Armchair BEA: Intro to the face behind Between My Lines!

May 27, 2015 Book Event, Bookish Fun 32

I’m so glad that Armchair BEA is here again.  OK, it’s never going to be the same as the real BEA but I love meeting other bloggers and chatting up a storm about books and doing it all curled up on my couch.  All the book feels and none of the sore feet!  #winning

Armchair BEA


Tell us a bit about yourself: How long have you been blogging? Where are you from? How did you get into blogging?

I’m Trish, Irish, Bookish and Fortyish!  All the ish but what isn’t ish is my thoughts on books, I’m passionate about the ones I love and so the blog was born.  I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and I find it’s a rewarding hobby that adds a creative side to my life.  It also sucks all available time but in general I love it.



Why do you loving reading and blogging?

I was a bookworm from the moment I could read.  Books are LIFE to me. I can’t imagine my days without my reading timeouts in them, they revive me, de-stress me and relax me.  And my favourite thing about blogging is the connections I have made with other book lovers as I have distinct lack of these in my real life.  But through blogging I have realised that I’m not quite as rare in my book obsession as I thought I was!

What is your theme song?

Read All About It by Emili Sande. These lyrics just speak to me.  When I was younger I hid my love of reading as I felt it wasn’t cool and now I just don’t care.  I’ll blog to the world about my love of books and I’ve found that people in my real life actually admire my passion rather than snigger at me.


Yeah, we’re all wonderful, wonderful people
So when did we all get so fearful?
Now we’re finally finding our voices
So take a chance, come help me sing this
Yeah, we’re all wonderful, wonderful people
So when did we all get so fearful?
And now we’re finally finding our voices
Just take a chance, come help me sing this

Share your favorite blog post on your blog:

Ohh I had to route through the archives for this one!  But it was fun rediscovering all my discussion posts and it made me realise that I need to get back doing more of those.  This one struck a chord with me as it’s one I really believe in.

Why Memes are NOT Evil Incarnate!

What is your favourite genre and why?

Young Adult, wait no…Psychological Thrillers….no Chick-Lits….no Sci Fi with Time Travel.  Ah here,  I give up!  I can’t choose a favourite and variety is the spice of life so I’ll continue to hop around all the genres to my little bookish hearts content.


Talk to Trish : Are you doing Armchair BEA too, if so let me know and I’ll come visit you and snoop at your answers.  If not, pick a question at random and answer it here!

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32 Responses to “Armchair BEA: Intro to the face behind Between My Lines!”

  1. Red Iza

    I get you, books are life to me too – and I work with them, I appreciate being a librarian ! Oh yes, the connection with other books bloggers is wonderful, they make you discover books and things you never gave a thought about and you feel less lonely being a crazy book addict 😉
    Red Iza recently posted…Review / Katalina Leon : Portrait of a lone wolf

  2. Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    Trish your choices in genres struck a chord with me as those are my favourites probably in that top 3 order too; YA, psychological thriller and chick lits LOL

    I love how you describe what reading is to you, again that really struck a chord with me as reading for me really de-stresses me and I’d probably be admitted for depression if I didn’t have my books.

    Here’s my BEA Intro Post

    • trish

      I know I have used books to comfort me though many hard times and I really don’t know how would have coped without them. And books are a much safer crutch than lots of other things we could have chosen!

    • trish

      Some year I want to go to BEA but I’m glad there is a more affordable way of joining in the fun in the meantime 🙂 It’s so far from me but one of these years, I will make it! Hope you enjoy ABEA this year!

    • trish

      I love ABEA Rita, it’s such a great way of getting to know other bloggers and there are some really interesting topics this year. And thanks!

    • trish

      It’s my biggest reading dilemma Katherine, I never know which one to pick! But it’s a nice problem to have because at least we don’t get bored of a certain genre 🙂

  3. Dee @ Dee's Reads

    aww I loved this! I love that you’re doing it this year. I completelly spaced out on the fact that it was coming up (probably a good sign that I didn’t end up signing up and overcommitting) 😛
    So…I’ll just live vicariously through you and your lovely blogs participation. But if, for some reason, there’s brownies…I will take half please. ^_^ haha I hope you have a wonderful time participating and I learned something new about you in this post which I love ( Didn’t know you hid your love of reading when you were a child!) So glad you don’t do that anymore and blogging is so great but yes reading is the ultimate stress reliever! In fact, I am about to pick up a book right now because I just got off work early for once and need to *relax* ;P
    Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Book Review: Blood Magick (Cousins O’Dwyer #3) by Nora Roberts

    • trish

      Well I know that NOW! Where were was book blogging when I was a child, oh yeah there was no internet!

  4. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    Hi Trish, Nice to ‘meet’ you!

    I’ll have to check out your meme post; I agree, they are not evil. 😀

    LOL on your favorite genre. 😀 I never had many people in my real life to share my love of books with but blogging has changed that for me. I’ve met some amazing people some of whom have become good friends in real life.
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Bea Reviews Pine and the Winter Sparrow by Alexis York Lumbard, Illustrated by Beatriz Vidal

    • trish

      I’m exactly the same re the lack of readers in my real life but like you I’ve ending up meeting other bloggers that I’ve met up with and it was insta-friendship 🙂

    • trish

      Don’t worry I’m even more behind replying to the comments! Thanks for visiting and checking out all the ABEA posts!

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