Book Review : Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis

March 19, 2015 Book review 8 ★★★★

I feel like a parrot saying this as I’ve said it on the blog before.  But when you want romantic, feel-good feels; Aven Ellis is the author you need to turn to.

Book Review : Surviving the Rachel by Aven EllisSurviving The Rachel by Aven Ellis
Published by Soul Mate Publishing on 19 Dec 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Emotions & Feelings, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 262
Format: eBook
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Life after college graduation is not at all what twenty-one-year-old Bree Logan expected. Unable to find a professional communications job, dumped by the guy who was THE ONE, and stuck with a pricey city apartment she can’t afford, Bree ends up moving back home with her parents in the suburbs and working as a cocktail waitress at a posh Chicago hotel.

In a desperate attempt to get a fresh start, Bree goes to a hip salon and requests that the first available stylist chop off her long dark hair. Alarmed when the stylist suggests “The Rachel,” after the famous haircut from the show Friends, Bree is hesitant, but decides to go for it when she is assured it will be a “fresh, modern adaptation” of the infamous 90’s cut. Unfortunately for Bree, it turns out to be exactly the same cut, but with horrific heavy bangs added to it. Hideous doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Bree is convinced nothing will ever go right when she meets neighbor Jack Chelten, a twenty-five-year-old German translator. Not that Bree is looking to date anyone, but there's something quirky and intriguing about his freckle-splashed face and blue eyes. And suddenly Bree finds herself seeking out different opportunities and challenges . . . as well as the boy next door.

In her new adult life, Bree learns that sometimes you have to go through crises to get to where you need to be. And if you can survive The Rachel, you can survive anything, right?

First Line of Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis: 

“Drastic times call for drastic measures.”

My Thoughts on Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis:

I started the book with a smile and I finished the book with a smile and that is pretty much what happens me every time I read one of Aven’s books.  She has a knack for capturing thoroughly modern characters and putting them into real life situations which just makes it very easy to connect with her books.

The main character Bree has graduated with honours from University but she just can’t get a break in her chosen field.  She is qualified but needs to find a company willing to take a chance on her lack of experience.  I think this is such a relatable scenario for a character to be in and I immediately felt her disillusionment with life.  And that’s not all; she has also broken up with her boyfriend and moved back home temporarily.  But worst of all, a hairdresser has given her a Rachel haircut!

So basically everything is just a little bit crap.  But I know Aven and I knew she would have a fantastic male character lined up for Bree.  And of course I was right!  Bree and Jack have a lovely chemistry from their first meeting and I love the relationship that they develop.  I love their mature attitude and the way they talk honestly to each other about the various problems that raise their head.

I feel like these characters complete each other.  Which is such a cheesy thing to say and think but they just encourage each other so much and each inspires growth in the other.  So I don’t care how cheesy it is, I’m saying it!

If I were to describe this book, I’d say it’s a gentle story.  It’s not over-dramatic; it’s just an easy flowing, romantic book with some juicy bits, some funny bits and lots to keep your attention.  The romance is a swoon fest and I really felt the connection between the characters.  It also didn’t feel insta-lovey even though it happened quite fast and I think the reason I felt this was that it was obvious just what a good match they were.

In addition, I also loved how fleshed out their friends and family were, they have an important presence in the book and I enjoyed that.  Your relationship with your parents when you are an adult changes and I loved that the book captured this.

Overall another charming book from Aven and just perfect for when you want a little break from all the complexities of real life.


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: four-stars


Who should read Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis?

I’d recommend this book to you if you like New Adult style books that aren’t over explicit, that have cute characters and that have an emotionally charged romance.  If you’ve enjoyed previous books by Aven Ellis then I think you’ll also enjoy this one.  Fans of authors such as Sophie Kinsella and Rachel Harris should also appreciate it.


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8 Responses to “Book Review : Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis”

  1. R_Hunt @ View From My Home

    Ha– I thought that was a confusing title until I read the blurb! I wish my hair would behave if cut in the Rachel, but alas I have very fine hair.

    Thanks for the tip for a gentle romance– I’m not a fan of the insta-love, insta-roll-in-the-hay type romances. I want some escapism with my stories and like the challenge of the relationship spelled out.
    R_Hunt @ View From My Home recently posted…Going on Vacation!

    • trish

      I think the Rachel would be a nightmare to control, all those wispy bits going everywhere! This was a fun book when you want something light and enjoyable.

    • trish

      I know the premise of the book is just funny. I love that it focuses on normal everyday life drama like trying to find a job and bad haircuts and not the crazy stuff that some NA books deal with.

    • trish

      Haha, I know. I can’t imagine having to walk around with that haircut in this decade! It’s a fun book.

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