aside, I found the found a book an entertaining read, with well-developed characters, and a plot that held me captive. The dual narrative between Holly and her attacker allow you a full insight into just why the characters behave the way they do.  And it kept me engaged from beginning to end.  With an ending that made me close the book with bulging eyes.


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: four-stars


Who should read Shame On You by Amy Heydenrych?

If you enjoy books with social media themes, and that deal with bang on trend subjects then you might enjoy this.  Fans of authors such as Holly Bourne (especially her book How Do You Like Me Know?), Lisa Jewell and Lucy Clarke should also appreciate it.

Thanks to Bonnier Zaffre and NetGalley for giving me a copy of this book for review consideration.  As always, no matter what the source of the book, you get my honest, unbiased opinion.



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  1. Angela

    I enjoy books that have a social media element, especially those that discuss how falsely people can sometimes portray themselves. Sounds like a great thriller!

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