The A to Z of Handy Tips for #BookBloggers – C is for Comments!

January 11, 2016 A to Z of Handy Tips for Book Bloggers 19

When I joined the book blogging community, I found lots of experienced bloggers were only too willing to share their blogging secrets and pass along tips that had worked for them.  And I soaked up that knowledge and applied it to my blog.  So now I wanted to do the same for others but rather than spewing it all out in one far too long blog post, I’ve decided to post in an A to Z format.  As inspired by the A to Z April Challenge.

The A to Z of Handy Tips for BookBloggers

A to Z of handy tips for book bloggers



Comments are the life blood of your blog. They give you energy, help you understand who is reading your blog and they are what makes your blog different from a private diary entry. I think most bloggers love that little lift they get when a blog post gets comments and it spurs them on to write more of the same. And also commenting brings the book community a little closer together and helps you find your people.

I know lots of people will advocate taking to social media to promote your blog and that’s one way. But I think a key way to grow your blog is to look closer! Look at your comments. Reply to your comments and/or visit back the people who comment on your blog. These people are your ‘audience’ and you should look after them and show them that you value them.


How to keep the chat flowing!

check markEngage! Comment back either on your blog or their blog. Otherwise people will think you don’t care and might just drift away.  So don’t leave them drift, hold them tight and show them that you appreciate them with a little comment hug!  It’s time consuming and takes effort but it’s worth the time investment.

check markDon’t leave it to chance.  Ask a question at the end of your blog post. Some people are shy about jumping into the conversation, so leave a call for action at the end of your post and invite their opinions.

check markNever leave a comment-vomit comment! ‘lovely review, see my post here’. Don’t, the only impression it makes is that you are desperate for visits to your blog.  It doesn’t work and it doesn’t entice anyone to visit you back.

check markInstead leave meaningful comments on blog posts that you genuinely liked. Don’t fake it. Leave comments that create value and that make people interested in finding out more about that person who left the comment.

check markMake it easy to comment. If you have captcha, kill it, otherwise it will kill comments for you. Most people can’t be bothered to struggle with it. I know I can’t. Or if I have to spend too long figuring out just where to add my comment, well that’s pretty annoying too. A good idea is to ask a non blogger friend to try and comment on your blog. If they struggle, then you might need to relook at your system.

check markConsider installing a plugin like Comment Reply Notification if you are on WordPress or Disqus if you use Blogger. I love when I find out that someone answered my comment and it makes me want to return.


Talk to Trish: Where do you reply to comments?  Are comments important to you?  What commenting tip do you have?  

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19 Responses to “The A to Z of Handy Tips for #BookBloggers – C is for Comments!”

  1. Ashley @ Ashleyz Wonderland

    I love these posts! One thing I really hate is CAPTCHA! I usually end up leaving without commenting. I try really hard to reply to my comments and I try to leave comments on all posts I read. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing of value to add so I don’t always but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the post. I’ll at least try to share it instead.
    Ashley @ Ashleyz Wonderland recently posted…#Release Blast & #Giveaway Love or Money by Elizabeth Roderick

    • trish

      I think sharing the post is another great way of sharing the love. It’s one I forget about a lot but am trying harder to do this year. And urrggh Captcha is the pits, commenting should never be so difficult!

  2. Jade @ Reading With Jade

    Another great topic – I feel like comments are so important when blogging. I love to leave comments, and of course receive them on my own posts.

    I appreciate all the comments I get, but like you mentioned, meaningful comments are the best to see left below a post you’ve worked hard on.

    I think if you don’t engage, you can’t grow an audience, and in turn your own community within the book community. I’d blog without an audience – cliché, but true – however it is nice to have that little community of bookish friends.

    Also, you mentioned social media. I use social media, but I spend a lot more time on commenting than I do on social media.

    • trish

      I think spending more time commenting than on social media is such a wise choice! For a start you get to read more blogs and that is so much more entertaining than social media and you are constantly getting inspiration and ideas as well as building up your bookish friends 🙂 The only down side is how long it takes but it’s so worth it. I would blog without an audience too (and have done in the past on a private blog) but those comments just raise blogging to a whole new level, right? 🙂

  3. Bookworm Brandee

    I agree, Trish. While commenting back on my own blog seems to be a struggle for me, I’ve made it a goal to keep up in 2016. I so enjoy getting comments and last year, I installed Disqus to make commenting easier. (I’m on blogger) I do, however, always try to visit everyone who comments on my blog. That way they know I’ve seen and appreciate their comments. Great post!
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Review ~ Untouched ~ Melody Grace

    • trish

      I always feel that commenting is something that runs away from me Brandee. I know just how worthwhile it is but I’m always behind. I’m trying hard to make it a priority in 2016 as I know it’s worth the time and effort. And I love disqus, I love seeing the replies to comments that I might otherwise never check.
      And you’re a great commenter Brandee, your comments are always so thoughtful and detailed. I love seeing them!

  4. Lark

    I hate when you try to comment on someone’s blog and for some unknown reason your comment never appears. Ever. It’s like it disappears into some weird blogging limbo never to see the light of day. Or maybe that only happens to me. 🙂
    Lark recently posted…Got Dreams?

    • trish

      That happens on here if a comment needs to be moderated (usually if it’s a first visit) but it will appear at some stage once I get a chance to push it though. So maybe that’s what is happening on those blogs for you.

      I often had problems commenting on WordPress blogs, I don’t know why but half the time I lose the comment so I’ve learnt to copy it before I press enter!

      • Lark

        It is mostly WordPress blogs where my comments disappear the most. At least I can still comment here on yours! 🙂

  5. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    I am really trying to be better about commenting this year. I genuinely want to visit other blogs and leave comments because I know how much it makes me smile to see my post being read. But even if I don’t get a comment left on my blog, but someone will still engage me via social media, I think that’s great too. I know I’ll read a lot of blogs but maybe won’t have time to comment, but I’m still reading, you know?
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: January 10th-15th

    • trish

      It’s always a struggle to find time to fit it all in, isn’t it Jess. I’m trying to go back and make commenting a priority again this year for me as I know it’s such a worthwhile investment, plus just like you said I enjoy it.
      All we can do is try 🙂

  6. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I completely agree, and realized that return visits and getting to know other bloggers made the whole experience so much more satisfying. It took a while to get my stride going, but I’m loving it all. Thanks for sharing.
    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted…AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE

    • trish

      I love getting to know other bloggers and I know when someone leaves comments it makes me curious and want to go visit them too.

    • trish

      I can identify with that as I felt very self conscious with my earlier comments too. But being on the receiving end has made me see how valued those comments are and now I just spurt them out!

  7. Lola

    Comments are so important for a blog. I know when I just started blogging I felt a bit like I was talking into a vacuum, maybe people were reading my blog, but no one was commenting. Eventually I realized that if I wnated comments on my blog I should promote my posts and ofcourse comment on others their blog too.

    Every time I receive a new comment it still makes me so happy and I think replying to comments when possible is important and it keeps the conversation going and makes them feel like you read and appreciate their comment.

    And a plugin or commenting system like disqus is great to let commentors know you replied. I know I hardly ever retunr to a post I commented on, but if I receive an e-mail about the reply, I will read that and sometimes even go back and reply again. Great post Trish!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #161

    • trish

      I still remember my first comment that I ever got, I was so amazed that someone read the blog and then took the time to comment. It gave me such a thrill! And that thrill never gets old and when you get that feeling, you want to pass it on.
      Like you I never get time to check comment replies anymore so I love when I get email notifications about the reply.

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