Blog Ahead! NaNoWriMo bloggy style : Goals and Updates

September 8, 2014 Book Event 12

I’m sure you all know that November is NaNoWriMo month.  I’ve watched all my aspiring author friends with some jealously take part in this; it seems like such a fun event and a huge challenge.  However I have no ambitions in this direction so I could only look on from the sidelines.  BUT Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup has come up with a bloggers version!

Anna brings you Blog Ahead! NaNoWriMo bloggy:

Blog Ahead

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I’m so excited about Blog Ahead.  It’s a pretty steep challenge; to schedule 30 posts by the end of November.  *gulp*  So that means a lot of blogging during the month to accomplish that.  Plus I don’t just want to churn out posts, I want to write them and polish them until I am happy to send them out into the blogosphere.  It’s not going to be easy but who wants an easy challenge, I want a challenging challenge and that’s why I’m signing on the dotted line or clicking on the linky, if you must be pedantic.

I’m going to use this post for updates and my thought process on how I feel during November doing this.  And yes I know it’s only September now but this is such a great idea that I wanted to help spread the word about it.  And how great will it feel on 30 Nov knowing that when the franticness of December hits that I can relax a little knowing my blog is ready for the season to be merry.

My goal is to aim for the 30 scheduled posts and just to give you an idea of how far I’ve slipped from scheduling posts, I will confess that as of right now I only have 2 posts scheduled.  I’m eager to get back on the road to organised blogging.  Roll on November!



This is hard!  And I’m also still scheduling for November so that’s kicking my ass a bit.  And another excuse….this weekend I’m taking part in HoHoHo readathon so I’m focusing on that a bit more.  But I’m made progress!  Not a huge amount but some.  As of today, I have 5 additional posts scheduled.  Pretty happy with that.  What am I going to do with all this free time I’ll find myself with in December?!


Bookish Chat : Are you joining in this challenge?  Do you pre schedule posts?  How many do you have stored up at any one time?

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12 Responses to “Blog Ahead! NaNoWriMo bloggy style : Goals and Updates”

    • trish

      I know I think it’s a fun version for bloggers. I have been planning my schedule and trying to come with a mix of reviews and other features so I won’t get too bogged down doing it.

  1. Charleen

    Oh, gosh. That’s a lot of scheduled posts, and honestly I don’t think I could do it. I do like getting ahead by a week… maybe two if I’m really ambitious… but more than that and I feel like there’s just too much distance between the person I was when I wrote the words and the person I am when they go out into the world.

    Maybe that sounds silly and overdramatic, but I just don’t want to read a post after it goes live and think, “Oh yeah, I did write that…” Reviews or memes would probably be fine, but with discussion posts it would just be too weird. (Not to mention that when I write a discussion post, I want to, you know, start discussing it.)

    But for the schedule-ahead-ers out there, it sounds like a great challenge!
    Charleen recently posted…Review: Skin of the Wolf

    • trish

      I do know what you mean as sometimes I feel like that about discussion posts I’ve written in advance too. I know that Dec is hectic for me work wise though and if I do this, I won’t need to worry about blogging in Dec but will have time to properly reply to comments and other visit other blogs.
      It’s very ambitious! But I’m going to try. I’m a schedule-er at heart but lately have fallen far, far behind.

  2. Finley Jayne

    I’m planning on joining in too 🙂 I want to get all of my A-Z April Challenge posts put together and ready to go, which is around 30 posts. Glad to see you doing this too!
    Finley Jayne recently posted…Rainbow Cake!!!

    • trish

      It’s perfect for an A to Z challenge! I’ve been making a list of what I plan to schedule and I feel like it’s doable, challenging but do-able. I think having a plan or a specific feature like you do will help a lot.

    • trish

      I agree, it is daunting. What I’ve done is make a list of all the posts I could draft and now I have a plan more or less so it’s just a matter of drafting some every day or most days in November. I think breaking it down it to what I’ll actually blog about has helped it seem more doable. And the motivation of having December more or less off from the blog is so attractive. It’s a busy time of year and I know blogging will be very low priority for me then.

    • trish

      I think it’s a fantastic challenge Anna and I’m really looking forward to it. And then I’m going to be a total slacker in December :O

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