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December 2, 2017 Book review 36

I love participating in tags, as you get to reveal all sorts of interesting titbits that you don’t get to divulge in your book reviews.  So I decided to create a Christmas themed one to spread some bookish festive cheer.  Introducing The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag. I’d love if you all joined in, so we can mingle and jingle with all the Christmas chats.

Feel free to copy and paste and post on your own blog.  Or answer in the comments.  I’m tagging you all!  Feel free to use #ChristmasBookBloggersTag on social media so I can find your posts too.


The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag


Join in The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag, so we can mingle and jingle with all the Christmas chats. #ChristmasBookBloggersTag #BookBloggers Click To Tweet


The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag

What is your favourite Christmas scene in a book?

I don’t even have to think twice.  It’s Little Women.  I love it because it’s just family, making merry, following long-established traditions, and storing up memories.  Simple, honest and real.  That’s what Christmas is all about to me.




“There was a good deal of laughing and kissing and explaining, in the simple, loving fashion which makes these home festivals so pleasant at the time, so sweet to remember long afterward, and then all fell to work.”



Do you have any Christmas book traditions?

I always pick a special book to read on Christmas day.  For weeks before hand, I weigh up all the choices to try and pick a book that I should love.   Come Christmas night, I love flaking out on the sofa, and chilling with that year’s choosen book.

Do you prefer to get presents of book vouchers or books?

Vouchers!  All the way.  Unless you know my wishlist, then it’s hard to beat the appeal of a book all wrapped up.

Do you give books as presents?

Rarely.  Unless I know exactly what book someone wants, then no.

What bookish item is on your Christmas wishlist?

For the longest time, I’ve wanted a bookish candle.  This year I might just treat myself.

What 3 books would you love Santa to have in his sack for you?


Fake Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

We buy one small real tree every year and keep it in our hall.  I can’t be dealing with hoovering pine needles in the sitting room, and I like big fires which just doesn’t go with a real tree.  Instead I decorate our fireplace with a fake Christmas swag, real holly, real pinecones and lots of lights.  So cosy!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Time off work!  In Ireland, Christmas holidays are very generous.  This year I’ll be flying out the office door early on Fri 22 Dec and not heading back into until Tues 2 Jan.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

What Christmas book would you recommend?

Book Review : Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor & Heather Webb



Last Christmas in Paris was my favourite book of 2017.  I think everyone should read it.  It’s full of all the feels.  Gut wrenching feels, tear jerking feels, heart-warming feels, excited butterfly in the stomach feels, hopeful feels, falling madly insanely in love feels.  This book has them in abundance and I shook with emotion while reading it.  Especially recommended to fans of historical fiction, epistolary novels, world war 1 settings and epic love stories.



What dish on your Christmas menu are you most looking forward to?

Everything!  My mouth is watering at the idea of my turkey, with stuffing and lashings of mashed potatoes.  And all the trimmings.

When do you open your Christmas presents?

Myself and my husband select one each at random on Christmas Eve to rip into.  Then, save the others for Christmas day.  I can’t deny that a lot of shaking, listening for things sliding inside, weighing up the size and guessing goes on though.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.  I know it’s super sad because it’s about shattered dreams which doesn’t exactly scream yuletide fun.  But Christmas can be a sad time for me (as much I try to throw myself in the season), and I like the gritty reality of the lyrics.

“I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can’t make it all alone
I’ve built my dreams around you”

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Always.  I want to build a snowman and carve out snow angels!  And drink my snowman soup (aka hot chocolate!).

Talk to Trish: Let me know some of your answers.  Either in the comments, or link me to your own blog post.










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36 Responses to “The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag #ChristmasBookBloggersTag”

    • trish

      Yay Lexxie, I’d love if you did it! I’m really hoping people will join in as I’d love to see their answers, and like you said find out more about bloggers that I love to follow.

    • trish

      I know. I think I’ll have to schedule in a reread over the next few weeks. Even though reading The Other Alcott is hurting my Little Women feelings as the author is portrayed as not loving the book at all. I really hope that wasn’t true, but I’ll reserve judgment until I finish the book, and see what research was done.

  1. Angela

    What a fun tag! I love getting time off work at Christmas, although I don’t get much. But it’s nice to have the time to spend with family!

  2. Vi @Inkvotary

    What a beautiful idea. I hope that I will have the time during the next few days to come up with a post for this. Time is crazy right now *smile*

    • trish

      We have to keep 3 days holiday leave all year for it, but it’s worth it! Totally agree gift cards for book shops are the best 🙂

    • trish

      I listened to the audiobook of Last Christmas in Paris and I definitely want to reread in physical book format again soon.
      I NEED bookish candles!

  3. Sophie Alex (@bookslikewolves)

    I LOVE bookish candles too!! They are definitely on my Christmas wishlist, and I actually wrote a post about which are my favorite ones and companies. It was really fun.
    I wish I could have a white Christmas, but it is the start of Summer during this time of the year where I live! Someday I’ll visit any country in the Northern Hemisphere and make a snowman on Christmas Eve!! Have fun! XD
    Sophie Alex (@bookslikewolves) recently posted…Blogmas Day 4: Favorite Bookish Candles On My Wish List

    • trish

      I must look up your candle post for inspiration! Great idea for a post.

      We only get snow once or twice a year, but rarely at Christmas. Fun when it happens though 🙂

    • trish

      Yay! Thanks Noelle, looking forward to checking your answers out! And I’ll link up your post in my Sunday Post recap as well 🙂

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