Book Review : Each and Every One by Rachael English

September 22, 2014 Book review 6 ★★★★

This is an engaging family centred story that pulsates with life. If you are looking for charming but realistic , if you crave feel-good and if your heartstrings are in need of a good tugging, then you’ve come to the right place.

Book Review : Each and Every One by Rachael EnglishEach and Every One by Rachael English
Published by Orion on 11th Sept 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Love & Romance, Womens Fiction
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

Your family are always there for you...aren't they? For Tara, Vee, Niall and Damian, the children of the Shine family, their parents have seen them through thick and thin. In fact, Gus and Joan's lifetime of hard work has given their children the luxuries they never had when they were growing up - a comfortable home in a leafy Dublin neighbourhood, gap years that never seem to end and an open chequebook for life's little emergencies.

Unfortunately, although the children have grown up, they have got a little too comfortable with the well-feathered nest: now it's time to learn a few home truths. When a twist of fate means the bank of Mum and Dad can no longer bail out the younger generation, suddenly the whole family must find out who they really are - but sometimes the truth isn't easy to face.

Uncovering the secrets they all hide will show them a different side to the city they call home and mean finding allies in the most unlikely places. Warm, wise and witty, Each and Every One is a novel about the lessons we learn in life - and the ones we never do.

First Line of Each and Every One by Rachael English

“Gus Shine had always wanted a big house.”

My Thoughts on Each and Every One by Rachael English:

I love books that draw you in with engaging characters and that then make you work through a gauntlet of emotions. That is exactly what this book does. It’s funny, sad, ironic and warm.  Right from page one I was engaged and settled down for a very contented read.

The central character is Tara and the book is about her relationship with her various family members and the struggles they face in the current recession. Tara loves her siblings but they all seem to take her for granted and take a lot more than they give.

“Vee treats you like a dogsbody. Damien sees you as an unpaid babysitter, and Niall thinks you are the Bank of Tara, handy for a few bob when the old folks won’t cough up.”

The recession has forced the whole family to get real. Previously all of them leaned on their parents to a ridiculous amount and I was glad to see the rug tugged out from under their feet. They were having life far too easy and now they are final forced to grow up. Tara to a lesser extent than her brothers and sister but she too has lessons to learn.

My favourite character by far was Tara and it was interesting to get snippets of her life as journalist as it was a fun look into that world. I loved that she was genuine and while confident she lacked that final push to make her own decisions. And while she is perceptive to all that is going on around her, she is blinkered when it comes to her own love life. I thoroughly enjoyed her progression during the book and seeing her acceptance of just who she was and what mattered to her.

There is a large cast of characters but all are very distinct and make their own impressions on you. There is also a little bit of a twist which dismayed me when I first read it as it changed my impressions on some of the characters but I came around to it in the end.

The romance element is sweet but it’s not the focal theme. I appreciated that as it’s a bit different to read about the relationship between grown up siblings and their parents and it made a refreshing plotline.

Overall another great book from Rachael English and while I didn’t love this quite as much as I did Going Back, it was a great book for a captivating afternoons reading.


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Overall: four-stars


Who should read My Thoughts on Each and Every One by Rachael English?

I’d highly recommend this book to those who love emotional, warm, feel-good contemporary fiction. Fans of Cathy Kelly, Patricia Scanlon and Sheila O’Flanagan should also enjoy this one.

Thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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6 Responses to “Book Review : Each and Every One by Rachael English”

    • trish

      I’m looking forward to you reading both of them Danielle. There is a lovely Irish feel to them and they humour is great too. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

    • trish

      Thanks Kim, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It balanced all the emotions with lots of humour and it was such an entertaining read.

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