How to Plan for Blogging Success! Like a Blogging Ninja! (FREE PRINTABLE)

November 16, 2015 Book review 15

Previously we looked at WHY you should plan for a successful blog and WHERE to do it. Hopefully you’re on board and I’ve convinced that planning is more than worthy of your time. Now it’s time to drill down and see just HOW we make that happen.

How to Plan for Blogging Success! Like a Blogging Ninja!


How to Plan for Your Blog:

check markBefore you do anything, have a think about what your aim for blog is. Where do you see it going? Do you want to grow your followers, increase your comments, become known to publishers, or improve your writing? Only you know where you want to your blog to go so it’s worth thinking it out and put those goals in writing. For your eyes only. But do write it down as that makes it real and don’t be afraid to aim high.

WHY?  Because keep in mind that planning is just action steps that you use to achieve your blogging goals

check markWhen writing goals –remember the basic rules of smart goal setting – they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and have a time limit. For example: –

  • I want to have 700 bloglovin’ followers by June 2016
  • I want to write a 5 part blog series on planning by Dec 2015
  • I want to redo my feature graphics so they are all more cohesive with my design. By March 2016.
  • I want to write 1 discussion post every week and I want epic discussions to happen in the comments section for that post
  • I want to add a new feature to the blog by the end of the year.

check markNext make a to-do list of everything that you need to do for your blog. Everything, no matter how big or how small. Don’t panic, I know that’s intimidating when you see it all in writing just how much you have to do to keep everything ticking over! But it’s ok. We’re planning, we’ve got this!

If you don’t know where to start, you can download my FREE Blogging To Do List printable and tweak it for your needs.



check markNow we need to break all this down in to long-term planning and short-term planning. But the GREAT news is that your short-term planning is going to count towards meeting your long-term goals.

So for example long-term, I want to grow my blog followers. But by working on my short-term goals of publishing a useful planning series, I’m also working towards this longer term goal.  As hopefully this series will make some people think, oh she knows her stuff, I’ll follow her!  And so I’m slowly and steadily moving towards my goals and doing something I really believe in too.



check markNext grab your weekly planner (paper or on-line which ever you prefer) and write down action points for what you will work on during specific days for the upcoming week. For example Monday, write one review, brainstorm one discussion post. Tuesday: reply to comments. Wednesday: Format blog posts for books you are currently reading, make graphics for a feature. You get the idea. Small tasks spread out but very specific tasks that you need to achieve.

check markAlways keep your goals in the back of your head when you are setting your weekly tasks. But be flexible, if you need to change goals or readjust them, that’s fine. This is your blog, your precious time, your ambitions, your rules.

check markBe realistic in the time available to you. Don’t over estimate how much time you’ll spend blogging.  Can you fit everything in during the week? If not, maybe you need to adjust the time frame for your goals or compromise on something else. Can you get up one hour early one morning during the week? Have 1 less post per week?

check markFollow your plans! Your plans won’t work unless you do! After all, you wouldn’t get directions to go somewhere and then just set off aimlessly without referring to them.

check markI find it best to focus 100% on the task on hand and so I turn off social media while working on blog posts. You just need to find what works for you. But the less distractions, the more I accomplish and the more I connect with what I’m working on.

check markTick off that task! Give yourself a pat on the back. Or even celebrate with a bowl of ice cream. You’re one step closer to your goal. Now repeat all over again tomorrow.  And again and again.  Every day all these little tasks are steps along our very own yellow brick road to blogging success.

plans won't work


check markBlog planning never stops! If you get inspiration for a post while shopping, make a quick note somewhere. When you are making plans for next week, you now have a reminder of that great discussion post.

check markReview your plans at the end of the week. What worked, what didn’t? Did you get everything done, why not? What can you cut out to be more efficient? What are you spending time on that you don’t enjoy and/or isn’t moving you towards your goals? You have all your planning data in front of you, use it. Take the positive and negative outcomes and learn from them.

check markNow write up a plan for next week. Remember the key is small tasks that you can accomplish in one sitting, so you can mark them off and see progress.

And there you are, planning for your blog, like a blogging ninja!


Talk to Trish: Do you plan for your blog? What method do you use? Have you goals or ambitions for your blog?



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15 Responses to “How to Plan for Blogging Success! Like a Blogging Ninja! (FREE PRINTABLE)”

  1. Bookworm Brandee

    These posts are getting me pumped, Trish. I love the idea of a list (thanks for the printable, by the way) as I think a list makes things seem more manageable. I know just thinking about all the things I want to do can sometimes seem paralyzing. Having a list, having specific goals and chopping things down into smaller parts, makes me believe I can do it! 😀
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Travel by the Book ~ Bellingham

  2. Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

    I do try and plan things out as much as I can. I have a physical planner to write down when I schedule something, as well as days I want to post something in particular. I put “Schedule” in front though so I look at it and know it’s not yet scheduled and ready to go. I also like to keep a list of books I need to read and when the reviews are due – as well as a list of books I’ve read and need to review.
    Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance recently posted…American Girl Magazine Features Two Dads – Causes Upset

  3. Lola

    While I plan a lot I often forget the first step you mention here, thinking about the aim. I feel like I don’t stop and think about that often enough and it sounds like it can be helpfull t think about your aim now and then.

    Although I don’t write down my goals I do think I have a lot of them in my head, like encourage commenting on my posts, reply and comment back, have one discussion and one recipe post each week, write 2 or 3 reviews each week and I am setting a new goal for the next year to focus a bit more on attracting some authors to my blog as well and provide information content for them as well. I also have the goal of hoping some people will check out Lola’s Blog Tours, but I find that often with promoting that more is less by not pushing it in peoeple’s face too much, but making sure the links are obvious for those who want to chekc it out.

    While I love planning and being organized at the same time I hate planning what I will do excatly on eahc day to day. I blog when I have inspiration and have soem tasks I do on a certain day each week, but beside that it’s mroe free. I do put some pressure behind writing my posts. I set more monthly goals, like make sure I am always two months ahead with discussion and recipe posts at the end of each month. And with only that goal I just keep it in the back of my mind and make sure I have enough posts scheduled at the end of each month.

    I think being realistic in your plans and what you can do in a certain time period is very important too. Great post Trish!
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: How do you Decide in Which Format to read/ buy a book?

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