Book Review: A Sudden Crush by Camillia Isley

October 10, 2016 Audio Review, Book review 3 ★★★½

The three word review for A Sudden Crush by Camillia Isley is cute and funny. If you want some light entertainment with lots of laughs, then this just might the book for you.  The format I read was the audiobook and I do recommend that as the narrator really helped the humour to shine through.

Book Review: A Sudden Crush by Camillia IsleyA Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley
Published by Pink Bloom Press on February 4th 2016
Genres: Chick Lit, Humor, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 240
Format: Audiobook
Source: Received from Author
Narrator: Tami Leah Lacy

Joanna Price is a city girl with the perfect life. She loves her job as a book editor, she just married Liam, high profile bestselling author and the man of her dreams, and she’s headed to the Caribbean to enjoy two weeks of paradise for her luxurious honeymoon.Connor Duffield is a gruff, grumpy rancher from the Midwest. He is a country boy who has a no-nonsense approach to life, more scars than he’d like to admit, and he hates city girls.
So it’s just a misfortune they have to sit next to each other for a six hour plane ride. Even more so when their flight is caught in the perfect storm and Joanna wakes up stranded on a desert island with Connor, the very man she hoped she would never have to see again.
Why are they alone on this forsaken island? What happened to Joanna’s husband?
When her dream honeymoon turns into a hilarious tropical nightmare, Joanna’s first thought is survival. However, she and Connor will quickly discover just how boring paradise can be. As the days turn to weeks, and then months, this mismatched pair will have to learn how to coexist and how to resist the sparkles of an attraction they weren’t prepared to feel.
When they are finally rescued will Joanna’s marriage be saved as well, or will the life she knew and loved be in ruins?

AUDIOBOOK Romance smart & funny snarky

My Thoughts on A Sudden Crush by Camillia Isley

When I started this book, I thought it was maybe going to be a little cliché in that it was obvious just how the story would go. And I was a little right, it was cliché. But in such a fabulous fun way.  I didn’t care that it was predictable as I was smirking away listening to it.

I listened to a lot of the book on a long journey and my husband was listening along with me. Now I thought he would hate it, as this is definitely not his type of book. But he was as amused by the storyline as I was and we laughed out loud a few times over various scenarios and the dialogue.

In a nutshell, the storyline involves a plane crash, a deserted island, the main character and a gruff stranger. I’m sure you can join the dots and see where this all goes. The main character, Joanna, is a stylish city girl who loves her labels and her high-tech gadgets. Liam converses with grunts more than words and they love to hate each other. Yes, I know those dots are joining themselves into a very clear picture in your mind.

But just to muddy that picture a little, Joanna is on her honeymoon.  I was a bit uneasy at first as I’m not ok with cheating and I was afraid what direction this book would take.  All I can say it’s all very tasteful and above board.

What I appreciate about this book was that both characters grow a lot during the book.  Their ordeal is more than just a plot device for a romance to develop between them. They both struggle with issues in their life but take the time to resolve these instead of just abandoning their clothes and jumping into bed together.

How does the narration sound?

The narration by Tami Leah Lacy was nicely pitched and felt authentic.  I particularly loved the grunt noises and the monkey sounds! It all added to the comic drama.

Final Thoughts:

Overall this was an entertaining, fun read and it put me in a great mood listening to it. It lifted my mood and struck me as an impressive début novel.  I’ll watching for more books by Camillia Isley and stockpiling them away for days when I need to banish the blues.


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: three-half-stars


Who should listen to A Sudden Crush by Camillia Isley?

If you like fun romance books with lots of humour and where good people triumph, then I’d highly recommend this to you. Fans of romcoms should also enjoy.  If you love books like Party Girl by Rachel HollisWaiting on Prince Harry by Aven Ellis or About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk then this might also be right up your street.

Thanks to Camillia Isley for sending me a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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