Book Review : Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

August 22, 2014 Book review 4 ★★★★½

I think I need a detox!  Or my mind does!  For the last two days, my mind has been tangled up in a messy, ugly and at times grotesque story.  And I LOVED it!

Book Review : Dangerous Boys by Abigail HaasDangerous Boys by Abigail Haas
Published by Simon and Schuster on 14 Aug 2014
Genres: Emotions & Feelings, Psychological, Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Received from Author

It all comes down to this.Oliver, Ethan, and I.Three teens venture into an abandoned lake house one night.  Hours later, only two emerge from the burning wreckage.Chloe drags one Reznick brother to safety, unconscious and bleeding.  The other is left to burn, dead in the fire.

But which brother survives?  And is his death a tragic accident?  Desperate self-defense?  Or murder . . .?

Chloe is the only one with the answers.  As the fire rages, and police and parents demand the truth, she struggles to piece the story together - a story of jealousy, twisted passion and the darkness that lurks behind even the most beautiful faces .

First Line of Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

“Our lives are made up of choices.”

My Thoughts on Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

When I read Dangerous Girls, I felt like I took a wild, exciting journey and I couldn’t wait for more from this author.  So when I was sent a copy of Dangerous Boys to review; I did the obligatory happy book nerd dance.   But I was also apprehensive; the titles were so alike, could Abigail make this book sufficiently different so that it would stand on its own merit?

The answer?  Hell yes!  This is nothing like Dangerous Girls.  The only similarities are that it centres on a murder investigation and both are compulsive reading.  The story is unique, the characters are unique and the setting is unique.  Like a little spiderweb, threads are added and together they make up something that is deadly but strangely beautiful.

Chloe has been dreaming her whole life of escaping the small town where she lives.  But just as she is prepared to go to college, disaster strikes and she ends up putting her own plans on hold.  And at the same time, she also gets entangled with two brothers Ethan and Oliver.  You can feel Chloe’s heartache as the life she desired drifted away from her and it makes what follows next seem so believable.

Dangerous Boys is edgy, shockingly real and at times so ugly I wanted to cover my eyes.  The thoughts were ugly, the actions were ugly and most shocking of all was that the characters were developed so well that I could feel their thoughts.  Every single ugly one of them.  And I could feel myself been swept into their thought logic.

The pace is rocket speed.  The book starts at The End, then flicks to The Beginning and then The Now.  And this forward and backward continues throughout the book.  Tantalising you with parts of the story but holding the suspense really well.  I can all but guarantee you that this isn’t a book that you will linger over for weeks, you will want to race through it just like I did.

The one part that I really disliked was a scene where an animal died.  I found that hard to read but it was an integral part to the story and I get why it was there.  And this book doesn’t shy away from the unsavoury.  So much so, that you actually start to feel unsavoury yourself.  But one thing that isn’t unsavoury is the writing.  I love the writing style, the turns of phrases and the clever way this story is plotted out.

Overall a huge thumbs up.  If you are interested in this one, grab it soon.  Don’t allow yourself to be spoilt, just go in blind and flail around helplessly like you are meant to.


Rating Report
Did I feel it?
Overall: four-half-stars


Who should read Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas


Highly recommended to all those who loved Dangerous Girls, I think you will love this one also.  In addition if you like thrillers, this is a Young Adult/New Adult  one that I’m happy to recommend.  Of if you like mysteries and analysing people, then you should also enjoy this one.

Thanks to Abigail Haas for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.



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