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October 13, 2015 Book Event, Bookish Fun 27

For the uninitiated, Dewey’s Readathon is a twice yearly reading marathon that has been running since 2007. I have participated in a few and I can guarantee you that they are a fun event with zero pressure on how long you read for.  So I’m stacking my books, getting my camera ready for the Instagram challenges and I’m ready to read till my eyes bleed (slight exaggeration!).



The must know details:

It’s on Saturday, 17th October.  And anyone can join in.  You don’t need to be a blogger, it’s aimed at readers and all you need is a book and you’re in!  Don’t stress about the 24 hours, I don’t do that, I just join in as much as I can but I like my sleep so I’ll be dropping out when I get tired.  I know, I’m lightweight 😀

How to Prepare for a Dewey Readathon:

check markGrab a stack of books!  Mix up the variety and have some varying lengths in there too.  I find switching between books just stops me getting too restless.  Graphic novels are another great way to give your eyes a rest from continuous reading.


check markMake some tasty snacks.  Seriously, half the fun is the food and you are going to be drooling all over your screen when you see what others are eating so make sure you have tempting nibbles to hand!


check markTell your friends and family to get lost for the day!  Nothing like endless interruptions to ruin your readathon experience.  Tell them you’ll be all theirs on Sunday but Saturday is for you!


check markBring it out of the house!  I find getting away for a little bit makes it even more of a treat.  So I’ll be reading in my local coffee shop (and blogging and tweeting and instagramming) for a couple of hours too.


check mark

Be Social: During the event, don’t be afraid to join in some of the challenges.  The more you interact, the more fun it is. I find Twitter and Instagram the best way of chatting to other readers during the event so come look me up if you want to talk books and bookish nonsense 😀


check markIf you are wondering just what a readathon entails, you can check out MY READATHON EXPERIENCE APRIL 2015


My Dewey Readathon Goals:

  • Read!  Sounds obvious but there is a lot of fun distractions during the event.  I want to get the balance right between joining in and also reading some books.
  • Do 2 challenges
  • Visit some new-to-me blogs
  • Enjoy it!


My Dewey Readathon Updates:

  • The TBR – I’m rereading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness as I never wrote a review the first time I read it.  Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie and Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Reid are both books I’ve bought over the last few months but haven’t got around to reading yet.
readathon tbr


Mini Challenge No 1 – Introduction Meme:

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?

Ireland.  A very chilly, dull Ireland today but nothing like a readathon to brighten everything up.

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?

All of them 🙂

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?

This one!  After eight cheesecake!  I’ll be back on the diet on Monday!



4) Tell us a little something about yourself!

I’m an Irish dedicated follower of fiction.  My book motto is anything goes and I love any kind of bookish chat.  I also have a slight instagram obsession.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today?

I’m not reading ebooks but sticking with physical books.  I normally love ebooks but find I read more during a readathon if I read a physical book.  Otherwise I spend all my time checking all my social media notifications!

Mini Challenge No 2 – COVER ESCAPE!


Mini Challenge no 3 – The Ugly Cover Pitch

This one is hosted by Shaina Reads and I have to persuade you not to judge a book by it’s cover.  I choose Stolen, the cover is very amateurish looking but the book is like CSI meets Murder She Wrote.  It has a lovely community feel, an entertaining mystery and a fab cast of characters.  I’d recommend this to fans of detective style mystery books.  Also to those who like small town settings and characters they can get emotionally attached to.  It captures the feel of Mary Higgins Clark’s books so if you are a fan; then I think you’d appreciate this one also.


Talk to Trish : Are you joining in?  What preparation did you do?  What’s your top tip for getting the most out of the event?  Happy reading!

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27 Responses to “Updates & How to prepare like a boss for a readathon! #readathon”

    • trish

      Snacky snacks! Stuff that I can grab and munch away on! I’m thinking fruit, cheese, crackers, hummus. Stuff along that lines. I’m trying to lose weight so I’ll be trying to eat healthy enough. But some chocolate might sneak in too 😀

    • trish

      I think I put as much thought in to the snacks as I did the books. Looking forward to finally reading this AC book! I love that it’s a play! Can’t wait to see that final line (so tempted to go look at it now).

  1. Diamond's Reads

    Sounds great I miss doing Dewey’s ! there’s no way though … although I wish I would’ve known about it sooner I could’ve moved things around and then used the day to read for school >.< on breaks read for fun. haha but saturday is an Archives Bazaar and I hve to go for my Archives class it's on the syllabus even. It's like an all day thing. But i'll be rooting for you and thinking of you reading away Trish!

    Have fun and great tips!!
    Diamond’s Reads recently posted…Charmed by the Sequel! Fork Tongue Charmers (Luck Uglies 2) by Paul Durham @pauldurhambooks

    • trish

      Hope your course is going well, you should blog about it! I’d love to hear about it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Even the class titles like Archives make me want to know more.

      Thanks Dee! I love Dewey.

  2. R_Hunt @ View From My Home

    I participated as a cheerleader two years ago and had fun. I hope everyone remembers that’s what it’s about and just has a good time reading, snacking, doing jumping-jacks to stretch (or not, lol) and joining challenges. I’m not doing it this year but will visit folks and encourage them through comments. Enjoy!
    R_Hunt @ View From My Home recently posted…Green Is Becoming My Go-To Color 🙂

    • trish

      Stretching is sorely needed when I read for too long! I’m planning to going for some walks and listen to my audiobook too as I can restless far too easily. I think cheerleading would be a fun thing to do sometime.

  3. Faye la Patata

    EATING WHILE READING IS THE WAY TO GO, SERIOUSLY. I find myself also reading faster when I’m not in the comforts of my own home. I don’t know, I guess there is so many distractions? Especially if my laptop is nearby? I’d be like, “read read read” and then “OH, LET’S CHECK OUT TWITTER AND THEN FACEBOOK AND THEN THE NEWS AND THEN SOME CAT VIDEOS” and before you know it, 5 hours have gone XDDD These tips are really great!
    Faye la Patata recently posted…WTFOMGchickenBBQ!!! The Social Potato has been nominated for the #Bloggys2015!!!!

    • trish

      That’s it Faye, I need to get away from distractions to actually get any reading done! And that’s why I’m reading physical books this time too as otherwise I spend the day on twitter following the readathon hashtag and reading none of the books!

  4. Maureen Beatrice

    This sounds and looks like a lot of fun. I never heard of this before so I definitely need to check it out.
    Good luck and I’ll keep a look out for updates so I can cheer you on 😉

    • trish

      It’s great fun Maureen and it’s never too late to join in. You can read as much or as little as you want and there are challenges every hour on the hour.

  5. Evi JS

    Hi there! New to your blog. This sounds like so much fun! I wish I had known about this sooner so that I could’ve cleared my schedule to participate. Next time around I’m definitely in. Good luck and happy reading!

    • trish

      Thanks for visiting Evi. The next one is in April and it’s such a fun day. You can read as much or as little as you want and there are challenges every hour on the hour. I highly recommend it 🙂

  6. Jae @ Bookish Bluebird

    These are some great tips you’ve shared with us, Trish! I especially love the “tell your friends and family to get lost” one hahaha. It’s so true though. I have such difficulty getting back into the reading zone once I’ve been interrupted. And yes, snacks are a must! This is the first I’ve heard of this readathon but I’m definitely joining next year now. 🙂
    Jae @ Bookish Bluebird recently posted…Review: UPSIDE DOWN by Lia Riley

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