You know you are a Bookworm when:

May 18, 2014 Bookish Fun 21

certified bookworm


–          Your book wishlist is longer than your grocery shopping list. And if push came to shove, you’d buy the book and cut back on the food treats!

–          Unexpected delays never bother you as they become bonus reading times

–          A trip to a bookshop takes hours because you have to admire all the covers, read dozens of blurbs and make numerous culls on the books you want to buy

–          You remember events by the book you were reading at the time

–         You’ve read all the movies

–          When you go on holidays; you make a packing list for your books and not your clothes

–          And then stock up on the new releases in the airport shop anyway

–          You never have a favourite book.  How could you ever limit it to just one.  I can’t even limit it to a favourite genre.

–          You will happily donate an organ to a relative but refuse to lend them books

–          You never feel lonely as all your favourite books feel like friends

–          Opening a book transports you to your happy place

–          The first internet site you check every day is amazon daily deals and then the audible daily deals

–          You have numerous book boards on pinterest

–          You always have a book within hands reach

–          If you meet a person who has the same surname as a character, a bit of you wonders are they related!

–          You love books.  And book people.  And will defend both passionately if needed.


Bookish Chat : What is your bookworm tell?  Do you identify with many of mine?  Spill the beans, you are in the company of bookworms here so it’s a judgement free zone!


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21 Responses to “You know you are a Bookworm when:”

  1. Cayce

    “You’ve read all the movies” Haha, love this one (though it’s not necessarily true in this bookworm’s case)

    “You never have a favourite book. How could you ever limit it to just one. I can’t even limit it to a favourite genre.” *nods*

    “Unexpected delays never bother you as they become bonus reading times” –

    Awesome post!!
    Cayce recently posted…[Roaming the Rainbow] LGBT at Prom

  2. Lark

    Love this post! So many on your list are so true…especially not having one favorite book, not loaning out books (even to relatives), figuring out what books to pack for a trip before worrying about your clothes, spending hours in a bookstore… I relate to all of them. Here’s another “bookworm tell”–when someone asks me what I’m reading, I never know whether I should tell them the book I just finished, the book I’m currently reading, or the book I’m going to read next because I don’t like being defined by just one book. Great post!
    Lark recently posted…Some YA Fun…

    • trish

      I never know the name of the book I’m reading! I have to check my GR app to see, which is a bit odd when someone asks me 🙂 I understand exactly what you mean about not wanting to be defined by one book though. Bookish dilemma that only bookworms will get!

  3. Blogs of a Bookaholic

    Every single one of these is true for me! You’ve complied a great list. Similarly to Cayce above, the ‘You’ve read all the movies’ one was my fave. 🙂

    • trish

      And we have another certified bookworm! 😀 Well maybe I haven’t quite read ALL the movies but enough to drive my family mad!

  4. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    Yes to all of this! I can even remember where I got all of the books I own…my poor boyfriend can tell you since we both spent part of today putting up new shelves. “I got this one from Borders. Won this…Bought this from the local store. Good will…” By the end of it he just sort of backed away and went to sleep. 😛
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Sunday Post (106)

    • trish

      I’m like that too Michelle, books are memories for me and I can recall where I bought them and where I read them. Yay for new shelves, always needed!

  5. Vi @ Gone With The Books

    Hi Trish,

    don´t know what happened to my last comment here a few days ago, but I´ll give it another try 🙂
    I love the facts listed above and was thinking if you don´t mind, to post that on my blog, too? If yes, could I use that logo or do I better create a new one?

    Thanks for your response 🙂

    Best wishes
    Vi @ Gone With The Books
    Vi @ Gone With The Books recently posted…Weekly Book Wrap-Up #44

    • trish

      Sorry Vi, I think your comment must have gone to spam and has since been deleted. Yes it’s an original post of mine but you are welcome to repost it on your blog, with a link back to me. I can’t remember the source of the graphic, so it might be best to create a new one 🙂 Thanks for reading and I’m glad you identified with it!

      • Vi @ Gone With The Books

        Hi Trish,
        guess it happened because I typed the first comment on my tablet. Good, lesson learned 😉
        Thanks for your answer. Of course, I will link back to your blog. I would have done it anyway, to give you the credit and because I found it on your blog 🙂

        Best wishes
        Vi @ Gone With The Books
        Vi @ Gone With The Books recently posted…Weekly Book Wrap-Up #44

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