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October 20, 2015 Between Reads 31

Between My Reads is a feature that appears on here sporadically. As I’m sure you might have guessed by now, I’m passionate about books. However, they are not the be all and end all of my life so I thought it might be fun to share some other stuff now again here too. If this doesn’t interest you, don’t worry books will be back on the agenda tomorrow.

I love music, I love how a piece of music can make a connection to your heart and have the power to immediately change your mood.  When I’m exercising, when an upbeat song I love comes on, I find I can always push myself harder and I just feel stronger.  When I’m sad, I have been known to wallow with sad music but at least it allows me to release those emotions.  And certain songs always remind of certain memories.

that song I keep hearing


So yes, I love music and I fully believe in the restorative powers of music.  However I have one song that has often played just when I needed it most.  It’s Fix You by Coldplay and it’s a song that is sad but I also find it calming and hopeful.

The first time I became aware that this song was special to me was about 8 years ago, when I heard it on the radio, on the way home from a meeting in the Infertility Clinic that I had been attending.  It hadn’t gone well and I felt lost and this line just about broke my heart:

“when you try your best, but you don’t succeed”.

Tell me about it, I was thinking to myself.  I was stressed, worn out and on the edge of breaking.  So again these lines had me thinking, that’s me.

“When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace.”

But just my tears were starting to really flow too, the next few lines were what I needed to hear in that moment and soothed my broken soul.

“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”

They were so reassuring and reminded me that I had people who were there for me, that I had a home that was a haven and I that would fix.  And I suddenly felt that I was strong enough to cope with whatever my uncertain future was regarding having a family.



And that wasn’t the only time that I’ve heard that song randomly at a precise moment when I needed it.  It happens all the time.  Another specific time I can remember is when I was walking on a beach and feeling very unsure about the direction my life was heading in.  I had my music on shuffle and it played.  Instantly it flooded my memories with how I felt that day and reminded me that I got through that.  That I was strong and that even if the worst happens, that I can survive and go on and that things get brighter.

And now it’s a song that doesn’t feel sad to me.  It’s a song that just inspires me, soothes me and fills me with hope.  It reminds me that no matter how much we might struggle in a moment that the people you love are there and they have the power to fix you.


Talk to Trish: Do you have a random song that you keep hearing and that just resonates with you?  What is it?

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31 Responses to “Between Reads : That Song I Keep Hearing”

  1. Donna Barker

    Lying in bed, humming the song I’ve been waking up with in my head everyday for the last month or so, I started to read your post!

    I love that Coldplay song. I love almost every Coldplay song and many become ear worms. But the song that’s living inside me now is In The Clear by the Foo Fighters. I don’t think the lyrics have meaning in my life right now… I hope my sub-conscience isn’t trying to tell me something!

    The chorus that’s on infinite repeat goes:

    You know I’m not in the clear
    You are not in the clear
    Don’t you go count me out now, dear
    Donna Barker recently posted…MTAfJl is available for pre-order!

    • trish

      I love that song too! But I’m not going to attempt to analyse it for you! 😀 It is really catchy though so I can see how it would stay in your head.

  2. Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

    This is such a wonderful idea, Trish! I am a big lover of music and want to somehow incorporate my music into my blog somehow. :)When I’m blogging and especially writing reviews, it’s difficult for me to do with a TV or an audiobook in the background but I’ve found music to be such an inspiration!
    Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger recently posted…Ten Wishes I’d Ask a Book Genie

    • trish

      I can’t blog with an audiobook on either. I can with TV but find I’m not really listening to it, it’s more just background noise. And the same with music but I find that even more relaxing. Have you thought about pairing a book review with a song that matches it, I’ve seen a few people do that and I think it’s a fun idea.

    • trish

      I love music and I think its always great to turn to it whenever you need some extra strength. And songs are a fab way to recall precious memories.

  3. Lola

    That’s so inspiring how you hear that song every time you need it. It gives me chills. While I wouldn’t describe myself as a musical person I do form very strong associations to music. I am a very associative person, also with books. I have certain associations with feeling and memories with certain books.

    With music random lines can pop in my head or in certain situations I remember certain songs. There’s this song that always makes my mom cry (she heard it on a funeral of a good friend and asociates it with that) and I feel incredibly sad when I hear even when I am without her. I don’t know the name of the song, but the association of seeing her cry when that song is one is so strongly I feel the urge to cry when I hear it.
    The music from one of my favourite games, Kingdom Hearts, always makes me nostalgic and remember the fun I had with that game. And I always get chills when I hear the opening song for those games. While Sigur Ross music always makes me a feel a bit sad and emotional.

    So music does elicit a lot of emotions in me. It’s interesting to think about how strong a reaction people can have to music.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Star Wars The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks

    • trish

      I know what you mean about being an associative person, I’m like that too with books and smells as well. That’s so sad that your mother is so emotional when she hears that song and that it recalls the loss of her friend. And I can imagine just what a fun association Kingdom Hearts is for you. I don’t know Sigur Ross music, I will check it out on spotify!

  4. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    What a beautiful post! I don’t know the song so I’ll have to look it up on YouTube. There are a couple songs I turn to when I need a lift or inspiration: Better Man by Bill Bayliss

    All My Life’s A Circle by Harry Chapin

    Let It Be A Dance
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Bea Reviews Interlude: Stories from Tranquility by Krista D Ball

    • trish

      Oh yay, thanks so much Bea! I’m going to listen to all these later. Hopefully I might even find a new inspirational song too 🙂 I’m not familiar with any of them which is great as I love finding new music.

    • trish

      I love The Scientist too, Coldplay are one of my fav groups to listen to as I just love their lyrics. I love how you said certain songs change everything, that’s so true! They can change my mood in a flash.

  5. R_Hunt @ View From My Home

    I like Cold Play but am not too familiar with most of their songs.
    It’s nice to know you can take a sad song and make it into something more positive 🙂

    I have so many songs that mean something to me (good songs can be poetry set to a musical track) but this one just popped out of my subconscious now. As a teen/young adult I liked Dan Fogelberg, who reinvented himself several times covering: folk, soft rock, pop, country, etc. This tune is not my favorite by him but this stanza spoke to me years ago when I was feeling unsure of a big decision. Hope you like it.

    “Once in a vision I came on some woods
    And stood at a fork in the road
    My choices were clear yet I froze with the fear
    Of not knowing which way to go

    One road was simple acceptance of life
    The other road offered sweet peace
    When I made my decision
    My vision became my release…”

    Dan Fogelberg – lyrics taken from: Nether Lands
    R_Hunt @ View From My Home recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/18/15

    • trish

      I know Dan Fogelberg of course but not that particular song. I’m going to look it up on spotify later. The lyrics are very inspiring and now I’m wondering which road he choose! It reminds me a bit of The Path Less Traveled.

  6. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I have songs like this as well. There is one song that, due to a faulty CD player that would unpause itself randomly, came on at the time I needed it most. I’ve never been as close to giving into depression as I did that day, and the one thing that saved me was my favorite band’s (HIM) song “Don’t Close Your Heart”. The entire song means the world to me. (The lyric video if you’re interested in hearing it:
    More recently From Here to Mars by Coheed & Cambria has been one that hit incredibly close to home.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Review: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

  7. Bookworm Brandee

    Wow – that’s incredible that this particular song pops up when you need it most, Trish. I don’t know that I have a specific song but I do love music and always have a song in my head. Always. I wake up with a song in my head. 😀 I’m guessing that the lyrics in songs mean the most to you – as they do to me. I’m always dissecting the meaning of lyrics. 🙂 But they’re what makes the song resonate, right? Great post, Trish! Thanks for sharing…
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#OctobeRecFest Review #9 ~ Close Enough to Touch ~ Victoria Dahl

    • trish

      Absolutely, the lyrics are everything to me. I can enjoy a catchy tune but it’s the lyrics that make it special. I suppose being a book person I just have a love of words in any form. I often wake up with a song in my head too or have one that gets stuck in my head for days, sometimes that’s good and sometimes not, depending on what the song is!

  8. Wattle

    I love music too, though I am not a musical person, it’s always been part of my life. And it’s amazing how a piece of music can retain memories for you. There’s some songs I cannot listen to anymore, and some bands I bring out every once in a while when I feel like it.

    I’m almost always listening to music when I blog and visit other blogs too 🙂

    While I love getting into the deeper meanings of lyrics, I also listen to a lot of music that isn’t in English (so I understand none of it), I don’t think you need to understand it, as such, to feel it.
    Wattle recently posted…Book Review: Treasured Lies by Kendall Talbot

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