Dear Santa…..All I want for Christmas is….

December 22, 2017 Bookish chat 13

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

It’s Trish!  Long time, no write!  Sorry about that.  I thought I’d put fingers to touchscreen, and touch base to clue you in on some things I’d love from you this year.  When I last wrote to you, my letters were full of wanting books, and toys, and a surprise.  Now that I’m older, I’m less about the materialistic things.  And I’m totally over surprises, as adult surprises are rarely good news.  But don’t worry, I haven’t totally changed.  Because, I still want the ALL books.

All I want for Christmas is

Book vouchers

So I can fill my kindle with lots of 2018 new releases (we won’t talk about the ones I bought with last years vouchers, but haven’t yet read!).  I love knowing that I have an eclectic range of books to droll over, and spare for just the right moment to read.

Bookish Candles

Surprisingly, I’ve never yet had one, but I see them all the time on Instagram.  They look so literary,just perfect for my bookshelves, and I’m curious to see what they smell like.

Motivation to stay running over the holidays

OK, I know this is hard one to fit in your sack, but you are magic, I believe in you to deliver.  A little time out every other day to clear my head, and burn off some calories will probably be the last thing I want to do. But I know it will make me feel so good.


You know this is a hard time of year for me.  My Christmases are not the way I dreamed they would be.  Especially this year, when it looked like our dearest wish was coming through.  Sadly it wasn’t to be.  So this year I want you to send me all the strength.  And blow the gentlest of kisses all the way to our little angel in heaven.

Board Games

I appreciate this is sounding like something that 10 year-old Trish would have had on her letter.  Nevertheless, I still love board games.  They are social, they are fun, and I get to indulge my competitive spirit.  Can we agree that cheating isn’t naughty when it comes to board games, it’s just strategic.


Most of all I want time to read, time to spend with family, time to do nothing.  Come Christmas Eve, I want to rip off my watch, and forget about needing to clock watch.  Instead I want to live in the moment, and do all the little things I love.  And appreciate the many blessings, and comforts that I do have in my life.

Thanks Santa!  Your milk and cookies will be waiting for you, and I’ve gone all fancy this year with carrot batons for Rudolph.

Lots of love,



PS – If you don’t want to leave book vouchers, check out my Christmas Book Bloggers Tag for 3 books that I’d love.

PPS – It’s been good to talk, it reminds me of the magic of Christmas and the simple pleasure of laying my heart on the line and speaking my truth.





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13 Responses to “Dear Santa…..All I want for Christmas is….”

  1. RO

    What a wonderful letter to Santa! Like you, I really enjoy board games, and Taboo is one of my faves. I’m hoping that you get all the strength you need and want as 2018 fast approaches Trish. I’ve been meaning to stop over to say hello and hope your day is fantastic! Here’s a site where you get FREE ebooks every day. They give you choices of genres to choose from on a daily basis.
    RO recently posted…MIX IT UP MONDAY

  2. Angela

    Lovely post, Trish! I think you really captured the feeling of the season. I hope “Santa” brings you all the things on your list!

  3. Dawn obrien

    What a beautiful letter! The strength bit made me cry, sending hugs to you.
    Cheating is strategic….haha good one!
    Wishing you all the best for Christmas xx

  4. Jared

    Good post Trish! I agree with everything you said to Santa this year, except for the candles. I for one, am not a candle type person so I don’t like to constantly be burning things. (Mostly because I’m clumsy and I’d probably burn my house down) TBH, all I want for Christmas is books. Have an AMAZING CHRISTMAS!

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