The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News #50

October 12, 2014 meme, The Sunday Post 21

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  Grab a cuppa and let me bend your ear (eyes?) for a few minutes with all my bookish news. 

Sunday Post   *********************************************************************************************************************************


I have been a little bit absent lately from the blog.  And I’m not really in a blogging slump, it’s just that at quarter-end, my workload increases drastically.  And I end up leaving exhausted, with zero energy left to pump into blogging or visiting.  But it’s done now and I’m back!  Well kind of, I’m off on holidays at the end of the week but I have wifi and am hoping to fit in a little blogging there too.

I’m going to Lanzarote (a Spanish island) for a week of sun (fingers crossed!).  The plan is lots of lazing about mixed up with strolls around the beautiful coastline, tonnes of swimming and even more reading.  I CAN’T WAIT!!



Oh and I also hope to blog from there too.  At first I was wondering would I take a complete break from blogging but the idea of getting up early and spending time relaxing over my blog and working on it sounds really appealing to me right now.  One of big frustrations is not having enough time to blog the way I want to blog.  So, we’ll see.

And something that really aggravated me this week!  I got an email approval for a NetGalley request on Thursday afternoon for a book I had requested a long time ago.  I was delighted as it was an author that I have really liked in the past.  But I didn’t get an opportunity to log on to NetGalley until Fri night by which time the publisher had archived the book.  Really!  Give us a chance to download the book!  It peeved me as it made me feel that publishers forget this is a hobby for us and we are not on all the sites every day.  Or maybe I’m just cranky and overtired!


Second Chance Sunday – What happened here this week:


Second Chance Sunday – What caught my eye.  Why not go Sunday visiting?

I have been a disaster at reading blogs lately.  Again, I just had no time.  And I gave in today and just marked all blogs as read so I can start fresh.  So no links this week and that makes me feel bad, I love to spread the love.


Books I have received to review:




Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin UK for Captive.  This is the second book in The Blackcoat Rebellion series.  It’s YA dystopia and the first book Pawn pulled out some great twists so I’m hoping for more of the same here.


Books I have bought:


The House We Grew Up In


I bought the audio version of The House We Grew Up In.  I couldn’t decide what book to buy with an audible credit I won (thanks to Amanda at Go Book Yourself) and so I did what any indecisive book lover does.  I asked my twitter friends!  And this was the winner.


Between the Lines is also on Facebook sharing details of kindle freebies and great giveaways as well as other random bits and pieces.  So if you use FB, please like my page and leave a comment so I can like you back!   Well, that’s  my week wrapped up.  Happy Reading to all. 

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21 Responses to “The Sunday Post : Get your Bookish News #50”

  1. Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

    Welcome back! I’m actually just getting back from an extended break – and also had to just mark all those missed posts as read. I hate doing it, but it’s that or stay behind forever.

    Enjoy your vacation, I’m insanely jealous! Sounds like you need it though, so I hope it’s a refreshing break 🙂
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted…Sunday Post | 59th Edition

  2. Lola

    It’s understandeable that when you have a busy week you have less time to blog, I am glad to hear you’re back though :).
    Once in a while I do the same, just hit read on all those posts in bloglovin, when you’re too much behind it’s nu fun anymore.

    Enjoy your vacation! It looks like a beautiful destination.
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #95

  3. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Oh, how frustrating for you about the NetGalley download….sounds like just the time for your Spain getaway. Enjoy!

    Hope you love The House We Grew Up In as much as I did! Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted…AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE

  4. Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Sorry about the NetGalley download. That’s why I always download them immediately even if I have no intention of reading them right away. I had one expire on me one time. I had already read it but I put off writing my review. I didn’t know that the ones that were Adobe Digital Editions expired. I was already annoyed because I hadn’t been able to download it to my Kindle and had to read it on my iPad. Then it expired a few days before I sat down to write my review. That was a hard review to write without being able to refer back to the book.
    Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA recently posted…Weekly Rewind: October 5 – 11

  5. Rita @ My Home of Books

    Glad you have a vacation (holiday) coming up soon. The location is new to me but sounds exotic and fun!
    I have had that problem with NetGalley. It means that they still hadn’t gotten all the requests they could give out before archive date so they were throwing you a bone, so to speak. Other times I have requested a book almost right away and denied because they had so many requests and I didn’t make it or my blog is not busy enough for them. It happens.

    The House We Grew Up In on my own wishlist and hope you enjoy it. So many bloggers did.
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/11/14-10/13/14

  6. kimbacaffeinate

    Oh yeah..that last minute netgalley approval has thrown me a few times. What I really hated was when I assumed they weren’t ever going to approve me and I ordered it. Enjoy your vacation, read and stroll. Blog if you have the urge, but really? Look at that beach.
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Sunday Post #129- Embracing Fall

  7. Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

    Oooh I’m insanely jealous – I LOVE Lanzarote! Fuerteventura would be a close second, but there is a lot more to do and see in Lanzarote. Have a fabulous time away, and enjoy every minute of your holidays :D)

    Funnily enough, I had a similar thing happen to me on Netgalley recently. I wish it was made clearer when the archive date will be when we get accepted. What makes it even more annoying is when it affects your feedback to approval ratio… but that’s an argument for another day!!
    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction recently posted…Face Your Fears – The Bookish Edition

  8. Dee @ Dee's Reads

    Ooh have a great vacation! I am, currently, exactly where you were. I’m overworked and working 6 days 10-12 hr days and studying for a huge exam to enter grad school next week, so I’ve had zero time to blog and read and Im kinda stressing bc I want to do both and miss it! Lol.
    anyway, next month it should die down after the test. I hope u have a good time and i hate when pubs take forever to approved hen they archive days later it’s like what?! O_o how are we supposed to read them and download them in that time?! So frustrating!
    Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Let’s Discuss: How do you blog when your schedule becomes packed?

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