7 TO-DON’TS for 2018

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This year, I’m bucking the to-do trend and making a list of 7 TO-DON’TS for 2018.

Every January, all the boxes of sweets and treats that were on special offer in the supermarkets, are replaced with the latest in fitness and health gadgets.  And the media screams that it’s time for a new year, new you.  Suddenly you are expected to be working on making everything in your life perfect.  It’s time to do this, do that better, and do the other even fiercer.  But what about trying mixing it up this year and trying some to-don’ts?



My ritual is to focus on monthly goals and that works for me.  Mostly because by end of January, I tend to forgotten what my New Years Resolution even was.  But if I draw up monthly goals, that seems more immediate.  Ever since I discovered the world of planners (I’m on my 3rd year of keeping one), I’ve become better at hitting goals.  Basically because I write them down, see them regularly and actually check in with them.

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I also love my planner for my daily to-do lists.  But lately I’ve been seeing to-don’t lists around the place, and that has gripped my imagination. I think we all need more to-don’t lists in our lives.  To do lists are great for encouraging positive behaviour, but I found looking at what is holding me back to be really helpful too.  I’m not replacing one with the other, they are my yin and yang, and I think they will work in harmony.

My 7 TO-DON’TS for 2018

  Don’t waste time on social media.  A huge downfall of mine, and it sucks away my time, my creativity and my energy  My word for the year is Carpe Diem.  However, when I spend too much time doing the rounds on snapchat/facebook/instagram, I’m watching others carpe diem.  And my own moments to carpe diem are floating away from me.

Don’t be a perfectionist.  I can never tell myself this enough.  Sometimes good enough will do.  In November I set myself a challenge of doing a 30 day yoga challenge.  And around day 10, I missed a day.  Frustrated with myself, I abandoned the challenge.  This month I’m trying again, but I’m doing the 30 day challenge in however long it takes me.  If it takes 30 good, if it takes 40 good, if it takes 60, that’s still fine.

Don’t use food as an emotional crutch.  Over the past few years, I’ve made huge strides with this.  But it’s an old habit, and one I have to constantly guard against.  Instead of eating my feelings, I need to remind myself to actually feel the feelings and use words to express those thoughts, and not push them in further with food.

Don’t forget to laugh.  Don’t forget to smile.  Life is too short not to.

Don’t snap at my husband when I’m in a bad mood (or hungry!).  I have a bad habit of snapping when I’m tired, or hungry, or just plain old moody.  This is a horrible habit, and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else, so why do it to the person I love most?

Don’t wait too long before writing book reviews.  1.  Because I forget what the book is about, and have to decipher my notes  Thankfully I do use my note-to-book pdf so I do have notes.  But fresh thoughts are better.  2.  Because it’s weighs on my mind as something I need to do, and can interfere with the enjoyment of my current book  3.  Because it escalates too quickly and next thing I have 10 reviews to write.  Like now.  Why do I do this!

Don’t compare my blogs to other blogs, or my reviews, or my stats.  When I do that I start to feel inadequate. Others have so many comments, or eloquent reviews, or engaging topics.  I want to appreciate what they do, while also appreciating that my blog is my voice.  And only I can offer that.


Talk to Trish: Would you make a to-don’t list?  What would you have on it?  Are you fighting any of the same battles as me?




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22 Responses to “7 TO-DON’TS for 2018”

    • trish

      Thanks Katherine! Glad you can identify! I found thinking about the things I want to do less of really interesting and makes a change from the ever growing to-do list.

  1. Angela

    I love this list, Trish! I need to focus on some of these areas, too – not comparing myself to other bloggers, not overeating, and not snapping at my husband when I’m frustrated about something else. I also like your approach of monthly goals – it makes things more manageable!

    • trish

      Thanks Angela! I guess we all fall down in lots of similar areas! And I swear by monthly goals, they have made such a difference to my life and I’ve actually incorporated lots of them in to now normal everyday behaviour for me.

  2. Kathryn Trask

    Love your Don’t list. Social media is a trap, I try to limit to a few times a day, but sometimes that awful drifting takes over. I think every one of your items in this list most of us will identify with. Thank you for your sharing – inspiring and creative!
    Kathryn Trask recently posted…Heart on Fire. Amanda Bouchet

  3. Tina

    I love your list! I might actually have to make a spread like this in my bullet journal. Social media is definitely a trap and I have found that my kids constantly want to be on their tablets so I’ve been working on trying to get them away from YouTube. It has been a struggle but it is definitely something I feel like I do too much and miss out on things in front of me.
    Tina recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday | My Top 18 Books To Read In 2018

  4. Lily

    those are awesome to-don’t for 2018 XD especially the social media part, I strongly agree – big time suck – and the food as an emotional thing, also agree. I should also prob stop snapping at my husband when angry.. Awesome list 😀 hope 2018 is a good one for you

  5. Aimee (Aimee, Always)

    I DEFINITELY agree with not being a perfectionist. It takes up so much time, and it wastes a lot of opportunities. I also get really snappy when I’m not in a fabulous mood, and I’ve told myself to at least TRY to control my temper this year! AND YES to not comparing! Blogging is a hobby, and bloggers are wonderful people. Here’s to spreading more positivity in the community! ^_^

    Keep smiling in 2018, lovely! ^_^
    Aimee (Aimee, Always) recently posted…It’s All Just Déjà Vu: Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira

  6. Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books)

    I love the idea of a “to-don’t” list! Perfectionism is probably the number one thing that gets in the way of me achieving my resolutions/goals. As soon as I mess up, I use that as an excuse to stop reaching and go back to my old ways. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Here’s to both of us easing up on ourselves in the new year.
    Susan (Bloggin’ ’bout Books) recently posted…TTT: Distractions and Detractions

  7. Rashika

    I am pretty sure I //need// to make a to-don’t list for 2018. Yours is super inspiring and go you for setting good goals for yourself for the year.

    I definitely feel the perfectionist thing and am trying so hard to also not be competitive this year. I think competition can be good but at times, it just feels like I am competing with myself and that makes me more anxious and stressed out then anything else.

    I am gonna take a page from your book though and try to write a list of to-don’ts for myself! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    P.S. Your blog is amazing and so uniquely you. Nothing else is like it <3
    Rashika recently posted…Rashika’s Meet Cute

  8. Greg Hill

    Great ideas! Social media is such a big one- it’s so easy to fall down that rabbit hole. And giving oneself time to laugh, to relax- smell the roses- is so important too. Nice post Trish!
    Greg Hill recently posted…Intrigue in Capri

  9. Wattle

    I love this list Trish! And I’m with you on social media, I waste so much time on it :/ and book reviews. I was reading through my notebook last night of unreviewed books and kept thinking ‘I don’t remember reading this…’ oops.

    Super randomly (though you did mention sweets/treats at the start here, and it made me think of it) we had Hot Cross Buns go on sale on Boxing Day, no regrets, totally bought one haha
    Wattle recently posted…Book Review #18: Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

  10. Megan @reading away the days

    Trish I love this post. Its such a good idea to write I to don’t list. I agre with alot of them. The ones to do with blogging life in particular. I leave reviews so long but I did start to fix that last year and some books I just don’t have a lot to say so I should feel comfortable not saying anything which I should be OK with. Not comparing ourselves to others is hard and its the same with blogs but I agree our blogs are our voices. Great post Trish!
    Megan @reading away the days recently posted…Book Blogger Hop #1: 2018 Books I am looking forward to

  11. Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    I love your list of to don’ts. I agree with a lot of your topics. There are so many things that I also need stop doing – I need to stop comparing my blog with others (it always make me feel depressed and out of place and that my voice doesn’t matter) and waste time on social media (social media is a great way to procrastinate).

    Thank you for sharing.
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret recently posted…Sunday Post. Lots of Reading and Winnings

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