Bookish Chat : My Audiobook 360 Degree Turnaround

June 19, 2014 Bookish chat 12

For years whenever anybody mentioned audiobooks, I always said I don’t like them. My mind wanders and I just didn’t think I’d like them. And that was true…until I actually tried listening to one.


 It was a series of co-incidences that led me to try one. Amy from Ode to  & Katniss wrote a really interesting blog post about audiobooks and that got me thinking about them again. Then Kelley from Oh, The Books mentioned that Ready Player One was a great audio and my ears perked up as I needed to read that for a book club. And then later that day when checking Audible, I found I could listen to my first book for free.

So I thought I’ve nothing to lose. I’ll sign up for membership and cancel it if it doesn’t work for me. And according to the terms, there was no period of time I had to commit to.  So is signed up, downloaded the app to my phone and I was off!   I initially decided, I would only listen to it in the gym and so kill two birds with the one stone.

But it was too good! So that plan didn’t last long.  I was listening every moment I got – driving to work, in bed at night, in the gym and just about anywhere I had time. Ready Player One was a great one to start with. And with just one book I was hooked. There is no question of me cancelling my membership anytime soon.

My initial concerns about audiobooks and how it actually panned out:

  • I thought my mind would wander : Yes, sometimes it does but I just rewind a little or stop it for a few minutes. Using my headphones this is simple to do and I just restart when my mind is back in the right place.
  • It’s expensive : Undeniably, it’s a lot more expensive than buying a book. However I get one book a month with my membership and that’s all I need. Books are between 10 hours and 20 hours and only listening to them in small stretches means that they last me for weeks.
  • I thought I had no time to listen to them : I don’t have a lot but I was surprised at how I squeezed them in. Doing housework, cooking, on walks – I find lots of ways to sneak in more book time.
  • I thought I wouldn’t enjoy them as much as reading a book : But you know what a book is a book is a book. It’s a different experience and not more or less than enjoyable than reading a book just different. I think a good story will always work no matter what format you choose to experience it in.


The perks of audio-books for me:

  • I can pronounce all the names! OK, I can’t spell any of them but at least I’m saying them right for once in my life.
  • Accents and dialects. Listening to accents add so much to the book for me.   A prime example of this is the Jamie’s Scottish accent in Outlander. I hearted this so much.
  • Multi-tasking for the win!  Books are a great way to make even mundane tasks easier to tackle into as just knowing I’m getting a chance to listen to more of my book is motivation for me.
  • I get through more books as it gives me a chance to listen when I can’t read.  You know like when I’m driving!

Finally and most of you will already know this but for anyone living under a rock, there is an opportunity every week until mid August to download two audio books under the SYNC program. The schedule is great and I’ve been taking full advantage. So if you are thinking of trying audio, this is a great chance to do just that.


Bookish Chat : Do you listen to audiobooks? If so, what is your favourite thing about them. And if not, what puts you off them? Do you have a favourite audiobook that I needed to add to my list?

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12 Responses to “Bookish Chat : My Audiobook 360 Degree Turnaround”

  1. tonyalee

    I have recently got on the audio train and I love it. I had many reservations about them, mainly because my mind DOES drift, and I have to pay close attention to what I am listening to. But other than that? love.

    That being said, the narrators are always a hit or miss for me. It’s like having people on the covers of books. THAT is what you picture the characters to look like. With the narrator, that is what I “picture” their voice as. Make sense? So, if the narrator is all nasally and annoying, the character is annoying LOL

    I’m glad you enjoy them and I am checking out that SYNC program!
    tonyalee recently posted…Random Rants and Rambling #17 ~ My relationship with New Adult

  2. Ana @ Read Me Away

    I used to be wary of audiobooks, but I totally love them now. 🙂 I mostly depend on my library for audiobooks, and I normally end up listening to them when I’m walking or doing something. You’re right, you’ve got no idea how much time you have to squeeze in an audiobook until it actually happens. 😀
    Ana @ Read Me Away recently posted…Review 82: The Lightning Thief (Rick Riordan)

  3. Cayce

    I LOVE audiobooks! My first audio was Twilight and well, that wasn’t yesterday. Haha. I’m so glad to hear that you fell in love with the format too 🙂

    It is a bit expensive, but my dad has an Audible membership so most of the time I’m “leeching” off of him (thanks, dad! 😀
    And yay for programs like SYNC!

    “I can pronounce all the names” Yes! I love that. And if the narrator is good, accents can sound pretty cool as well. Looking up the spelling for the review is a drag though.
    Cayce recently posted…[Book Review] Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

  4. acps927

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the audiobook experience, Trish! I feel so bad though, since I wrote that post and got so excited about the whole idea, and after listening to one audiobook the program I was using to listen to them, Overdrive, crapped out on me and I abruptly stopped. Well, I think I’ve maybe since solved the problem I had by installing Overdrive again, but now that I’m not commuting to work, I don’t know when I’d listen! But that is interesting how you’ve found you had more time than you realized. But first, I really need to get caught up on some podcasts that have been piling up on me, and then maybe I can try it again!
    acps927 recently posted…Let’s Talk About Tumblr

  5. Charleen

    I’ve tried a few recently, and I just can’t do it. The mind wandering thing is huge for me, and I tried to get around that by only listening to re-reads… but that also means it’s easier to walk away. I’ve never managed to get all the way through a book because I just can’t stand how long it takes. When I took my trip to Iowa City a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another try (I’d only been listening around the house before), and after a three-hour round trip, I felt like I had barely made a dent in the story.

    It seems like I’m in the minority, though, because I’ve read several posts recently from readers who always thought they’d hate them, recently tried them, and now love them.
    Charleen recently posted…Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #26

  6. Annie

    I haven’t listened to any audio books, but I just recorded mine so now I’m reading through any blogs I can find to see what people like and don’t like and which books made good audiobooks. I’ll have to go check out Ready Player One 🙂
    Annie recently posted…the Summer Solstice

  7. Romi

    I’ve grown up listening to audio books and loving them, it’s been a big part of my childhood (road-trips with Harry Potter playing, listening to Enid Blyton and Penny Pollard and Deltora Quest) and that’s something I’m so happy to have bought into my later life. I’m glad to hear you’ve had a turnaround with audio books- I would highly recommend the Artemis Fowl books on audio, since the narration is incredible!
    Romi recently posted…Popular: Vintage Wisdom for the Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen.

    • trish

      Sounds like a plan! I use an app called overdrive to listen to my non audible ones. Now I’m wondering if I can get audio books from my library. Going to check 🙂

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