My #readathon experience April 2015

April 26, 2015 Book Event 27

I made a sudden decision on Saturday morning to join in the Dewey 24 Readathon and had so much fun that I just had to do a blog post in case anyone was wondering if it’s worth participating in one.  This wasn’t my first time taking part but it was the one I enjoyed most and I think a lot of that was because I loved the mini challenges so much.

First things first, I made a stack of books that I wanted to choose from and prepared a snack.  Once you start hopping around on twitter or instagram, you’ll soon learn that snacks are JUST as important as the books!  And you’ll have all the munchie envy.



Now don’t freak out when you see that stack of books, I wasn’t planning on reading them all!  I just like choice.  My final stats were:

– I finished Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent.  Very dark and different, loved it.

– I listened to Becoming Rain by K A Tucker for about 2 hours

– I read about half of A Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install.  This one is super cute!




First mini challenge I took part in was to find 4 book covers to convey the 4 seasons.  I was pretty happy with my choices and feel they nail it!  Then it was time for coffee and fruit to keep me going for another little bit.




And not long after that it was dinner time and I went with a quick tuna and pasta salad as I didn’t want to waste time cooking.  Not when I could be reading and social media-ing!  Next mini challenge was to find 3 books with a tree, a weapon and snow on the front.  These challenges make me blush when I realise how many books I had to pick from, including too many unread ones :O




Then I thought it was time to get out of the house and away from the computer for a bit.  So I took Buddy for a 3 mile walk and listened to my audiobook for a while.  Then visited with my parents and came back ready for another stint!




This time I did some spine poetry.  I don’t know why I went so dark with it!

Beautiful Day, Coming Home



I am in Blood, Talking to the Dead

Yes, that was uplifting!  Not long after that I drifted off as I needed my sleep and I wasn’t hardcore enough to do the full 24 hours.  When I woke up the next morning it was still going strong so I read for a while in bed and then finished it off out in the garden with a late, lazy brekkie and my book.  Seriously it was so much fun, I loved taking part and am hugely grateful to the organisers for all the work they did to make it such a success.  And last I heard nearly 1,900 readers all over the world took part which is amazing.

Now to clean up all those books I ransacked through for those challenges!


My Tips for Rocking Your Readathon!

Be social.  Use the official hashtag #readathon to connect with others on Twitter and Instagram

Participate in some mini challenges.  It gives your eyes a break, connects you with fellow book lovers and was one of my favourite parts.

Don’t feel you have to read for 24 hours.  I only read for about 4 hours but that was enough for me.  I chatted with others, took breaks and drifted in and out over the 24 hour period.

Clear your agenda for the day as much as possible.  It feels good to have a day that is YOUR day for indulging in your book passion

For me personally reading physical books works better than e-books for readathons as I can read for a while without distraction then check in with everyone a while later on my computer.  In previous readathons, I read on my tablet and did next to no reading as I kept getting distracted by all those notifications.  Audiobooks are great too for doing some chores and getting some exercise in and for giving those hard working eyeballs a much needed rest!

The next readathon is in Oct, maybe see some of you there?


Talk to Trish:  Did you take part in readathons, what is your favourite part?  Would you like to take part in a future one or what reservations do you have?



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27 Responses to “My #readathon experience April 2015”

  1. Lola

    I’ve only participated in one readathon so far and that was a long one as part of Coyer. I sadly can’t afford to read a whole day as I can’t take a day off from work. All the mini challenges and social media-ing around the readathon sounds like half the fun! I also like how you mentioned you didn’t had to read the full 24 hours I always feel like I won’t enough, so I never sign-up. Maybe next time I’ll consider joining.
    Thanks for doing a post about the readathon, it’s great to hear your experience and it makes me realize that maybe I should give readathons a try sometime.
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #123

    • Elsi

      Hi Lola — Elsi here. Dewey’s can be intimidating if you work on Saturdays and Sundays, but don’t let that prevent you from joining in. Even if you don’t sign up to be a reader, you can participate by being a cheerleader. There’s always a need for a cheerleader to run around leaving encouragement on blogs and in Twitter responses. And cheerleading duties can be scheduled around your work responsibilities.
      Elsi recently posted…Dewey Wrap-Up

    • trish

      I used to think that I had to do the full 24 hours too until I joined in my first one. But even joining in for an hour or two and doing a little reading and a challenge or two is still a lot of fun. You’ll meet lots of new readers/bloggers and see tonnes of familiar faces there too.

      • Lola

        I am so glad I read your post. I just always felt like I had to read a lot to be able to participate in a readathon, like else I would be a fake to participate. So I am happy to hear there are more bloggers out there, who don’t read the whole 24 hours. Will look into joining next time :).
        Lola recently posted…Review: One Good Cowboy by Catherine Mann

        • trish

          I’m so glad to hear that! I can promise you that you’ll have a great time! And they 100% are pressure free and even if you only read a few pages, you’d be welcomed with open arms 🙂

  2. Stormy

    Yay! I participated in the readathon yesterday too & had a blast! This was my second time doing it. I liked participating last October, but I had some other stuff to do that day AND I remember it as being the day when the whole Kathleen Hale situation happened, so it was rather distracting. This one was much, much better. I love your tips too! I love the one about clearing your agenda as much as possible. This time I really did clear my agenda and made it to hour 20. I took a few breaks here and there(my niece came over, so that necessitated a break, of course), but I pretty much didn’t do anything else but reading & hanging out on the hashtag. It felt like a mini-retreat from life & responsibilities, honestly.
    Stormy recently posted…The Sunday Wrap-Up{80}

    • trish

      I never seem to plan to them but always end up joining in anyway. This time around I more or less had a free day so I was able to get a lot out of it. Plus I really enjoyed the challenges and ransacking through my books to find appropriate books for them! I think the breaks are a good idea whether intentional or enforced on you! 🙂

  3. Elsi

    Oh my Gosh! You ate healthy meals and snacks! I didn’t have *any* snacks, but that was just because I wasn’t organized enough to plan/prepare them.

    Now, I’m just about the opposite when it comes to eBooks vs paper books. With my Kindle, I’ve got lots of potential books loaded and ready to go in case I want to change what I’m reading at any time. But I see why you prefer the paper books — you had tried reading on your tablet. For me, that’s a No-NO. The tablet (like my laptop) is too full of distractions such as my e-mail and the Twitter and Facebook apps. And we won’t even MENTION the games. If you’re going to embrace eBooks, you need a dedicated eReader.

    I also read for about 4 hours out of the 24. Not as much as I had hoped, but there were other obligations. I’m so glad to see your post with encouragement for others.
    Elsi recently posted…Dewey Wrap-Up

    • trish

      They had to be healthy as I’m doing weight watchers! But they were still delicious and best of all they were quick to prepare as I wanted to stay focused on the game! The funny thing is I normally prefer ebooks and usually just switch my tablet in to airplane mode while I read so I have no distractions. But during a readathon I’m afraid of missing out on the fun so I keep checking, at least with a physical book I don’t have the constant temptation!
      And I think 4 hours of reading is still pretty great! Which I could do that everyday 🙂

  4. Dee @ Dee's Reads

    ooh I LOVE read a thons! For me I’ve found that I think I’m the most successful when I sign up Way way ahead of time so I can plan and literally make sure my schedule is light. If I keep it spontaneous then something always seems to come up and or I feel like doing anything EXCEPT reading lol.
    I agree its important to be social though because it makes the experience so much better 🙂 So do snacks! lol.
    Glad you had a good one and I hope to do another one soon…I think it could be really good for me actually 🙂
    Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Book Review: Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles #3) by Kresley Cole

    • trish

      For some reason, I always seem to plan NOT to take part but then on the day, I just join in anyway. I hate missing out! I got lucky this time around though as I had a fairly free day and could participate loads and so really got a lot out of it. It would be great if we could both do the same one some time.

    • trish

      I’d highly recommend it Cynthia. You can lots of reading done but you also meet loads of new people and see so many you already know participating. Plus when it’s 24 hours, you can just join in whenever suits you rather than worrying about time zones.

  5. Rita @ View From My Home

    Congrats on a fun day! Sounds like you certainly nailed it this time, Trish! You had the stack with different genres, you had the snacks, the break to walk and get fresh air…I’m jealous 🙂

    I’ve only done one Dewey Readathon and in that one I was a “cheerleader” for a team of readers. It was fun to urge others on, but next time I would want to be a reader instead. However my household is surprisingly disruptive for a small family, and I need *quiet* to read, so reading in the daytime is hard for me. My routine is outside reading for a bit in the afternoon and then before bedtime. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Rita @ View From My Home recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up- 4/24-4/26/15

    • trish

      I do think joining in as a cheerleader would be a fun way to participate too. I might consider doing that for at least part of the time on a future one. I love the idea of encouraging others on as I know how much I appreciated it when someone cheered me on.
      I’m the opposite to you and prefer noise as I read! I usually stick on the TV or music, I’m not even listening to it, I just like background noise. Probably party because I work in a quiet office all day so when I’m out of there, I want the all the sounds!

    • trish

      I got lucky this time around as Saturday happened to be a pretty free day for me so I was able to make the most of my time. You just block that day in Oct out in your diary now and come join the fun!

  6. Valerie

    Ahhh this sounds like a lot of fun! I would’ve taken part if I didn’t have classes or papers or work in general. But I really like your choices! I want to start the series that Burying Water is from (I don’t remember the first title). And did you end up reading The Snow Child? Sorry I just see a lot of books hahahah.

    I definitely prefer physical books over ebooks, but I will take what I can get 🙂
    Valerie recently posted…Review: Black Dove, White Raven

    • trish

      Burying Water is the first book and so far I’m loving this series. I much prefer it to KA Tuckers other books as it just draws me in more and the slight mystery/suspense angle works well.

      Ohh and I read The Snow Child last year (and used it for a photo challenge during readathon), IT WAS FAB! I can’t recommend it enough.

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