Eight Bookish Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2016

April 22, 2016 Bookish chat, Bookish Fun 13

Happy Earth Day! I love that Earth Day spotlights how small changes, that we can all make, can help the environment for future generations. I love nature and if you follow me on snapchat or instagram, you will see how often I share my beautiful walking routes. Time spent outdoors, noticing and appreciating my surroundings just grounds me and makes me happy.  So doing my little bit in fighting for a clean environment is important to me.


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One billion people across the globe will get involved today. And I have some suggestions with a bookish twist on just how you can do your bit too.

Eight Bookish Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2016:

pen iconGo to your bookshelves and grab some books that you will never read again. Recycle them by giving them to someone who might love them or bring them to a charity shop or donate to your local library. Don’t let those trees have died in vain and give someone else the pleasure of enjoying the books.


Bye bye books


pen iconTry some bookish recycling crafts. You can use old books that you buy cheaply from a secondhand bookshop and the bonus is that the more stained and aged the pages are, the better it all works. If you are looking for some projects, why not try making a Bookish Lamp or a Book Clutch.  Or try some homemade bookmarks using book pages (I didn’t make these, I bought them but I’d love to recreate my own someday).  And I know some people hate destroying books but if you use a book that is already neglected and unloved, then I love the idea of giving those pages another chance to shine.


Bookmarks from CastleOnTheHill on Etsy


pen iconJust sit with a physical book and read. Even better sit outside. And most importantly turn off all devices so you have a proper downtime and you are using no energy, it’s just you and your book. It doesn’t get greener or more peaceful than that.



pen iconRead a dystopia novel! That will scare you into to releasing how important it is to be conservative with your resources.  After all most of these societies have their roots in an environmental disaster.

The Hunger GamesUglies


pen iconDon’t be a snob about ebooks! So many people are but ebooks are greener than physical books, even when you take into account the resources used to manufacture and utilise the device. I’m not saying read only ebooks but mixing it up works for me.


pen iconJoin your local library if you are not already a member. That way you have access to thousands of books (physical books, ebooks and audiobooks). Both new books and old books, popular books and unknown books, no matter what your taste your library has you covered. Being a mindful consumer of everything (even books!) helps the environment and your pocket too!



pen iconPlant a tree. It’s a little way of giving back for all those pages they have given you pleasure over the years. Plus it is nice to think that someday in the future, someone might sit down under that tree with a book and appreciate the shade that the tree casts over their pages.


pen iconTake your book outdoors for a photoshoot!  Nature makes the such an impressive background and seeing it though the lens makes you really notice all those intricate details.




Talk to Trish: Do you celebrate Earth Day? Have you any other bookish ideas that we could implement to help save resources?



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13 Responses to “Eight Bookish Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2016”

    • trish

      I do both regularly. I do keep books that I feel an attachment to though or that I’ll want to read again. But if I kept them all, I’d need a new house! And ebooks are fab, I love that I instantly have the book!

  1. Lola

    What a great post! I also never really thought about reading and green. Dystopia novels sure work well into scaring you about the future. I also mix e-books and physical books. I mostly read e-books nowadays. I really should get better at donating or giving books away, but I find it really hard to get rid of books even if I didn’t enjoy them as much and as I live in the Netherlands it also can be hard to find someone who wants my english books.
    Taking my books outside for a photoshoot freaks me out a bit, because what if I accidentally damage the book! But it sure makes for great pictures! I do enjoy going outside or sitting outside with a book when it’s warm enough for that.
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Cheesecake Recipe

    • trish

      I can understand why you keep your books Lola when it’s harder to locate them in the first place. As the years to by though, it becomes harder to keep everything. At 45 if I didn’t cull now and again, the books would take over every part of my house! So instead I part with the ones I don’t feel I’ll read again. Which is still only a small portion of them! 😀
      Sitting outside reading is the best! I love reading in the sun.

  2. Greg

    Great ideas Trish! I especially like the recycling books idea, and reading a dystopia cracked me up! Maybe we should make the politicians who aren’t “green” read some so they take it seriously ha ha. Love the photoshoot idea too! Have a great Earth Day!!
    Greg recently posted…Bookcover Spotlight #45

    • trish

      LOL I love it. Next time politicians come canvasing, I’ll tell them come back when they can discuss the lastest dystopian bestseller with me!

  3. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    Those bookmarks made from pages of old books are awesome, Trish! I do think I’d have a lot of trouble actually cutting a book, though.
    I have a bag of books ready to go to several of the ‘little libraries’ where I live. Those tiny houses where people can read books they aren’t going to read again themselves are left inside a little house so other people can come and pick them up.
    Here in Geneva, in summer, we also have a ‘leave a book on a bench’ thing. Where people go to on of the parks, read their book, and then leave it behind for the next person who comes to sit down on that bench for a little break 🙂
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…STS #131 Bought Borrowed and Bagged #81

    • trish

      I love those little libraries but I’ve never actually seen one in real life! I wish I had one near me, I’d love filling it up and checking it out too 🙂 I have thought about starting my own but I know I don’t have the time to care for it properly right now. Maybe in the future though.

      And I love the book on bench idea. I would worry here that it would rain and the book would be ruined though! If I ever make it to Geneva, I’ll bring a book just for that! I have a friend who leaves books in coffee shops with a little note. I think that’s fun too and one I want to try someday also.

    • trish

      I think I bring everything back to books, no matter how unlikely the connection seems to be! But yes that’s very true.

  4. Alexandria Ang

    I absolutely love this. Hello I’m totally a new reader here, hope it doesn’t show. Working in a zoo and being so close to animals, you learn something about these wonderful and majestic creatures that have made their way on this planet. It teaches you to appreciate a thing or two and when it comes to Earth Day, it’s all about respecting mother nature’s creations. I love this post and definitely agree with reading a Dystopia novel.

    • trish

      Hi Alex, nice to see you here (I follow you on IG). Working in a zoo sounds fantastic, I love and respect animals so much. And nature in general, I just find it really soothing and good for my soul. So whatever little we can do, we should. Right?!

  5. Wattle

    Great post Trish 🙂 I have too many books and really need to do a clean out, I might have to re-start my system of stickering books (red for it has to go, orange for maybe, green for keeps!) every now and then I go through and purge, it has been a while though D:

    You’ve also inspired me to visit my local library next time I’m not sure if I want to own something!
    Wattle recently posted…Book Review: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

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