The Bookworms Halloween Survival Kit

October 29, 2014 Bookish Fun 10

Last Christmas I shared my Christmas survival kit with you but if there was any night that a survival kit is needed, it’s surely for Halloween!  So don’t get caught out, stock up today and get one step ahead of the ghouls with your very own bookish survival kit.

The Contents of your Bookish Survival Kit:

Scary Books: These have a dual purpose.  They get you in the mood and you can also refer to them for survival tips or even tips of what not to do!  Do your research through them!  As a basic tip, avoid walks to cemeteries!

1 2 3



A Blanket to Duck under:  For a scary part of your book or just an unexpected noise.  Blankets are good, they hide you (apart from the lumpish shape underneath!) and they keep you warm.  Essential!




Your tablet or e-reader:  This way you will be able to continue reading while under your blanket.  Plus you can tweet for help or you know just update your Goodread status (but that’s not half as dramatic sounding!).



Someone to Hold Your Hand:  Half the fun of being scared is that is gives you a great excuse to cuddle up with the person of your choice.


Marshmallows : These are my sweet of choice because you can chew them quietly.  No point hiding under your blanket if you are going to be loudly crunching on candy.




Holy Water : Very optional but handy to douse around if the occasion calls for it.

holy water


A Mask : Good for blending in!  Or scaring unwelcome wandering souls away.  As an added bonus when the blood drains from your face when your book gets too scary, no one can see.  Make sure you get one with a mouth big enough for your bookish snacks!




A Scary Cocktail : Devils Punch or Dragon’s Blood anyone?




Some bookish themed pumpkins: I won’t be attempting to carve these but if you are more artistic than I am, they’ll add some booktacular vibes.  And if a spectre wanders it, it will be a little distraction for them, giving you a chance to hide or run.




Bookish Chat :  Anything you think I’ve left out?  Speak up quickly so I can run out and ensure I survive the night!  Good luck and stay safe :O

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10 Responses to “The Bookworms Halloween Survival Kit”

    • trish

      Hope you stocked up and survived the night. To be honest, a lot of those things are my every night survival kit 🙂

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    Oh this is good. Love the marshmallows and pass me the drink. We sat out by a fire pit and handed out candies and goodies last night. We drank some shots and coffee to stay warm, but sadly we both woke with coughs. Grr.

    • trish

      Right up to the coughs, it sounds liked an epic night! And I saw your fire pit photos, it looked great, really atmospheric. Hope you told a few ghost stories too 🙂

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