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August 10, 2015 Bookish chat 31

People in my life know that I’m a book blogger and that I’m obsessed with books so I’ll often be asked what am I reading.  And it’s met with a blank look and me frantically trying to pull the name of my current book to the front of my brain.  Usually without success and I have to pull out my phone and check with Goodreads to see just what the name of that book is!

Bookish Chat


Does this happen to anyone else?  I blame my book title amnesia on a few things.

– I don’t really care about book titles.  Book covers are a different matter, I love swooning over pretties but titles just don’t really register with me.

– Titles often don’t make sense before you read a book.  I do love that a-ha moment during a book when you realise just where the name came from.  But up to that moment, I’m just a bit indifferent.

– Lots of books have titles that are similiar sounding or even exactly the same so it never seems unique to me.

– I would buy a book with a NON catchy title if I like the cover, the synopsis or am a fan of the author.  I would never buy a book just because I like the title.

The original title for Gone with the Wind was going to be Tomorrow is Another Day and I honestly don’t think the name would have made any difference to the success of the book.  If a book is going to make it and stirs up lots of hype, I don’t think the book title will break that success cycle.

Now I do think that a catchy title is part of the overall package and it should hook you and raise your curiousity.  But it is far from the be all and end all for me.  I will admit certain words in a title (like dance!) will always catch  my attention and make me turn a book over and read a blurb but apart from that the word that stirs up my feels on book titles is indifference.


Bookish Chat?  Do book titles matter to you?  Do you think a book title can make or break a book?

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31 Responses to “Bookish Chat : Do you care about book titles”

  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    I am so much more a cover person but sometimes a title will stick in my mind. Or the opposite and it will turn me off. But overall I think it is kind of whatever as long as it isn’t horrible. I do love the aha! moment when reading when you realize why it has its title. Great post!
    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted…Review ~ Who Do You Love

    • trish

      I think covers just make more of an in-your-face statement so I take more notice of them. That aha moment is pretty cool when the penny drops and it all makes sense!

  2. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    I don’t care much for the title, either. But they do tend to stick with me. I mean, if someone where to ask what I was reading I would be able to give them the title. Usually. Every once in awhile the title won’t stick in my head though.

    But I agree, I don’t think the title is as important as the cover, but I do think they are somewhat important. I know sometimes I’m drawn to a book because of the title.
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Quick Review: Tough Love by Lori Foster

    • trish

      Well you are one step ahead of me there, I’m such a dunce at trying to remember what I’m reading! I find it interesting that so many people do care about the title.

    • trish

      Funny enough I obsess over covers too but apart from checking the font, the title doesn’t making much of an impression on me. I’d like your hawk eye though!

  3. Lola

    I usually remember titles pretty well, author names on the other hand are harder for me. Or maybe it’s more names in general, I might know the first letter or a few others, but I often can’t remember the full name. I often link the book I am reading closely to the title.

    I love that moment when the title makes sense, often only when you are reading it. And some titles never make sense. I like it when titles fit the book or story. I just gives a little extra yay to the book for me. Even betetr when both the book, blurb, title anc over fit together. I love books like that, where the full package just fits together perfectly.

    On the other hand I would never buy a book because of the title or ignore a book because of the title. But I do like titles and find them important. I don’t think they really matter in the big scheme of things, but maybe still have a small effect.

    Like Rachel Vicnent her latest book was called Anathema and no one knew the word or understood the title so they changed it to The Stars Never Rise. I actually think the original title made more sense, but the stars never rise is a nice title, if a bit long. I am not a fan of too long titles, makes it hard to tweet about the book and still fit anything else in the tweet. And they are more difficult to remember. Great post!
    Lola recently posted…Review: The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

    • trish

      That’s funny as once I can place the book in my head, I’ll always remember the author! I think I don’t take the time to link the title like you do though. And yes when the title and blurb and cover all fit together, it’s fab, it’s like discovering a little secret!
      I love the name The Stars Never Rise, it immediately makes me curious and want to know more about that world. Whereas Anathema doesn’t really grip me, I don’t understand it and it doesn’t rise that curiosity to find out more in me. So I guess titles do matter after all!

    • trish

      I suppose it’s true of everything, the bad ones do tend to stick out more. But even if a title is awful, it will never put me off a book. Like you I’m far more judgemental about the cover because that is ridiculously important to me.

  4. Rita @ View From My Home

    Goodness, so so true for me too! I will frequently forget my book’s title, especially because I mostly read on a Kindle so don’t have the luxury of seeing the cover title every time I pick up a book. If someone asks me for the title of my current book I will frequently draw a blank. I read so many books a year that it is hard to keep them straight, though I always know the name of the author. I blame this on many times just auto-buying the next book in a series I follow, so the title wasn’t important, but the author was.

    It’s funny how spot-on your comments match mine today. I am known in my daily life for my “senior moments” and this is one example of it 🙂

    I never choose a book only on the title, but I do admit to “cover love” and will maybe be swayed into picking a new-to-me title if the cover is visually appealing.
    Rita @ View From My Home recently posted…No Weekly Wrap-Up– No Reading?

    • trish

      I auto-buy certain authors too Rita and I think that’s a very good reason why I don’t overly take notice of the author. Just like you said, it didn’t feel important to me, all that matter was that x person wrote it and I had to have it.
      And no, not senior moments, we are just been selective with the info we keep in our brain! No need for clutter that isn’t important to us 🙂
      A cute, clever or attractive cover will lure me in every time!

  5. Rachel

    I do tend to always remember the name of the book I’m reading, or books I have read, but I have a freaky memory for random bits of information. While covers will generally speak to me more, I have bought books before based on the title alone. I love word, song lyrics, etc., and sometimes a great/emotive book title will grab me and intrigue me enough to pick a book up. R x
    Rachel recently posted…Review: Point of Retreat

    • trish

      I know what you mean about the freaky memory, I have one too for useless info. I can remember all kinds of nonsense but never the important stuff! I see book titles do interest lots of people and I think I’m going to see if I can get more out of them from now on.

    • trish

      I do like a title to fit the book but don’t overly care if it doesn’t. *shrugs* A title is far from the be all and end of a book!

  6. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    I’m generally pretty good about remembering a book’s title but I do blank out from time to time. A title is often the first thing to catch my eye about a book. I’ve been known, most often with romances, to reject a book purely because of the title. Like Rita, reading on an ereader and not seeing the cover does make it more challenging for me to remember the title, especially when I’m reading a book that’s part of a series and the titles are similar. Gah. 😀
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Bea Reviews The Musubi Murder by Frankie Bow

    • trish

      Oh that’s interesting that you would reject a book based on the title! That is so far from my own experience and I love how discussions posts like this show me just how varied our reactions can be to the different parts of a book.

  7. Celine

    I generally don’t pay all that much attention to the title (I often forget it). Though if the title sounds very interesting, I might take a second look at the book – Jackaby really intrigued me in that way. I’m more pulled in by a good cover than a good title.
    Celine recently posted…Why I Read English Books

    • trish

      I agree Celine, an interesting title will pique my interest too. But a great cover is far more likely to that.

  8. acps927

    Book titles don’t really matter much to me as a reader. They mean a little more to me when I’m writing, but even then it’s not like I feel like the title is some magical thing… it’s just the right name for the story. As long as the title makes sense and isn’t too confusing or dumb or something, I don’t think much about it.
    acps927 recently posted…Mini Reviews: The Contemporary Edition

    • trish

      I always thought they would mean more to a writer so it’s interesting to see that is not really the case for you Amy. But like you I just don’t overly think about them at all.

  9. Jackie

    I don’t think I really pay that much attention to book covers or book titles, honestly. Sure either one may pique my interest, but if the synopsis doesn’t keep me interested, or if the random passage I pick out to test whether or not the style of writing interests me, then I won’t bring the book home with me. It is really great when the title and the cover and the synopsis are all really appealing though. It’s like a book trinity.
    Jackie recently posted…This is a Five Star Review: The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley

  10. Tessa

    For me, book titles do matter. I like them to be catchy and somewhat unique so that it is easier to associate a book with its title and I can avoid awkward situations like the one you mentioned earlier. This kind of goes back to the age-old question of “what’s in a name?” I am more likely to remember a person with a unique name, so the same goes with book titles. I also like book titles to be customized to the book. Like, some books have such generic titles that you cannot even tell anything about the book from the title. I am also not a big fan of single word titles. They are SO easy to forget and barely contain any meaning. I like titles to mean something about the book.
    Great discussion!
    Tessa recently posted…Review | The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

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