Book Review : Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman

November 24, 2014 Book review 2 ★★★½

If you are feeling all Christmas Grinch-like and grinding your teeth about how Christmas seems to start earlier every year, then you need a good dose of bookish Christmas cheer. And a fun book to deliver just that is Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman.

Book Review :  Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie HulsmanChristmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman
Published by HarperCollins UK on December 12th 2013
Genres: Humor, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 376
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

When Juliet Hill unwittingly discovers a most-definitely-not-hers-rhinestone-studded lace thong in her high-flying lawyer boyfriend’s apartment, this usually feisty chef is suddenly single and facing a very blue Christmas – with only a ready meal for one to keep her company!

So when she’s personally requested to cater for the family at Thornton Hall three days before Christmas, it’s not long before Juliet’s standing at the (back) door of the Earl of Gloucester’s impossibly grand ancestral pile. The halls are decked, the guests are titled, those below the stairs are delightfully catty, and all-American Juliet sets to work cooking up a glorious British Christmas with all the trimmings.

But other flames are burning besides those on the stove... Sparks fly with Edward, the gorgeous ex-soldier turned resident chef, and are those sidelong looks Juliet’s getting from her boss, the American tycoon Jasper Roth?

As the snow starts to fall on the idyllic Cotswolds countryside, so does the veneer of genteel high society and there are more than a few ancient skeletons rattling out of the Hall’s numerous dark cupboards!

First Line of Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman:

“Juliet, it’s Phillipa at The Gastromone’s Trust.”

My Thoughts on of Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman:

This book is so much fun. A lot of Christmas books can verge in to cheesy very quickly and they can depend on the Christmas vibe to build up a romance. Not so this book; there is no dreaded insta-love which in itself is like a little Christmas pressie directly to you from the author.

There were a few things I loved about this book:

– The FOOD! All the food! The main character is a chef and is catering for parties in a big house (think modern day Downton Abbey) and my mouth was watering at the all the gourmet treats being served up. It’s foodie heaven.

The upstairs/downstairs element. That just set the scene perfectly for the lordly owners and the worker bee employees.  I loved how the staff used to ‘stage’ the part of the kitchen table that could be seen from the dining room so it would like they on top of business and slaving away furiously.

The sparkling humour.  This book was fun. From witty one liners to catchy turns of phrase to an eclectic cast of characters; this book had me smiling all the way through.

The romance is believable and it made me feel like humming “All I want for Christmas is You”. I’m not going to giveaway just who the romance is but when you read the book, you’ll clue in pretty quickly as they have great chemistry.

So there were loads of pluses in this book for me. The only drawbacks were that I felt were it got a little too crazy and melodramatic. There was a lot of storylines and when you put them all together it felt like a bit too much. But then again what is Christmas without lots of chaos and stroppy meltdowns?!

Like I said it’s a fun book. And my non foodie recipe for some festive bookish success is food, frolics and a dreamy romance and that’s exactly what Christmas at Thornton Hall served up!


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: three-stars


Who should read Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman?

If you are looking for a festive read with fun characters, a fab setting and lots of rom-com style action, then add this to your Christmas list. It would also make a great Christmas pressie for bookish foodies.


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    • trish

      I love reading Christmas books to get me into the Christmas zone! The humour in this one was my fav bit. Glad you are enjoying some seasonal reads too 🙂

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